Otome Game Chapter 3 Part 2

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[That’s because I’m aiming to be a magic knight, so it’s fine! Because long hair is a minority among the knights. But Sheryl is different, right? It’s fine if it’s in the way but you don’t really have to cut it to that extent, right?]

[N~ But I’m also concerned about that Mana thing……Once it’s cut, it might also turn to look like Walt-san’s though.

[That’s the part you’re most concerned about?!]

[Or it might really match with Nicole in the end.]

[There’s really no need to have matching looks with the Cadir Family, is there?!]

[I’ve already decided. Because mother will keep the hair as a memento, isn’t it fine?]


It was very hard to convince my parents, too. So I ended up mentioning about making the cut hair as a keepsake.

However, Big Brother wouldn’t budge.


[Even though it suits you…]

[Will you not like me with short hair?]

[That’s not it, but……It’s such a waste……」

[It’s going to grow again.]


I don’t know to what extent, though.

My brother covered his face with both his hands upon hearing my nonchalant reply.

Is it to that extent?

Hair might be important to girls, but I’m a man.


[Uuu, my cute Sheryl has…]

[I’m fine not being cute.]


If you’re a man, you must want to look cool. Even though Father and Big Brother both look so manly, why is it only me?!

I ended sighing a bit.


[That’s what’s making you cute, but you probably have no idea, right?]



While laughing, Big Brother lightly met our lips together.

 ……Isn’t this way over the boundary of skinship?

When I accidentally looked at Nicole, although his mouth is a smile, I can see his cheeks twitching.


So it’s not normal, after all!


Meanwhile, Big Brother is raining kisses on my hair, cheeks, and face.

I covered him with my hand.


[Big Brother, I’m no longer a child so doing this sort of thing is..]

[Does Sheryl hate being kissed?]


Is the problem whether I like it or not?

Also, it seems that he’s used to doing it…


[….So Big Brother has learned how to be a playboy, huh.]

[That’s no…?! Wait, Sheryl, I might have done this and that, but I’m not a player!]


Even though you were doing so familiarly, it’s so obvious.

I naturally evaded my eyes.


[I understand that you love me dearly, however, if other people sees it then they’ll misunderstand.]

[Your ethics will be doubted.]



Big Brother looked like he’s shot by lightning with Nicole’s retort.

But Nicole isn’t losing, either.


[It is not good for Sheryl-sama’s emotional education.]


I don’t think Nicole has any right to say that.


[It’s not like it’s bad to show my love, right?!]

[In Big Brother’s case, what you’re doing to who knows how many people is the problem.]

[That’ not it!!! Sheryl is an exception!!!]

[You mean your feelings for the others are shallow? Aren’t you playing with them, after all?]



While waiting for our mother to call us for lunch, I was enjoying myself teasing my brother.

It’s not that I really believe what I’m accusing him, okay?




The Ron Arras country where I live is often called “the country of the magician” because it has many magical qualities and puts emphasis on magician education in the national policy.


It flourishes in the basin surrounded by the mountains, and this seasonal country is almost peaceful. There’s no war happening around the border, and if there is, at most is a clash with a small group of demons.


The magicians brought up in the country are dispatched to the suppression of demons and to disaster areas, and to other countries if requested by allies.

As expected, Ron’Ares Kingdom is an amazing country.


The secondary academic research institute(Middle school) and the higher academic research institute(High school) are operated under the jurisdiction of the country and eventually the magic agency.

Both places are created to study and learn magic, and most of those who graduates from the middle school would always choose to enroll in high school.


Entrance and advancement are basically mandated by magical powers and written exams, and age and status are irrelevant.

Basically, being a graduate from the higher department is a rite of passage of the aristocrat and it can not be said that there is no entrance to the back door. I heard Mother talking with someone about it.

Because we don’t have enough money to pay for such backhanded method, Big Brother was able to enter the school with his own abilities.


It is said that the amount of mana for using magic is inherited.

It’s just that, the higher the parents’ Mana capacity, the harder it is to conceive, and vice versa. Mine is probably more than my parents.


It may be the darkness of this country that a person who has a lot of mana stands out in the aristocracy whose royal family is the lead.

I do not know whether it is a mutation or a genetic divergence, but rarely even people who have enormous mana appear in common people.

And those common people who are discovered to have such are invited by the nobles for adoption, that’s why nobles continue to have high Mana capacity.

Will there be a problem arising due to that issue?


My health has improved and my time to stay awake has grown longer so I decided to focus on studying. Compared to the lessons on my previous life, studying in this world sure is fun.

Also, contributing to finding a cure for the Dreaming Illness has become one of my dreams.


It seems that in the recent years, the number of patients for the illness has increased.

That is especially true for the nobles.

Amongst all of them, me showing signs of recovery is a good sign. But in reality, both Bellom-sensei and I don’t think so.

Although if my way of recovery could be done by other people, that would be good.


[Ah, ah…. huff…. Shery-sama, over there is…]


[Aah! You can’t,  don’t move it…. yahah..ah..]

On top of his shirt, so as to avoid touching him, I moved my hand from his chest and lightly brushed past it.

When I was moving my hand, Nicole, who’s ended  up kneeling on top of the bed let out a low moan.


[Kufuuu… nguu…]

[Nicole sure is sensitive, huh.]

[You’re wro… Ahh, ahh..]


It’s really not very convincing when he’s shaking his head while trying to move himself away from pleasure.

I would be troubled if he disturbs me so I told Nicole to stop moving his hands.

Nicole’s face has turned red while clenching his shirt.

His brown skin dripping with sweat and feverish face looks really erotic.


[Nng… haa… ah, ah..]

[Fufu… your drool is leaking.]

Does it feel that good?

At my words, Nicole tried to close his mouth but that’s just useless. When I move my hands again then he’ll just end up opening his mouth again.


[Hyuuu.. Sheryl-sama…Alrea… n..]

[Not yet.]


Seriously speaking, doing ecchi things isn’t really the goal.

Since I started being able to control Mana consciously, I’ve also become able to use magic.

While releasing Mana for detection, I found three masses of Mana outside of his body.

I thought that I could do something more and thought of experimenting with my own mana to see if I could influence people’s mana.

The result is, this.


[Ah, ah,ah! Ya, my nipples, I feel…!]

[Yeah, I’m planning on taking it out from here.]


While turning the fingertips where I’m releasing Mana from, I try to guide Nicole’s Mana to his nipples.

It will be successful if I can induce induced mana out from his body.

It doesn’t really matter whichever part of the body the discharge comes from, but the easier the place to imagine, the better, isn’t it?


[Noo~… If you, let it, out… I’ll… turn weird! Even now, already…!]


He’s begging me with teary eyes.

Even though the dinner party began and everybody is gathered there, it can not be said that nobody is going to come, so it seems I need to hurry up a bit.

Oh well, I’m anticipating that no one is coming so I initiated this situation.

Because it’s my third time experimenting, Nicole’s pants’ buttons have been undone and his underwear is peeping from it. The center part of the undergarment was already wet with the liquid which has leaked earlier.


[There’s no meaning to this experiment if I don’t get it out. I’ll be fine, definitely.]


Since I am manipulating Nicole’s Mana through mine, it is a given that Nicole’s mana flow will return to normal if I stop the operation.



[It’s alright, trust me.]


When I smiled while saying so, Nicole couldn’t say anything.

It seems that Nicole is weak to my smile.


[Then, I’ll slowly take it out, okay?]


In order to prevent its flow to gush out, I slowly guided Nicole’s Mana out little by little.

As if tracing the areola, and then back to the top.

Nicole seemed to have felt the movement of mana as pleasure as if the place was directly connected with the lower body.


[Ah! Ah! Kuhh…uh…a, aah! Yah, I’m, scared, of letting it out…uh…Aaa~!] (TN: phew…)

At the same time I took out the Mana from Nicole’s body, the essence he’s been holding in within his

lower body was also released.

After he arched his body and soiled his underwear, Nicole’s powerless body has turned soft.  




When dragging the Mana out of them, I wonder how the others would feel?

There must be a lingering sensation as Nicole is still panting a little.

While looking at Nicole’s appearance, he looks as if he’s been sexually stimulated.

I pulled the Mana which is still connected to Nicole’s nipples.



[Did it felt good?]

[Ch…ah…yesh..ah! You can’t, please don’t pull it!]

Nicole who saw the still connected Mana made a face as if he’s gonna cry.

I feel like the me who felt that it’s fun seems to be already hopeless.


[Are you still feeling it? Or is it that Nicole has always always been sensitive in your chest?]

[Hu… uu… Sheryl-sama… Please don’t tease me.]

[I’m sorry. It’s just that you’re responding too much.]


I ended up getting carried away.

Because it takes too much time and people might really come, I’ll just leave it at this for now.

As soon I stopped controlling it, the Mana connected to Nicole’s body scattered.

I have also confirmed that the flow within the other party has gone back to normal.


[Do you have an extra underwear prepared?]

[Yes…. I will excuse myself for a bit.]


I wondered if he’s calmed down as Nicole started getting changed in a corner I couldn’t see.

I can only hear the shuffling sound.