Otome Game Chapter 3 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
Chapter Three


[Welcome home, Big Brother.]

[!!!… I’m back, Sheryl! I’m back!]


Big Brother hugged me on my wheelchair when I welcomed him at the entrance.

Of course, Father also did the same and since I can’t do anything about it, Mother hastily helped me.

On that note, Big Brother did control his strength so I didn’t feel suffocated.


[Although I’ve heard of your progress from the letter, are you really alright?]

[Yes. Although I still find it difficult to walk around.]


Just as Bellom-sensei predicted, I was able to successfully gather Mana outside my body.

I was also able to activate magic with it, improving my physical health visibly.

I’ll just close my mouth about the festival-like reaction when I was able to finally do some magic. Mother still hasn’t gone crazy.

Thanks to that, starting from when I just got out of bed to my start of speech training, all my worries were gone.  

It’s just that I don’t have the endurance yet so I still can’t leave the house.


[I’m glad… I really glad…]


He had a tearful voice while stroking my head as I patted his back. My brother’s body, which has been growing steadily, has now almost caught up to Father and looks like an adult.

Even though he always comes home every holiday, it still feels like it’s been a long time.

While I was immersed in my feelings about my brother’s reunion, there’s a presence approaching.


[Jule-sama, how could you selfishly start touching Sheryl-sama with those dirty hands of yours without them?]

[Geh, Walt.]

[You also haven’t washed your mouth, yet……We can’t have that, can we?]

[I’m going!]


Upon the butler grandpa’s appearance, Big Brother dashed to the washroom like the wind.

I felt a little lonely when his warmth disappeared.


[Sheryl-sama, too, please take care. Nicole, for this to happen while you’re around, what does this mean?]

[….I’m sorry.]

[Uhmm… I’m sorry.]


Nicole must’ve missed the chance because Big Brother did it so quickly. It’s the same with my father, too.

I wanted to defend him but with grandpa’s sharp glare, I lost my courage and apologized.


[There is nothing that Sheryl-sama has to apologize for! Everything was because of my lack of attention!]

[That’s right! Everything is Nicole’s fault!]

[Jule-sama should reflect the most!]



When Big Brother unknowingly returned and got full of himself, he got reprimanded by Grandpa.

Although he should be aware that he’ll get warned when he’d say that… Did he do that on purpose?

I let out a bitter smile because of the heavy atmosphere.

[Because Madam is also busy today, please don’t cause so much trouble.]


[Make your replies short.]


Just like that, Big Brother got an earful from Grandpa.

Just right after Big Brother came home, the house has gotten lively.

Just when I wonder whether I’d get told, too, Grandpa goes back to his work.


[That’s right, Big Brother, I completely forgot to tell you. Congratulations on passing another year at school.]

[Thanks! Though it’s too easy for me.]


Big Brother who boasted proudly looked smart and cool.

Today, there will be a dinner party to celebrate Big brother’s advancement to the Higher Academic Research institute in our house.

Because it needs some preparations, Mother who would’ve normally greeted together with me is currently busy. It’s been very busy here in last few days.


[Even if I’m here, I won’t be of much help at all so should we go to my room?]


Before I could answer, I’m already being lifted up.

Technically speaking, it’s the princess carry. (TN:I’ve been typing this term a lot lately.)



[You’re still very light. You must properly eat, got it?]


Carrying me as if I’m weightless, Big Brother walked steadily towards his room.

I was still in a shocked state as I stiffly clung onto him.


[Big Brother, that was too sudden!]

[But isn’t it impossible to climb the stairs on a wheelchair?]

[That might be true, but please say at least a word before doing it!]

[I did say that we’re going to my room, didn’t I?]


Even if you did, I haven’t given my acknowledgement, yet!

While sighing at our situation, Nicole followed behind with my wheelchair.


[This must be the first you’ve come here, right? Have you gone to the second floor’s other rooms?]

[….Father has accompanied me before.]


With Big Brother’s exact same flow of events.

On the second floor, there’s a room where our family portrait is placed. I didn’t buy it.

Oh, Painter, there should be a limit to your imaginations.


[How about the painting…]

[I went, I saw, I got full of it!]

[You were surprised, weren’t you?]



First, I was surprised by the number of paintings. I don’t even want to imagine the cost for all those paintings.

A painting that’s being hanged on one side of the wall was a bit horrifying.

Among all those paintings, mine were the majority……I won’t say any more.


[That’s because you’re this house’s pride!]


[There’s nothing  to be embarrassed about, you know?]

Please be embarrassed about that. Both Father and Mother, too.

They might just want to preserve the memories of me while I’m still alive, so I couldn’t say it out loud…


[And… here we are.]


He’s been carrying me from the living room and when we entered his room, Big Brother sat down on without putting me down and just like that made me sit in his lap.


[Big Brother…?]


[I’m heavy, right?]

[That’s not true at all?]

[……Your feet will go numb.]

[It’s fine, it’s fine.]


It’s useless, he doesn’t want to put me down.

Big Brother’s grinning broadly while patting my head.

In the end, I wasn’t able to separate from my brother.

I’m so glad I learned magic, erasing my worry of dying from Dreaming Illness.

But I can’t let my guard down yet, that’s why I hope I could get some distance from him soon.

Even though I’m no longer at that age where I should sit on other people’s laps……It would probably  be useless even if I told him that, huh.

Sometimes, I think my family is treating me as if my age stopped at three years old.

If not then I won’t be convinced with the way they’re treating me.

Whatever I’d say, they’d just end it with “Sheryl sure is cute~” and that will be humiliating.


[It was written in the letter but, will you really cut your hair?]


Older Brother took a bit of my hair which has fallen in in front of my face.

My hair that had never been cut had reached my thighs.

I answered my brother’s question with a vigorous nod.


[I’ll cut it.]

[No matter what?]

[I’ll cut it.]

[… . Again, why?]


Hair is said to be where Mana accumulates.

That’s why there are lots of magicians who have long hair like Bellom-sensei. Although all of it are just speculations for now.

But with how I see it, is that really the case? It’s about that much.

Although it seems to have nothing to do with Dreaming Illness, but if it’s really accumulated on my hair,  then I’d better cut it, was what I thought.

And the number one reason is…

[…..I only look like a girl.]


[When I finally got out of bed and I saw myself in the mirror, no matter how, I could only see a girl.]


On that day when I was about to check how I really look, a maid knocked on the door with a hand mirror on hand.

I thought that the body lines indicating that I was only bones and skin have disappeared and I thought that I looked a bit presentable now.

The image I saw in the mirror was……a delicate-looking girl with a head full of white hair.


Who the heck is this?


I seriously thought so as I repeatedly checked again in every angle.

What was reflected was me.

There could only be me.

I was told before that I look like my mother, but is it the illness’s fault that I look this much like here?!

Regarding that, I just need to gain muscles was how I consoled myself.

And after that, I just have to cut my hair.


[…There are also girls with short hair, aren’t there?]

[It’s a matter of feelings.]


The man on the past life’s memories also had short hair.

Because there are objects which gather Mana, I can just use those.


[I find it such a waste, though. About how long are you gonna cut from it?]

[I’ll have it cut all the way to my back.]

[…How much?]

[As much as Nicole’s.]


I thought that much is enough as I pointed at Nicole.

In an instant, Big Brother’s expression changed.


[Wait, there’s no need to match it with Nicole’s, right?]

[I’m not really matching it with his, you know? Isn’t Big Brother’s also short?]


Maybe it’s to move easily during physical activities, his hair looks just like a that of a knight’s. Is this what’s called “very short”?