Otome Game Chapter 4 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

Part 1

[These blue roses are called Ondina.]

[So blue roses really exist?]

Even though I have no knowledge about flowers while on the sickbed, I know that it’s possible to cultivate blue roses in my previous life so I ended up voicing my question.

In addition, it seems that there was a successful example with the technology of recombining genes in the past world when searching for memory.

The flower bed that I saw for the first time are blooming beautifully in the springy sunshine.

Just like the kuku fruit, there are a lot of food in this world which don’t exist in my previous life, but there are a lot of flowers which I have a memory of in that life as well.

As I listen to the gardener’s explanations while looking at the flowers, the one that caught my attention the most was, as expected, the roses.

It was surprising to know that there’re a lot more various colors even among the roses. Not only pink or red but yellow and white, and also blue.

[No, blue ones were not found in the rose species. What is now called blue rose could be obtained by extracting red pigment from red rose……Rather, it refers to a variety that is close to purple. However,  Sheryl-sama sure is knowledgeable, to know that blue rose doesn’t really exist.

I can’t say it. I can’t say that those are popular in my previous life.

I return the gardener’s words with a smile. Recently, I’ve discovered that “smile when in front of trouble tactic” is really useful.

[The purple color certainly has a slight tinge of blue, huh. So you removed the red pigment from them…?]

[Ah! You can’t just casually touch them! This variety has especially small and numerous thorns.]

[I’m sorry, I just…]

I hurriedly stopped my extended hand unconsciously.

Although the branches look thin and fragile, it seems that there is no mistake that it’s a rose.

[I will give Sheryl-sama a suggestion.]


While I was in the middle of thinking, Nicole said to me.

On my walking rehab, instead of the wheelchair, I had Nicole’s hands assisting me.

My hair has been cut up to the corner of my eyes. (TN:Must be the bangs.)

Even though my hair has lost all its pigments.

[Oh my,have you found out? When the topic about your hair has reached my ears, the first thought that came to mind is this Ondina. Although the lower leaves fall to such extent that they seem to wither even while being cared for, these roses are often filled with flowers…… Aah, even if it isn’t given a lot of care, it’s flowers still manages to bloom. It’s just that, although they easily get injured and are susceptible to diseases, is it considered their characteristics? We have nurtured them as if they’re Sheryl-sama.]

[It’s kind of embarrassing being compared to a flower.]

[When I listened to those words just now, I have confirmed that they do resemble Sheryl-sama. Could we bring some to the room?]

[Of course! I will prune some and bring them later. Ondina also is very fragrant. In the language of flowers, it  means “God’s blessing” and “dream come true”.]

[What a wonderful thing! For there to be such a flower who embodies Sheryl-sama so much!]

[Have you finally understood

The two men who seemed to understand each other shared a passionate handshake.

I’m begging you, please don’t call a guy beautiful in front of his face.

After that, while listening to the excited gardener’s explanations, I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful flowers.

[It should be about time for Bellom-sama to arrive.]

[It’s that time already? Well then, shall we go and meet him at the entrance?]

There will be an examination by Bellom-sensei this afternoon.

Although it’s called examinations, all he’s been talking about lately are regarding the magical studies and the like.

 According to my knowledge form my previous life, Bellom-sensei will give me something strange.

[Well then, please sit on the wheelchair.]

[I can’t stay standing?]

[You may not.  Because you have walked enough for today. Pushing yourself too hard will be harmful.]

[Is that so…]

When it comes to my health, Nicole won’t budge an inch.

We gave thanks to the garden grandpa and let the flowerbeds behind.

Mother welcomes us upon entering the mansion.

[Sheryl, how were the flowerbeds?]

[They were very pretty, there’re also some cute flowers, I enjoyed it very much.]

[Is that so… Mother also wanted to see them with you… I could’ve also taught you about the language of flowers.]

[If madam had gone together, the time wouldn’t have been enough.]

It seems that if Mother starts looking at flowers, she’ll take a very long time because she really loves them.

Because they said I mustn’t get tired before bellom-sensei arrived, instead of a “doctor stop”, they gave me a “Nicole stop”. (TN: I’ve no idea how else to phrase this.)

[When we have the time, let’s see them together again, okay?]

[That’s right, you promise me, Sheryl. At that time, I will be pulling your hand.]

[….At that time, I would like to be able to walk by myself.]

However, with these feet of mine which have lost their strength, it will likely be a very long time before I’ll manage to stand properly.

Although they no longer tremble like a newborn fawn…

Moreover, upon witnessing such a scene, I feel  like their overprotection has intensified. 

Even the maids start to fuss when they see a slight change to my eye color. Although it is Nicole’s job to tell them off.

On top of the wheelchair, as my eyes ended up staring at a distant place, I picked up Bellom-sensei’s Mana from my Mana sense.

Because Sensei’s Mana emission is greater than normal, it’s very easy to tell him apart from the rest. Although according to Sensei, the First Prince’s is more amazing. I guess there won’t be an opportunity to meet him.

Finally, the sound of a horse carriage has entered everyone’s ears.

[Welcome and thank you for coming.]

[Ooh, if it isn’t Sheryl. You look healthy.]

Starting with Mother’s greeting, everyone lowered their heads and greeted Mr. Bellow.

When Sensei was accepting the greeting and saw me, he happily patted my head.

[However, have you cut your hair again? It doesn’t look any different from the last time I saw you.]

[Because we cut it regularly.]

[So does having shorter hair really improve your health?]

[It’s just the matter of my feelings.]

[Is that so, but having your emotions feeling light also improves your health so I guess it still counts.]

By the way, Bellom-sensei also brought with him some of my cut hair as a remembrance.

For some reason, when it was time for my hair to be cut to my desired hairstyle, everyone working in the mansion besides Sensei gathered around and my hair has been distributed to them one by one.

When I asked whether it’s some kind of custom or something, apparently there’s no special meaning to it.

Why were they distributing my hair?

As usual, we returned to my room together with Sensei’s “fofofofo” laugh.

[By the way, Sheryl. I have something important to tell you today.]

[Yes, what might it be?]

Bellom-sensei sat on the chair and started spreading the documents on the desk.

What’s written in there is “Secondary Academic Research Institute”.

[Your admittance to the Secondary Academic Research Institute has been finalized. To be exact, you’ll be starting as a third-year student.]


The news was too unexpected that I asked with a stupid voice.

My mother who’s sitting on the other side has been smiling happily, though…… That that smile seems similar to when my brother made it to the third year of highschool must have been my imagination, right?

[I have already explained this to your parents. I thought that I should tell you directly.]

[Again… why so suddenly?]

[Oh, I’ve been thinking about it since before. That’s because I’m looking forward to what kind of magician you are going to become.]

[I’m honored.]

[However, the biggest thing of all is that you’ve managed to survive the Dreaming Illness. From here on, I’ll start talking about something bad.]

As he said so, Bellom sensei lifted his cup  and moisturizes his throat.

I can feel a dark aura coming next to me……Aah. Mother is completely angry.

[After the announcement of the food inventory for the Dreaming Illness has spread, your name has become renowned throughout among the nobles. Do you understand? They are those whose children have Dreaming Illness and those who have later acquired it. And there are those among them who are desperate. This is a foolish thing to say but, one day, I’ve received a report about a plan to kidnap you. Of course, I prevented it from happening.]

[For you to receive such information, does that mean that Sensei has anticipated this from the start?]

It is impossible to sense the kidnapping plan of an aristocrat who is especially not a duke, unless you spread the information network in advance.

[I really didn’t wish for it to come true, though.  I also concealed some secret schemes against you. There might be some who thought that researching about you might open a new door.……Those schemers even thought what might happen if they drink your blood. Each and every one of them is only foolish ideas.]

[Those are some disturbing ideas.]

It’s at the level of drinking a young girl’s blood to stay young. By the way, instead of drinking it, using the transfusion seems to have some effect.

Whatever the case, there is no way that just by using my blood would cure the Dreaming Illness.

[I didn’t talk to Sheryl about this, but it’s not like there are no offers regarding that. He seemed to have consulted Bellom-sama about that crazy idea and has been played successfully. Truly… a terrifying thing.]

When I was gaping my mouth heavily, my mother held me gently.

It seems that I’m causing worry even to a place I don’t know.

[We managed to prevent them this time, but we don’t know about next time. That is why I’d like to ensure your safety by enrolling you in middle school. You know of its dormitory system, don’t you?]

[Yes, my brother is staying in one.]

[Wouldn’t he be graduating high school next year? I have a lot of associates in there and there is no need to worry  about other people sending people in to check on you. I am the most powerful person in the academic research laboratory, after all.]

[I agree.]

[…If you’re able to enter smoothly, it will lighten my shoulders a bit. You can look at me with more respect, you know?]

[I have deep respect for Bellom-sensei, you know?]

It’s just that the magic-crazy grandpa is too much inside me.

When I look up and tilted my head, Bellom-sensei sighed.

[A natural amongst natural and intentionally willful, it seems that you’ll become an amazing person.]

[Is there something?]

[*Cough* Well, that’s that. The new term will start in February so get your things prepared.]

[I understood the circumstances but is it okay if I get in suddenly?]

[Do you mean ability-wise? If that’s so then no problem. Haven’t I reviewed this before and tested it? That was the entrance exam for the third year. Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve given a perfect score.]

[I basically have nothing else to do aside from studying.]

When you enter the academy, you can finish reading the manual and start with the research books like normal.

Another preparation made by Bellom-sensei was to hire a private tutor.

[Although you are lacking practical skills, but you can easily use intermediate magic so I judged it to be alright.

Because you don’t like it, you won’t be given any special treatment. As for your aid in living there, I’ll just leave Nicole for that. Don’t worry because there are  nobles who bring their chamberlains and maids with them when entering the dorms.]

[Don’t those nobles belong to the royal family…?]

[Sheryl, just because our house is that of a Baron, you don’t have to back down. You have a value, and that is being accepted by Bellom-sama.]