Otome Game Chapter 3 Part 3

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


That was just a small thing and he’s back by my side after a short while. His cheeks are still bright red.
[Have I been useful to you?]

[Yeah. Because I’ve properly learned how to take it out, I’m relieved. Thank you.]
When I lightly raised my hand, Nicole ,watched my action and lowered his head to me.

The black hair is smoothly flowing down as always, it tickles my hand.

Nicole looks happy as he narrowed his eyes in delight.

Since was it that I’ve heard from him what my existence is to him.
[You are my one and only master.]
He answered with a smile.

Since I was told as such with conviction, “I see, so I’ve got myself a black dog,” was what I thought.


At this time when the success or failure of the Higher Academic Research Institute is known, a dinner party will be held there and there.
As we decided to invite people who are usually indebted or around us, regardless of the people of aristocracy in our house, we came up with the dinner in a standing style.

And it seems to be coming to an end.

I can hear the sound of carriages leaving.

While listening to those sounds, Nicole who’s combing my hair called out to me gently.
[Did you not feel hastened?]

[I had a basket brought here even before it’s started. Mother and the others seemed to be really busy, though.]
In the afternoon the entrance hall was filled with flowers.

More than the beauty of the flowers, I remember Mother’s appearance who was busy writing a not so small amount of “Thank you” letters.

There were also some people who wanted to meet me, but I’d like to refrain from that.

It would be better to meet with guests only after I’ve managed to at least go out.
[….Were you not lonely at least?]

With that sudden question, I looked up at Nicole.
[Even though your family is gathered in there, you’re staying here all alone as if in a age…]

[Weren’t you here with me, Nicole?]

[That’s… You’re right, but.]
It felt heavy when it’s said at this moment.

the only memories I’ve ever had were the one’s I remembered while staying in bed and the memories from outside I have experienced only just recently.

And I also know that my family is concerned about me.

Because I know that they treasure so, so much that I don’t feel any complaints.

Although I am dissatisfied with being treated as a kid.

And it can’t really be said that I’m alone.
[If I’m really alone then I might feel really depressed, though. When I see Nicole panting that much, I don’t feel lonely at all, you know?]

Although I can’t see Nicole’s expression on my back, but I feel that he’s making an embarrassed expression.

Must be because he’s not used to being teased, his reactions are refreshing.
[Ah, it seems that the last guest has gone home.]

[Can you tell each person apart?]

[When I will it, I can. I can only see them roughly for now, though.]

[Sheryl-sama’s powers are really outstanding, aren’t they?]

[And they feel good, right?]

[….Please don’t tease me.]
While I was laughing, the door in my room opened widely.
[Shery! I’ve made you feel lonely, haven’t I!]

[Master, please be quiet.]
Father who ignored Nicole’s warning walked straight to me and held me up.

His cheek that’s rubbing at me forcefully is very annoying.
[Ooh, our princess today looks cute as we…Buhah!]
I reflexively hit his face.

Is it on purpose? Are you saying he did it on purpose?
[I am a man. And I’m not even cute.]

[I see, I see.]
Kuuh, he’s not listening at all.

When he saw me wrinkle my brows, Father’s love-showering continued.

As I though, I have to borrow mother’s power for this.

I want to stop him from crushing my cheeks, but my strength is just lacking…
[Dad, if you push it too far then you’ll be hated.]

[What, that was fast.]

[….Have you taken a bath already?]
When I look at my brother — I can see from from the corner of my eyes even while being held​ up by Father that he’s wearing his sleepwear neatly.
[I’ve lightly washed all the sweat  and smell out. I’d really like it if they give me a break on those strong-scented perfumes.]

[That just means that a lot of ladies are interested to talk to you.]

[There were also ladies whose age were above mine, though…]
Hmm, I thought the they only invited those who’re close to the family, it seems others were also invited.

Indeed, if he enters the room with a strong scent of perfume, Nicole would’ve chased him out.

Big Brother’s decision was right on the mark.
[Since I will be here for a while, shall we sleep together?]
Big Brother approached me with his own pillow while laughing.

Didn’t he mean “Today, too”?
[Are you going to sleep with Father tomorrow, then?]

[I’d like to pass on that.]
Why’re you competing against my brother?

He must’ve been hurt because of my instant reply as he started to sulk.
[Isn’t it fine to sleep with your father every once in a while?]

[Just the two of us?]
That’s a bit……To sleep with Father at this age is just……
[It’s fine to sleep on your parents’ room and us three can sleep together. Your mother will certainly be happy.]

[You can do that even without me here, can’t you?]

[If you’re not here then I won’t be able to show off!]
That’s why, why are you competing against Big Brother?!

If the three of us are going to sleep together, then sleeping with four people is fine, isn’t it?!

…. The bed won’t hold out, huh.
[Dad, we should notice Sheryl’s white eyes soon.]

[That’s not it, Sheryl! It’s not that Father is jealous of your closeness with your brother, okay?!]

[Father, it should be about time for you to please put me down.]

[Is Sheryl in your rebellious age!?]
Just what are you saying when you just held me up without asking anything?

When I repeatedly tapped on Father’s chest, he reluctantly put me down on top of the bed.

Nicole immediately fixed the disordered clothes.
[My oh my, while I was busy talking to Walt about the thank you gifts, you’ve been doing something fun here.]
Following the voice, we looked and the entrance and saw Mother standing by the door carrying a lamp while smiling.
I did not miss Father’s flinching shoulders.
[I’m fine, you know? I’ve been so busy these past few days and didn’t have enough time to spend with Sheryl, but I’m fine, you know? Even when I’m not around, you can meet our cute son when you miss him, can’t you? No matter what happens you just want to get ahead, don’t you?]
Even though she should be smiling, I can only see a Han’nya behind her.

My brother moved casually to the corner of the room so that I could not get into Mother’s sight casually as I escaped from reality.

Father vocalized.
[N, no way. I never had any intention of leaving you behind, you know?]

[Fufufu, without forgetting this situation?]

[Nonono way!]
You’re trying too hard, Father. Just please hurry up and get hit by Mother already.

That way, it should be quickly settled.

However, Father isn’t letting mother approach him. Instead, he’s repeatedly backing off.

Can’t be helped….should I lend a hand? I gave Nicole an eye contact. (??)
[Mother, you’ve worked hard. How about taking a breather here?]

[Oh my, Sheryl, won’t I be a nuisance?]

[I have never thought of mother as a nuisance.]
While laughing, when I gestured my hands to the chair next to the bed where Mother has always sat on, Nicole brings warm tea brewed at the same time.

A pot with a fire attribute magic stone is an excellent thing that boils hot water on the spot.

Fresh water was always secured next to the bed so that I could drink it at any time.
[My, thank you, Nicole…… Huu, I’ve finally managed to sit down.]

[Could it be that you’ve been standing the whole time since lunch?]

[ Because there were a lot of things to be done here and there. And a certain someone wen somewhere and abandoned me. Oh, Jule, what’s wrong? For the main lead of the party to stay in the corner of the room.]

We’re trying to run away from Mother’s wrath, is something nobody said.

[Nicole, give me tea, too.]

[Can you drink it?]

[…. Isn’t your treatment to me too harsh?]

[Because it’s also Father, Big Brother is not the only one.]

[What about that?]

[Because I am Sheryl-sama’s servant, I am only strict to those who ignore Sheryl-sama’s health.]
While saying so, Nicole started preparing for two more portions of tea.

The order of serving tea might be weird, but since  Mother is the Boss of the house, it’s fine. It can’t be helped that Father is the last in line.

Each one received their tea and other than Mother, everybody else stays at the bottom of the bed.

This is basically how our family gathers together.

There’s no gloomy atmosphere in the room and everyone merrily laughs while conversing.
–That’s why nobody would’ve thought that tonight might have been my death anniversary.
I think I’ve overcome the first wall.

Now then, I wonder if I will be able to turn around fate’s decision for me.
How about the heroine from the game. If it’s in the game, at the same time Big Brother entered his third year in highschool, she should have simultaneously enrolled.

As for me, If Big Brother should live in sadness, then I wouldn’t mind if that heroine catches his attention.
But I’ve been constantly praying that the scenarios in the game does not happen in real life.