Otome Game Chapter 4 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

The eyes of my mother who is holding my hand are shining.

Well, it’s much better than the previous gloomy feeling she showed previously.

I just want her to breathe a little.


[Yeah. Though that’s been said, you’d probably have a hard time going around the campus so I chose a student to guide you around. You will have time to meet him later.]

[Thank you for everything.]

[That’s just how much I have expectations from you. Though it’s not like I’m putting pressure on you.]

[I will do my best to meet your expectations.]

[No rush, no rush. Because you have a tendency to overdo things, this is such a good opportunity to enjoy your youth.]



I thought I didn’t have it within me, though.

But I wonder how far can I go if I start blending with others when I’ve never had contact with strangers before.

There’s a bit of anxiety but……Just as Bellom-sensei said, just enjoy it when you’re given the opportunity to do so!


[Listen well, Sheryl, if there’s a child you’re concerned about then tell Nicole immediately, okay? I will be checking on you every now and then. Also, remember that no matter how cute girls are, they’re all strong. Nicole should keep it in mind.]

[Certainly, Madam.]


Looking at the space that both of them are staying, I feel like my path to enjoy youth is getting further away.

Looking at me who got a bit exhausted because of Mother’s words, Bellom-sensei laughed with “fuofofofo”.




[So this is the academic city, Yankuiyu.]


I am admiring the liveliness of the city while inside the carriage.

The lively energy fills the air causing my tension to also rise. I ended up unconsciously looking out the window.

Time passes by quickly and now I’m entering the middle school’s dormitory.


Since the Secondary Academic Research Institute and the Higher Academic Research Institute are located in the same building, a big city has been built around it.

On the cobbled streets are stationary shops for students, equipment shops, and stalls dealing with sweet and easy-to-eat snacks to cure students who are tired of studying are crowded.

The architectural style in which thin red bricks and white walls stand out as one, and there were colorful stall tents and it were vivid in the eyes.

Apart from shops, as all the students enter the dormitory, the functions of the cities seem to be diverse in the residential areas of those who will cooperate with them.


[Sheryl–sama, are you not tired?]

[It’s because I’ve been sitting the whole time. I’d like stretch my back and body but I’m not tired at all.]


Because it was my first long-distance travel ever since I was born, I took a lot of breaks.

Both Mother and Big Brother who were worried about me wanted to come along but I politely declined.

Even so, there are a lot who has many companions during their move. During the travel, all I need to do is sit and wait for us to reach to our destination so having Nicole alone should be enough.

One of the guards who saw me looking at the state of the city from the window calls out.


[We will arrive in the middle school premises in a while. Are you sure you don’t want to stop over the city?]

[Yes. Because it seems to be difficult to walk properly in this crowd.]


[This is…I’m very sorry.]


He who’s sitting in the front seat gazed on my feet and in a moment lowered his head. He also hit the guy sitting next to him with his elbow.


[No, it’s just that I heard from my brother that it’s the most crowded here when the new semester is about to start, so I plan on going when the city’s calmed down.]


So please don’t worry about, I said with a beautiful smile.

To put it bluntly, my guardian who’s sitting beside me won’t give me permission to get outside.


[If you want something, let’s have Jule-sama get it for you. Even now his neck must have gotten longer while waiting for you.]

[You’re right, I feel like he’s gonna come get us if we keep him waiting any longer.]


My older brother who’s already enrolled in high school has already finished all his necessary work to stay in the dorm.

I remember him actually telling me that he’ll come get me if ever I’m late.

The carriage stopped while I was thinking. I heard the sound of horse hooves clopping.

We seem to have reached our destination.


[We will get off first. Sheryl-sama will follow after us.]


The escorts got off first to confirm my safety.

Since we’ve arrived at the middle school, I don’t think there’s a need to do that but just in case, I kept it in my mind.


We heard a voice saying it’s okay so Nicole offered me his hand and I got off the carriage.




As soon as I got off, I was immediately hugged by my brother.


[Was everything alright? Were you not in pain? It must have been cramped inside the carriage.]

[Big Brother.. honestly speaking, this moment is the most crampy of all.]


Moreover, as I’m caught between Big Brother’s arms and chest, I can’t get out.

As I was repeatedly tapping his back, he finally loosened his hold.

Big Brother’s burning red hair enters my eyes.


[To the escorts, I’d like to thank you for protecting us through the whole journey.]

[No, we did not do anything special so……Sheryl-sama has worked hard, too.]


Because it’s impossible to get of Big Brother’s embrace, I turn them with just my face even though it’s rude.

While looking at our situation warmly, they rode the carriage and left.


[I will be protecting Sheryl from now on, okay! You can rest assured.]


Upon my brother’s words, a conversation from the past came to my mind


{I will become a magic knight and protect Sheryl!}

{Then I will become a mage and protect Big Brother, too!}


It was a conversation back when I still had no idea that I couldn’t use magic.

Now that I’ve come to use magic, I don’t think my brother needs to be protected.


[Then, I will be in your care. Was it a gateway here? ]


Since the front entrance of the dormitory was crowded with people, we’re drop off at a place where they specially carry supplies in.

It’s about time that the sun sets and the neighborhood is getting dim.


Since we were sending the luggage ahead of time with another flight, we only need to go to the room with my wheelchair.


[I’ll Nicole to process the paperwork for the dorm.]

[I understand.]


Bringing the necessary requirements, Nicole left and headed towards the dorm’s reception.

Since he’s an alumni, he won’t get lost. I wonder why the Cadir Family is working in our house?

By the way, Nicole’s father is the aide of my father. When grandpa retires, it seems he’ll take over.

I heard of Nicole graduating in middle school when I was told about the enrollment……Does a butler need to have a qualification as a magician?


[The high school and middle school dorms might be apart but the buildings are adjacent so if something happens, you have to call me immediately, got it?]

[I will pray that nothing will happen.]

[Just in case because Sheryl is very cute…]


What kind of worry is that?

As expected, because it’s the general passage, a lot of students come and go through here.

Although I’m gathering attention on the way, it can’t be helped since there’s no other student who’s in a wheelchair.

Also, is it because Big Brother is a high schooler that a lot of students are looking at him?


[Isn’t that Bashral-senpai?]

[The one who has consecutively won in fighting festival?  Rather, who’s that in the wheelchair?]


So Big Brother was the repeating champion of the fighting festival?

Before that, I have no idea what the fighting festival means.

Upon hearing those whispers, I looked up .


[Big Brother, are you famous?]

[Me? I wonder……There are other people like me who is famous in Sheryl’s grade.]


That’s right.

It seems that on the same grade as me, there’s the First Prince.

Originally, the school would encourage studies by grouping together students of the same age so they can pass the high school exams with their own capabilities, so he did not skip grades.


Even with that said, considering the number of nobles who wants to have connections to the royalties……it seems that’s the real intention.

Thanks to that, the children from the marquis to the earls always surrounds the prince.

Certainly, compared to it……When I thought up to that, maybe my brother is just as famous and I’m unaware of it?


[What is a fighting festival?]


[Ah, it’s an annual spring event. It is divided into the magician’s division and a magical knight division, and they compete against each other. It is also the biggest event in this academic city, but I guess you don’t know.]

[Yes, it’s the first time I’ve heard it.]

[Because the Royal Family also attends to watch, it’s turned into a festival. Oh, this is Sheryl’s room.]


By the way, the dormitory is a three-story building with red bricks and white brick edges, with each floor assigned consecutively from the top floor for the first years, the second floor for second years and first floor for third years.

It’s great that my room is in the first floor since it’ll be hard to climb up with a wheelchair. It’s also easy to move because the floor is made of wood and is flat.


[It’s wider than I expected.]

[Really? By the way, when you become the dorm head,  you get a single room bigger than this and there is a bath there too.]


As it’s called the student dormitory, I imagined several people sharing the same room but with one person’s room laid out for two people with the door attached in the middle, the personal space was secured properly.


The beds were not bunk beds, but were single bed. (Does that type of bed exist?)


While it’s a bit cramped, but I find the shower room quite satisfying.

The shower has water attribute and fire attribute mana stone attached, you can take a hot water bath without worrying about time. The manastone has little mana……It is very convenient because it works just by the user thinking of “wanting to  use it”.


The electricity in the previous life seems to be replaced by mana in this world, and although I may see magic tools using magic stone, I never saw any electric appliances.


We will use the room that two students originally use for me and Nicole.


[Just know that I will come accompany you every time you feel lonely, okay.]

[….Didn’t you say that the high school dorm is far?]

[I’ve found a loophole after all these years.]




Why do you know about the dorm’s loophole?

Although the girls’ dorms and the boys’ dorms have separate roads, but there should be an intersection somewhere and that’s probably what he’s using.

Because the grade can be divided by ability, not by age, there are also people in the same age as the older brothers in the middle school. (I am truly confused, too.)


[Ah…Regarding your studies, isn’t Welmina taking care of it?]

[She seems to be a fan of yours, Big Brother.]

[Aah, yeah. Isn’t she a bright and good girl?]

[Although she has a strong habit, it’s indeed true that she’s a good girl. I’ve also heard that you went on a date.]

[Instead of a date, we were just walking together in the same road!]

[You also went inside the cakeshop together wearing a disagreeable face, as expected of the famous guy.]

[Just up to where has that girl been telling…]


Upon my retort, Big Brother wobbled and collapsed near the wall.


[Isn’t it good? It’s not bad to be a famous man, you know?]

[….If only you’re saying it out of jealousy, that would be my saving grace.]


He seems to understand that it is a criticism against him being with multiple partners.


[If you understand, can’t you do something about it?]

[Uu… this is just sexual harassment…]


According to Welmina, they seemed to have no intimate contact with each other so I’ll just leave it at this for today.

Even from my point of view as a man, my brother has a wide back and he looks cool so I understand why women won’t be able to leave him alone.


[My apologies for being late.……Why is Jule-sama being hit?]

[The usual.]



Nicole began unpacking as soon as he got convinced since I usually tease my brother about his relationships with women.


[I’ll help, too.]

[Well then, Sheryl-sama, please read the pamphlet the dorm gave me about its rules and regulations.]


Does that mean it’s okay to help?


I accidentally dropped it and Nicole hurriedly followed up after me.


[This is my job and I already know about the dorm rules! It’s definitely not because SHeryl-sama will get in the way or something!]

[Alright, Sheryl! Let’s leave the luggage to Nicole and take a nap!]

[I’ll pass on that.]


Even though I refused resolutely, Big Brother picked me up and carried me to the bad.


[Do you want to take a shower first?]

[I will do it at night.]

[I see. Then Nicole, wake us up when it’s time for dinner.]

[I understand.]


I decided to sleep since it’s the same time that I take a nap at home.

Nicole understands it so he picks out my sleepwear and helps me changed to it.

Originally, students seem to take meals at the dining room in the dormitory, but I am supposed to be covered by Nicole due to being a patient of the Dreaming Illness. Surely, the time for dinner should be the same back at home.


[Well then, please have a good night.

[Good night.]

[Good night~]


And as soon as I got to the dormitory, I fell asleep while being held in my brother’s arms.