Otome Game Chapter 5 Part 3

This is unedited.


[Blue roses…did you hear the story about the flowerbeds?]

[Information is a merchant’s life, after all! Nothing will pass through! The Ondina’s beauty is just like that of Sheryl-sa……-kun……]


Aside from our first meeting, she’s been visiting the house a number of time so she must’ve heard about it from then.

Because it’s the story of previous event, I’ll just let half of what she’s saying pass.

[That’s right, speaking of Jule-sama, have you gone to the salon?]

[Nope, I haven’t.]

[Do you know that the middle school and high school buildings are adjacent to surround the courtyard? Beside the east side and the west side communication passage on the second floor, there is a salon for the nobles. The east side is for boys and the west side for girls. Because the salon is a commonplace to both the middle and high school students, Jules-sama also frequenly goes there.]

[Hee~…. Even though the girls and boys are supposed to be separated, you sure know a lot.]


[Please leave it to me! Well, I’ve never entered there before, though.]


…… Even though you’ve never entered, why do you know about it?


[Is the salon that big?]

[The size should be about the size of a classroom. It’s included within the school’s map, you know.]


I was surprised because it was an immediate answer, but I see, it’s on the school map?

Let’s take a closer look once I get back in my room.


[If it’s not that wide, I’d probably get in the way if I went in.]

[There’s no way that’s happening~ By all means, please go and get Jule-sama’s info…!]

[I can give you my brother’s information even if I don’t go, you know?]

[God is here….!!!]


Such exaggeration.

If I ask my brother, not to mention today’s, he’ll even tell me his whole week’s schedule and he should have no problem even if I pass it to Welmina.

That’s why I don’t need to go to the salon.

Unlike my brother who’s already made his social debut, my position will place me in an “Who the heck are you?” situation.

I think am not a shy person, but since I’ve lived a life without a noble trademark, I would not do rude things……If I think that it will cause trouble to my house, I will stop it.

Thinking that way, I think that my older brother who is properly mingling in the society carrying the name of our house is amazing.

[We will arrive at the assembly hall soon but once we arrive, Sheryl-kun will be placed at the back of the line of the class. I will leave for a moment, but since Corbusier-sensei will follow, there should be no problem.]


Just as Welmina said, once we arrived at the assembly hall, Noe immediately came over with his cane.

Is the number of students gathered in the assembly hall roughly one third?


[Good morning.]

[Good morning, Sensei.]

[Good morning!]

[I will look after Sheryl-kun during the opening ceremony so Welmina, please go back to your line.]

[Roger that, sir! Well then, Sheryl-kun, see you later.]

[Yeah. Welmina, thanks up till now.]


I lightly wave my hand as we separate from each other.

As I was sending her back with my eyes, I saw her joining her friends and happily started talking.




[I understood it, but…]


Noe who understood my thoughts without talking lightly pat my head.

[Welmina would never think of you as a bother or troublesome. Besides, if you’re worried about having friends, why don’t you mix in as well?]

[Mix in, you say…]

[You’re worried about Welmina being distanced from her friends and be alone, aren’t you? then you should just befriend her friends, as well. Look, those kids surely think so, as well.]


I was urged by Noe to look over and I saw Welmina and her friends also looking over here.

Welmina gave a wide wave so I replied with a small one.

Then I heard the girls started squealing something.


[Sheryl-kun, you should be more aware of your appearance.]

[I am consciously aware, you know?]


Recently, I’m able to use not only a hand mirror but also a full-length mirror.


[That you’re prettier than that girl over there?]  

[As expected, not that.]


What kind of narcissist is that?!

Although, sadly, I can’t escape the fact that my body line is slender.


[Through the morning light, your white hair’s transparency now stands out more than usual. The children passing do not only see your wheelchair.]

[Hmm… I can only find my own face as normal.] (TN: If your face is normal, what about mine?! Is it even comparable human?!)


I support my cheeks with my palms as I think.

Is it much better compared to my previous life?

Although I have my mother’s face, but my pupils have the only color I got from my father together with my hair which has turned white give off a chuuni feeling, but I like it.

But my impression of myself when I saw my in the mirror is quite poor.


[It’s because Sheryl-kun has always stayed at home. Their impression of you will definitely deepen over time. Although you shouldn’t be too concerned about other people’s eyes, but the eyes reflects you, after all.]



As I was nodding, the bell rang

*Bon Bon Bon* A bell which looks like a reminiscent of an old wall clock rang three times.

When the next bell rings, it is the start of the opening ceremony.

My conversation with Noe ceased there as I breathed lightly and stared at the stage.




[The Principal’s speech is so long and boring.]

[I understand. Just how many time have I fallen asleep…]

[Since Sheryl-kun has always been sitting, aren’t you even more sleep?]

[Yeah, let’s just keep this between us, but I don’t remember what the president’s talking about.]


After the opening ceremony was over, as the per Noe’s words, I had Welmina push my wheelchair and her two friends gathered around me.

Is this youth …?!


[That’s a secret, though.]


Sshh~ I place my index finger in front of my lips.


No matter which school, also, even if the world is different, it seems that the person called “principal” will always have very long speech.

But I think has a lot to think about as he speaks so I feel guilty for openly sleeping.


[Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s right, it’s a secret.]

[Because it’s just a talk between us!]

[Kuh……Sheryl-sama is so cute!]

[Welmina, 200 mega as fine.]

[Ha?! Even though I only said it once?!]


She should’ve known that the word “cute” is a taboo for me.


[Also, using formal speech on me is forbidden.]

[The amount has gone up since this morning, though!]


Is the one responding to that the merchant’s soul, or is she just being a miser?

It is also a fact that there such a concept from a foreign country.


[Because I like the dialect Welmina speaks more.]

[Guhaaah…. I have no more regrets in my life… uh..]


It’s fine to be happy about it, but the wheelchair is meandering a little, you know.


Also, aren’t you supposed to say that to my brother? Don’t be satisfied with just me.


[Aah, how nice, how nice. I want to go to S class, too!]

[There’s no way you can go with your grades, right?]

[Uwaa~an! I want to have Welmina’s brain~!!!!]

[Even though I’m good at practical skills, but written exams are just impossible for me. So for me, I want Sheryl-kun’s brain…]

[So you’re really smart?]

[In my case, instead of being smart, I can only study.]


It’s not that my brain works really fast, so I only smiled bitterly to her question.

Both in the middle and high school classes, the classes are decided to some extent in the order of the performance combined with the written exam.

To a certain extent, S class and A class are in the same order as they are, but below that are mixed together.

It goes without saying that S class is the top. Don’t underestimate the me who only has time to study!


[You again~ Ah, our stop is right here.]

[We’d actually like to go with you till the S class but we’ll get scolded if we approach it…]

[We get it. See you during lunch, then!]

[Bye by~e!]


They seem to be in A class. Welmina’s friends are quite outstanding.

The two people who were about to turn at the corner stopped their legs and watched me, the unpleasant voice hurt my ears.