Otome Game CHapter 2 Part 3

Translator: Okubyoukun
Editor    :Fluffthoughts



I’ve never had any visitors since I’m in this condition, Mother said that I couldn’t help how I look, as I am in the middle of recuperation from the Dreaming Illness, even if I compare myself to the prince.
That’s impossible. As I thought,it’s impossible after all, Mother. I sure have extremely outrageous parents, huh.

Or is it that because I look like her, she does not want me to lose when it comes to beauty? Besides, I’m just from the Baron house and comparing myself against a royalty is somewhat worrisome.

Bellom-sama who’s been listening on the side the whole time just laughed, but I really hope nothing disastrous happens.

[Oh, that’s right. I forgot. I’ve brought you the manual to learn magic.]

Before I could even speak, Nicole swiftly and steadily arrived to support me. He’s normally efficient to begin with, though.
[Don’t be so flustered. It’s fine to study but when it comes to practical tests, you must have someone else with you, okay?]

[Oh? Bellom-sama, isn’t Sheryl supposed to be unable to use magic…?]

[That’s right, it’s impossible for the Dreaming Illness patients. But I just thought that it’s possible if it’s Sheryl. He might be able to use magic in a different way.]

[Such a thing is…!]
Ah, this is bad. Mother’s eyes are shining again.

It’s still a matter of possibility!

Please rejoice after I’m able to actually use magic!
[You’re currently discharging Mana consciously, aren’t you? Originally, that’s something the body does unconsciously. But since Sheryl could trace its path, maybe he can control it manually. If you do, you can also accumulate the necessary amount of mana for activating magic outside your body……Although all of these are just my theories.]
I see, even though I have just been releasing  Mana so far…. Should I give it a try?

This may be worth a try. Let’s immediately do it tonight.
[Yes, yes, your eyes are looking good. Since this is the Magic Agency’s summarized research, it’s gonna be more difficult than the normally circulated ones. However, since the specific details have been omitted, it’s perfect for studying from scratch. I thought it’d be more useful to you this way.]

Thank you! I gave a big nod filled with gratitude.

Even while having general knowledge, I’m in a condition where I can’t really do much.

Even if the  difficulty somewhat increases, and if it allows me to apply it to myself, it is better.

I really want to learn how to use magic after all…!
[Aren’t you glad, Sheryl? Mother will also help, so let’s study it together, okay?]

[By the way, didn’t Walt Cadio come here? He’s my fellow researcher from the academy and we used to study together. After graduation, that guy pursued the butler’s path but if you have questions about the basics, he should be able to answer you.]
Goodness, so the Butler Grandpa was a fellow student of the Director?

Huh? Doesn’t the higher academic research institute only accept the ones who are talented in magic……Moreover, he’s the same level as Bellom-sensei.

I wonder why Butler Grandpa became our butler?
[Fufu, although difficult, if it’s a question that he’s studied before, he’ll be able to properly  answer it. There’s no need to be afraid.]
When Mother said while stroking my head, I tried to recall my memories of grandpa.

Looking back at it, I’ve never talked to Butler Grandpa before, have I?

Although I do know where he’s at with the help of Mana. I remember how surprised I was when I saw his Mana emission was greater than Father.

Its atmosphere was definitely… A very quiet feeling.

When my memories went up to there, my eyelids started getting heavier. I wonder if this is due to Mother’s healing touch.
[I seem to have stayed for too long. I’ll leave it up to here for now and see what’s gonna happen in the future.]

[Bellom-sama, thank you for today, too.]

[You don’t need to send me off. Just please look after Sheryl.]

[I thank you for your thoughtful words.]
While Mother was holding me, she gave a bow with just her head.

Nicole lead him out on behalf of my mother.
[Sheryl, you might be curious about the book but let’s rest for now, okay? I will wake you up when dinner’s ready.]
Since I can’t fight even if I try, I put the manual behind my head (literally) and obediently lied down.

If I’m able to use magic, the action itself will automatically release the pent-up Mana inside the body regardless of the amount, helping me recover from the dreaming illness.

For the dreaming illness patients, being able to use magic is such a pleasure.

I unexpectedly woke up and looked around.

It’s probably night now. There’s no light passing through the curtains.

The only company I have is the light from the night.

With the only sound coming from the insects outside, I ended up thinking that I’m in a different world.
After eating dinner, Mother asked me to read the Manual I was given today.

Although I’ve learned about the letters, I could only read simple words so I needed help to study.
But I’m happy with that.

I have a lot to do and it’s still increasing.

I’m able to confirm that I’m alive..

I still have a lot I want to do.
By the way, although the contents of the manual is complicated, with my understanding, I believe it’s gonna be fine.
I don’t know the memory of the past life has appeared. Although it gives me unnecessary information at times, it has made me expand the way I see things.

Speaking of which, I was told by sensei not to try to gather Mana inside my body from the outside.

I got too excited because of the manual that I totally forgot.
I looked at the stars over the wall just under the boundary with the ceiling.

Because the curtains are closed during the night, Big Brother painted them while on Father’s shoulders as a replacement for me who couldn’t see the stars.

Whether he used a white crayon, the stars’ shape looks like the ones I saw in my previous life.
Even if this is a different world, knowledge still remains.

That is whether this place was also created or not.

However, operating Mana requires the use of the mind…

In that sense, I’m really grateful to the knowledge of the past life.
I think about myself gathering Mana.

Is it the same as filling up a cup? But if that’s the case I will need to prepare an additional substance.
While I was wondering what to do, someone got caught in my Mana perception.

Someone’s entering the room. At this time, just who on earth……With this amount of Mana, is it the butler grandpa?
[Oh my, you were still awake……To think that his master’s still awake and he still hasn’t noticed, Nicole still has a lot to learn.]
If Nicole, who’s sleeping next door, wakes up just because I woke up, I’ll be the one who’ll get scared.
[I am observing the surroundings. Because you were always asleep, you wouldn’t know, though.]
… I can’t tell him I saw him through the Mana perception. I was actually asleep. I think explaining that difficult situation is a lot harder the blood’s flow.

Grandpa walks towards me without changing his facial expression while carrying a pitcher.
[If you have awakened, it’s better to get yourself hydrated.]

When I nodded my head, Grandpa helped me up the bed and placed the cup of water in front of my mouth.

Of course, I’m already done with the cloth!

I took a breath after gulping down the water.
[There’s still time before morning. It is fine for you to go back to sleep.]

Although I get it, sleep just doesn’t seem to come.

I would also like to think how to gather Mana.

When the preferences start lining together, I could feel my eyes sway as grandpa lightly patted my chest.

Mother also likes to do this when she’s sending me to sleep.

Although grandpa’s expression remains the same.

Un… will this be effective?

Perhaps I’m weak against other people’s body warmth. When I feel a person’s warmth, my tension immediately plummets down.
[Until you’re asleep, I will stay here by your side.]

Although Mother spoke to me as if I was afraid of him, but I didn’t find him scary with our direct contact just now.

He certainly has a poker face so I guess small children will get scared. Because he’s Nicole’s grandfather, he’s also a looker which is just too much.

With his white hair falling straight to his waist I’ll acknowledge that he’s old, but he looks like he’s younger than his real age.

While thinking that he has the same color as me, I fell asleep.
Within the darkness of my consciousness, as I was thinking about a cup filled with water…


After falling asleep, I entered the sea of memories while thinking how to gather Mana.

If only I could recover from the dreaming illness, I won’t have to distance myself from my brother.

As expected, it would be a pain to always stick together so I’ll gradually keep a safe distance.
How about treating the gathering Mana as if I was pouring water into a cup?
In this world, there’s an item called magic stone where we store Mana in it.

Those without mana are colorless and transparent, and the color changes according to the attributes of mana that can be stored.

Just like how magic stones near the volcanoes are red in color because the are filled with fire attribute and so on.

And in particular, magic stone mined in places without fixed attributes has less mana content and many colorless ones.
Common magic stones were mainly used as fuel for lamps and used both at home and in public facilities.

Even among manastones, rare ones with a high mana content can be used for attack magic, so the country seems to be managing it.
Since the magic stone itself does not suck mana, I have no choice but to gather it myself, but it seems the quickest way is to use the colorless ones.
But then, it would be useless.
Once it’s stored inside the stone, the Mana would be cut off from and will turn into “the magic stone’s Mana” instead of mine.

But with just using the Mana on the magic stone, my Mana won’t be converted to magic.
To store the Mana inside my while being linked… I see, it’s to “bind” it!

To be precise, it’s a thread.

I wonder if I can discharge Mana like threads and instead of letting it flow out freely, I’ll do it just like how silkworms spit out threads.
And then I’ll spin them into a cloth……No, rather than a cloth, would a ball be better? Just like the description, I am spinning Mana thread into a ball of Mana.
Yeah, let’s try it with this image.
While also searching for Mana, I started spinning my own  into a ball little by little.

I make an image of Mana coming out from my ten fingers as threads

as if searching for it. (?)

I took my time inside the sea of memories to prevent the making of the Mana thread from scattering.