Otome Game Chapter 7 Part 3

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts



Since we’re together most of the time inside the house, perhaps they were talking about it outside of my room.


[Is that an event in spring where students aspiring to be magicians and magic knights compete against each other?]

[With those divided into two divisions, yes. The one you’re talking about is the singles match. It’s a match to decide who the best magician and magic knight are. They fight in a 1v1 fight. Without hiding anything, Jule-sama will be the champion for four years in a row now.]

[Wow, amazing.]

[Aren’t your reaction too bland?]


Because I find it hard to imagine.

I’m sure the fights will be fierce, but since I’ve never experienced one before, it just doesn’t register to me.


[Oh, well. But it’s amazing that the only ones able to participate in the tournament are those with higher rank from both middle school and high school. There’s also a tag match in addition to the singles match where magicians and magic knights are mixed together. For the third consecutive year, Jules-sama’s team led by Dustin-sama has won the championship, isn’t Jule-sama the best?]

[I’ll be troubled if you ask for my opinion on that, though… First of all, because the tag match is a team fight, it’s not just Big Brother’s strength, is it?]

[That’s right, with Dustin-sama’s tactics, Dennis-sama’s interception, and Jule-sama’s lead, maybe the three of them having the perfect balance played a big role. Oh, His Highness’s team won second place last year.  This year for sure! Is what’s expected from them, but for me, it’s Jule-sama after all!]


Rather, don’t you only have my brother in your eyes?

But I’d like to see the three fight as a team. Because I’m sure it’s going to be very exciting.

I wish I could do something, though……It’s obvious that I am physically unable to.


[Hah, hanging around Jule-sama, you’re being cheeky, Bedford.]


I was confused upon the arrival of people as if to block the road.

Who are you?

Oh, but is the guy behind with brown hair Collie? If so, is this related to my brother?


[You need something? You’re blocking the road.]

[Aren’t you the one in the way? Going around with a wheelchair and all.]


The boy who’s standing to confront Welmina glared at me.

Because I left earlier than usual, did we end up in the same place as them by chance?


[You should need not be told that it’s necessary, right?]

[I wonder about that. Isn’t he just riding in the wheelchair to gain some sympathies? Right? Jule-sama is kind, after all.] (TN: This soab!)

[Haah?! Do your sleep-talking while you’re asleep. You’ve been giving us bad feelings for a while now, you know.]

[And what about you?! I don’t know how you ended up taking care of him but, do you know what he did at the salon?!]



Wah-! Stop reminding the person who does not want to remember that dark past!

I’ve been asked by Welmina so I’d already told her but I swore to myself that I’d never sit on my brother’s lap in public!


[He was even using his sickness to appeal to both Dustin-sama and Dennis-sama! The both of them were not able to do anything and looked troubled, after all! Proudly sitting on top of Jule-sama’s lap……There should be a proper place for his shamelessness!]


Aah, yes, I’m very sorry.

Or rather, I want to hit my brother. I’ll hit him the next time I see him.

I don’t remember appealing to the two of them, but it may seem that way for the others around us.

….Was that also how His Highness saw it?

My face naturally fell.


[I don’t know about you being family, but Jule-sama only cares for you because you’re weak! Don’t get so full of yourself!]



He strongly kicked the wheelchair. (TN: I’ll kill beat this mofo dead.)

I’m not hurt at all, but this is has a high-performance and is sturdy, you know? I wonder of the kicker’s foot hurts.

Sure enough, the boy in front of me was somewhat frowning.


[Cut it out already! Can’t you even distinguish between what’s right and wrong?!]

[You tell that to this guy! Aah, you finally got the chance to be his caretaker, there’s no way you can, huh?]


Still, what should I do in this situation?

Honestly, I don’t particularly care and I just want to ignore them.

When I looked at Collie, he’s glaring at me as if I’m his parents’ enemy, as usual.

I think it’s unavoidable to breathe out a sigh.


[So, where is the end of this talk?]

[Ahh? I told you not to get ahead of yourself!]


A second kick comes in. He sure does not learn.


[If it breaks, I’m going to have you pay for it, you know? Because this is expensive.]

[Shut up! What, did you also have someone else buy it for you? Seducing others seems to be your specialty after all.] (TN:It’s not his fault he’s beautiful, b***h! Rrraaah!!!)


Then vulgar laughs arise from the surroundings. I wonder how many people are in here? About 5 people?

I’m concerned how humans can turn as ugly as this.


[Just what did you do with that pretty face of yours to be able to sit on Jule-sama’s lap? Please teach us, too.] (TN: Why? Are you pretty?)

[I can sit on it without doing anything, you know? I’m his little brother, after all.]


I started getting annoyed with them ,and when they started spouting some misunderstanding things, it’s like a ripple in the water spreading out.

Oh, yeah, Collie wasn’t there when I made my greeting to Dustin-san and Dennis-san.

But the silence got cut from an unlikeable direction.


[Haah?! That’s all you say for a comeback?! Do you think that lie will fool us?!]

[It’s not even a lie.]

[What the hell, even the girl from the Bedford family! Aren’t your eyes being blinded by his deception?! There’s no way this frail looking bastard who doesn’t resemble him can be his brother! Besides, Jule-sama’s parents are red-haired and blond, you know? If you’re gonna lie, come up with a better story!]


It’s not even a lie.

The jeering comes from the surrounding this time. They just don’t get tired, do they?

I’m saying everything’s wrong, we even have the same eye color. And I was also a former redhead.


[Or is it that you don’t know what your hair color is? You have the same white hair as those withered old people!]

[….Are you saying that even while knowing that it’s because of fighting his sickness?]


Upon the unknown voice’s words, the boy stopped moving.

When I turned to look, his Highness’ aid can be seen with visible anger on his face.

There was no usual gentle smile and his blue eyes cold as his hair sways while he heads towards us.


[Because patients suffering from the Dreaming Illness are attacked by too much pain, the color of their hair fades out during the fight. I’m asking if you were saying that while knowing about this.]

[Eh…. no… We’re…]


As if the energy from before was a lie, the boys blocking the aisle tried answering like they’re being scorched.

Finally, they were lost for words and starting from the back, they started running as if they’re about to be killed.

Nobody stopped them from running


[Welmina-san, do you know their names?]

[Of course. I will properly report it to the teacher later.]


I thought he’s gonna ignore me just like that, but it seems to not be the case.

Apparently, Welmina seems to know the names and faces of those students. Which means some them are well-known.


[Bashral-kun, are you alright?]

[Yes, thank you very much. Uhm… Blow-sama.]

[Camille is fine. We’re classmates after all.]

[Then please call me Sheryl. Camille-sama, are you alone?]


As people with magic gathers, I get tired when I spread my Mana detection so I turned it off while in school.

As if it’s frequently asked, Camille smiled wryly.


[Because I am not around Rafael-sama around the clock. Was it too bad?]

[No, I was relieved.]


[Sheryl-kun is very uncomfortable around His Highness, after all.]


If you see such a huge amount of Mana, your body would instinctively run.


Whether I’m not good with him or afraid of him…. I just don’t feel like being near him.

[I see, there are also people like that. If you’d like, can we talk for a bit? I’m also curious about your story.]

[Oh, I’m sorry…]


Because I’ve always been sitting, I was not able to turn around.

However, Camille unexpectedly panics upon my apology.


[E, ah! I did not mean anything with those words!]


His appearance as he’s waving his hands repeatedly enters my eyes instantly.

So he also has times when he gets flustered, that’s because he always gives off a calm air.

When the anger from his face disappeared, the irritation that lingered in my heart also dissipated.


[Heheh, he did not find it unpleasant so please don’t worry about it. Camille-sama, do you know of a place where we can sit?]

[I’m sorry for my lack of words. Uhm, if it’s about this time, the cafe next to the dining hall should be available.]

[…. There’s a cafe?]


In the schoolhouse? I knew that there’s a dining hall in there, but to think there’s a place to drink tea, too.

So it’s not just the salon.


[Sheryl-kun does not use the dining hall, after all. Since I was planning on taking you there eventually, let’s just go right now.]


What, so our destination seems to be a cafe.

Since there’s no problem if that’s the case, we continued walking forward.


[By the way, do the two of you always come here around this time?]

[No, I was asking to be guided to places I haven’t been to before so I left earlier than usual.]


But for the outcome to be like that, I feel horrible.


[Haah, they’s completely ruined the mood, haven’t they? Nothing has happened thanks to Camille-sama , but if not for that…]

[If we couldn’t  settle it on our own, we would’ve needed to call the teacher, huh.]


For security purposes, I got something like a security buzzer.

Even without using it though, I can still release Mana if it is the distance to the research building, so it’s still possible to inform Noe if I need to.


[Have you been acquainted with them?]


[There was only one person I could recognize. Welmina, do they have any connection to my brother?]

[That’s right, they’re the bunch who adores Jule-sama. We should have Jule-sama show them hell for once.]


Welmina’s anger seems to have not subsided yet as she’s still breathing heavily.

She’s been told quite a lot as well, after all…


[….Could they be the kids from the salon?]

[I think so. Because I only remember meeting him on the salon.]

Has something happened at the male’s salon? Because according to what I’ve heard from Sheryl-kun, it didn’t sound that obscure.]

[It must be that the did not like me sitting on my brother’s lap.]

[What! But that’s just the usual!]

[Is, is that the usual thing?]


Comparing their reactions, Camille’s reaction should be considered the right one, normally speaking.

Even though she came to play several times, Welmina was gradually poisoned, wasn’t she?


[Inside my brother, I’ve stopped growing from the age of three. Oh, is it over there?]


We can see the entrance of a big dining hall in front of the widely opened isle.

As we went straight to the left, we saw a pretty sign written as “Cafe”.