Otome Game Chapter 6 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts



[A lot of drinks are prepared, and the tea that Sheryl likes is also there. It’s also the same brand so don’t worry.]

[Although I’m glad about that, but I wish I could’ve entered there with my own feet…]

[You will, eventually.]
Big Brother opened a door that looks different from the other classroom with his hand.]

Meanwhile, although it can be said that I’m clinging, there’s one arm supporting me…… Just what kind of strength does he have?

The first thing that greeted my eyes when we entered the salon was the luxurious chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

A chandelier!?
[H, how grand….]

[Jule… You…]
I can’t hear the voices of my brother’s friends that sounds shocked.
It’s not like I’m being carried because I want to, you know!
I order to keep my calm, I have to ignore the voices around me.

Wow, so this is a velvet carpet.

All the desks and tables in the room are decorated which contributed to making the salon’s atmosphere.

So it’s true that this is reserved for the aristocrats.
[It’s because you guys said you wanted to see him that’s why I brought him here!]

[Aren’t you mistaking it from “carried him”?]

[I see, so he’s the one you said who’s the most precious…… Still, to think it’s to this extent.]
Whether that’s where they usually sit, Big Brother sat down on an L-shaped sofa where his two friends are sitting.

With him still holding me.
[Brother, please let me go.]

[I’ve always been doing this so there’s no need for you to be shy about it, you know.]
I’ve always been embarrassed about it, though!

I tried pushing on my brother’s chest but he’s not even flinching.
[That’s right, Collie, can you pour us two portions of Tobac tea?]

[I understand!]
When I heard an energetic reply, I stopped resisting with my hands to turn around and look as a boy about the same height as me looks at my brother with shining eyes.

With his curly hair looking soft as it draws a curve, he reminds me of a squirrel.

That uniform without a line and the color of his tie… he’s probably in the same grade as me.

The design of the uniform in the middle school was copied from the high school’s design after taking some parts of it out.

Each grade’s color, starting from the bottom grade are red, blue and green respectively represented by their ties.

When I confirmed that he has the same green tie as me, I was glared for a moment before he quickly turned around and entered the room in the corner. I wonder if that’s where they boil the water.


If he’s my brother’s fan, he’s probably seeing me as a nuisance.

Hah! Or could it be that this was his usual place?
[What’s wrong, Sheryl?]

[Nothing…. I just thought that you also quick hands even towards other boys.]



The cat-eyed guy spit out the tea he’s drinking.

The other guy passed him a handkerchief after seeing it.
[Dennis, that’s disgusting.]

[My bad…… However, kukuku, that’s right, when I saw him place someone on top of his lap, I thought that he seems too used to it.]

[Yo, you’re wrong! Just so you know, I’m only doing this to Sheryl!]

[Eh, so I’m wrong?]

[If you’re told such accusations, won’t that hurt you?!]
I seriously thought that because he’s used to having that cute boy sit on his lap, I also got swept into it.
[Then why are you making me sit on your lap?]

[That’s because Sheryl is cute!]

[I am not cute.]
When I was about to hit my brother’s face, he avoided his gaze for some reason.

Big Brother who has the same reaction as  our father is creepy.
[Although it’s fine if you keep teasing each each other, but when are you going to introduce us?]

[Is it necessary…?]

[It is!!! You got lost in your own world one sidedly over there, and then suddenly we know what Sheryl’s preference is, you know!]

[Don’t call him so casually.]

[I’m against being kicked!!!]
Big Brother suddenly raised his foot with me still on top of it.

On the side, a young man with azure blue hair tied behind him introduced himself while pushing his glasses up.

The slim silver frame on his glasses matches well with his eyes.
[I am Dustin Stansfield. I’ve been hanging out with Jule since middle school.]

[My name is Sheryl Bashral. Thank for always taking care of my brother.]
I was worried that it might be bad to balance properly in my position, but I thankfully managed to bow down and respond.

Dennis-san who had escaped from his brother’s kick came back to see the situation.
[Ah! You traitor! I’m called Dennis Wakeman and together with Duss, we’ve been hanging together with Jule since middle school.]

[I’m Sheryl Bashral. It’s a pleasure to meet you.]

[Same here, best regards! …… Still, the more I look, the more you don’t resemble each other.]
Dennis-san exudes a fancy feeling while also being dressed up, and from within his uniform, I can see an accessory shining.

Looking like this, even when I look at these three people, there is no uniformity in appearance.

However, from the atmosphere when they are together, I assume that the way they think and express their thoughts are a bit similar.
The interactions between the Big Brother that I’ve never seen at home and his friends feels refreshing.
[That’s because I took after our mother.…… Oh, but we do have the same eye color.]

[Ohh, can you let me see it closer?]
I look at Dustin-san’s face getting closer.
Huh, his face is somehow closer that I expected —– was what I thought when his face suddenly disappeared.
[…. Tsk, Jule, you just hit me for real just now, didn’t you?]

[Don’t you dare get your dirty mug close to my Sheryl.]

Dustin-san barely avoided my brother’s fist, but when he crouched down, he hit his chin.

Probably to avoid being pulled in, Dennis-san has already evacuated behind the sofa.
[Uwaa, you really don’t hold back when it involves Sheryl-kun.]

[Seriously……But I can somehow understand his overprotective feelings. Sheryl-kun is too unguarded.]
While stroking his kicked chin, Dustin-san grinned at my direction.

Was I really…. that unguarded?

Big Brother stroked my tilted head.
[That’s because Sheryl has basically stayed at home for most of his life. He’s not aware of what malice is.]

[With malice or whatever, is there really a need for brother and the others to be so protective?]
I will know who the bad people are if I look at them.

And I don’t think that there’re any malicious intentions behind the way they’re acting.


While I was in the middle of thinking about it, my brother momentarily stopped moving then  hugged me tight.
[Sheryl, I’m begging you to please be fully alert.]


[Yeah, you should be vigilant. Oh, the both of us are harmless.]

[Sheryl-kun, you should be fully aware of those people who assures you that they’re harmless like this….. That’s where Jule should come in.]
Both Dennis-san and Dustin-san nodded their head in conviction.

Rather, Big Brother, I’m suffocating.

After the Dreaming Illness’ symptoms have disappeared, I feel like my brother has stopped holding his strength back. It’s a good thing, though.

If only Nicole was here in a situation like this, I’d be saved though.
[Jule-sama! I have brought over the tea!]

[Hm? Oh, thanks Collie, can you put it over there?

The guy who lent us a hand has…!

Thanks to Collie-kun, who was asked to prepare the tea, returning, the pressure has loosened.

As I was quietly waiting on my side, I’m being glared at as expected. Won’t he talk to my brother about the cuddling situation?Is it impossible?

Hmm, could it be that I was supposed to prepare my tea myself.

But don’t think I see anyone who looks like a helper in the salon.
[Big Brother, are the drinks here not being prepared by others?]

[Oh, it’s become an unspoken rule to pour the tea by yourself and drink it. As your grade goes up, it’s mostly the juniors who does it.]

[Then, shouldn’t I have prepared it instead….]

[I will be preparing Jule-sama’s drinks!]
My body froze after hearing the voice raised not far away.

Collie-kun who has finished preparing the tea smilingly looked at me. Even though he’s smiling, his eyes are completely not laughing.
[Uhm…. Is, that so?]

[That’s right. So please do stay away from the utility room.]
Collie-kun returned to the nearby seat and behaved himself properly.

Yep. I’m completely being regarded as an enemy.
[Being a popular guy sure is hard, huh, Jule?]

[ Well, but some things like hot water is dangerous so Sheryl shouldn’t go to the utility room, okay?]

[I can at least pour a cup of tea.]

[Have you ever done it before?]

[……..I haven’t, but.]

[Then you can’t.]
Kuuh, when I get back, I’ll have Nicole teach me how to make tea.
[…..Haahh, I’ve always thought you’re being too overprotective everytime I hear you.]

[If it’s Sheryl-kun, about that much should be enough.]

[That’s what I’ve been saying. Even today, he seemed to have already been bullied by His Highness the Prince, so I have to show off that he’s close to me.]

[I was not being bullied in the first place!]
Or rather, how did he know about the middle school issues?!

Moreover, what did he mean by showing off…
[His Highness…?]

[Oh, His Highness often take his afternoon break here. Over there is his usual place.]
Dustin-san who noticed my gaze informed me.

Up until now, to avoid being concerned about the people around me, I decided to not pay them any attention.

And from that point on, I left the Mana detection cut off.

Beyond my line of sight, His Highness and his two aides were facing this way.

Ahh, I think I’m done for.
*Fuwossh* My cheeks has turned bright red and my eyes are becoming teary.

Well, this might be late but, I feel like I might have been really socially paralyzed.

I did not mind being surrounded by my brother’s friends.

But my classmate, and one who I have only talked to just today, probably saw me while sitting on top of my brother’s lap…..
[Big Brother, please put me down.]

[What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?]

[….Because it’s embarrassing, please put me down.]
My face must have looked really embarrassed  as he deeply sighed while saying “It can’t be helped” and put me down on the sofa.
[Alright then, Sheryl-kun, come to me next.]

[Why does it end like that?]
Dustin-san pats his lap and calls out to me.

In the mean time, since I really want to hide from His Highness, I crept behind my brother’s shadow.
[….It’s not that bad staying like this.]

[Here. Sheryl-kun, the space next to me is open.]

[It’s a bit impossible right now.]

[Ooh! Then you mean it’s fine if it’s later?]

[There won’t be any now or later for you!]

[That’s why I said I’m against being kicked!!!]
Aah, I have never thought that I’d be glad with my brother’s big physique up till now.
This is just my temporary place, and among His Highness’s peers, I’m the only one confirmed to still be sitting on top of my brother’s lap even with my age.

Even in the future, I have no plans of ever attending any social gathering again.
Even if we’re of the same class, as expected, there shouldn’t be any more reasons for me to mingle with His Highness.

That’s why I told myself not to mind it.
[I did it because I wanted to do it, that’s why there’s no need for Sheryl to be depressed.]
I depressingly inserted my head within brother’s arms.

Suddenly, I felt my tear ducts loosen as I grabbed the hem of my brother’s shirt.
In the end, Big Brother once again carried me towards the classroom after that, and I swore I’ll never go back to the salon again.