Otome Game Chapter 2 Part 1


It seems that a person who loves his brother so much like my older brother is called a “Brocon”.
Just to what extent is he being a brocon, first of all, he’s not leaving from my side. He tried to accompany me to the bathroom so Nicole had to stop him.
I thought that it won’t be good at this rate, so I tried distancing myself from him a number of times but…

[What’s wrong? Are you hurting somewhere?]

When I release a weak voice unintentionally, they’d suspect that my health has worsened, and even when I try to free my body, they’d still take it as if I’m hurting and they’d worry some more. (TN: Whew… this is hard)

I can’t speak what I want to say because I’m not even able to say a word.
I tried telling him through hand gestures, but maybe because we’ve been too close lately, I couldn’t do it well, simply leaving my in frustration.

[Recently, you seem to be wanting to stretch your arms, huh. Still, don’t force yourself, ok? If there’s something you want to do, I’ll do it for you.] (TN: “something”. uhehehe)

Our mother has been smiling while looking at my brother and I stick together, but Nicole’s daily rhythm seems to be disturbed, there’s an impression of a vien throbbing in his temple.
Even when he was back at the dorm, he used to write letters every single day……Honestly, I can’t figure out a way to get him away from me.
In the meantime, I must get back my strength and be able to speak easily, that is my goal.

[Sheryl-sama, how about here?]

I shook my head, indicating that it’s fine.
When I was able to conciously release Mana, I have never suffered from any major pain.
I can also freely use Mana even while inside the sea of memories, which even I think is amazing.
Gradually, my health is getting better and I’m able to communicate a little with everyone, so I feel that everyone’s smile has increased.

And now, in front of me are different types of ingredients.
Food with high Mana content will aggravate(?) the Dreaming Illness so they’re properly sorting those.
It was discovered that I could tell accurately how much Mana I have inside my body two days ago.
After sorting out the ingredients, this time we’re waiting to confirm on the cooking method.

[Shina’s(it’s probably a fruit) essense is no good. Should we stop here for now? Because a lot of materials have been prepared, Bellom-sama will be delighted as well.

Probably because I haven’t raised my voice in a long time, my voice didn’t sound quite right. (?) (TN:  言葉を発しない日々が多かったせいか、まだ上手く呂律が回らない。 I’m completely lost. Please don’t ask me where I got what I wrote donw. :'( )
Although I can only nod my head as a form of conversation, but I was genuinely glad that the materials have increased that a smile floated from my face.
Although it’s not for certain that it’s gonna go well with the Dreaming Illness.
Nicole also look as if he’s about to smile as he’s taking care of the ingredients.

Apparently, other people seems to have no idea of the exact amount of Mana they possess.
When I asked how much Mana the ingredients have, it is said that even high-levelled magcians are not able to tell.
Is this due to me becoming conscious about the flow of Mana from the memory of the previous life?
I strongly believe that it will become the first step to find a cure for diseases rooted in this world by selecting food ingredients at least.

Now, I can properly release my Mana and my physical condition improved somewhat, which I believe to be because of “His” so-called past life.
Because other people are unable to obtain what I have, I’d like to do what I can with all my best.

[I hear that Bellom-sama will be visiting again soon. Lately, since his condition has been well so I hope they’d be able to talk a lot]
[You’re right.]

Odilon Bellom.
The Sensei who’s looking after my Dreaming Illness, was a secretary of state magic agency.
As the name implies, the Magistrate Agency is a government agency that gathers magicians and is undertaking magical research at the same time.

As the top brass of the agency, I wondered why he’s personally looking after my illness as even though I’m a noble’s descendant, I’m on the lower class. It appears that of all the patients with the congenital type of Dreaming Illness, I’m the only who lasted the longest..
If I continue to live even longer, it will become a record.

When Bellom-sensei who visited me in order to have my brother return to the dorm saw me in a lively condition, he was shocked.
Even though these words are horrible, but he seriously thought that I would be hopeless this time around. That’s how my condition was.
From there, I was asked how I was able to recover, then I explained to him how I released my Mana. I am one who does not have enough endurance to continuosly speak for long. I took a long time, but Sensei listened patiently to my explanation.
As expected, I couldn’t tell them about the Chinese part, so I changed the “flow of ki”(energy) to “flow of chi”(blood). (TN: It seems I made a mistake in the previous chapter. Sorry.)
Even so, as I’m currently bedridden, while Sensei kept praising me for how I was able to come to such ideas and my mother on the side repeatedly saying “My child is such a genius!”, I could only shrink myself on my bed.
Because it requires fine control of the imaginatio to control magic, I would’ve become an outstanding magician if only not for the Dreaming Illness, or so Sensei kept on saying.
I wonder if it’s sad for me to be able to release Mana but unable to produce magic?

[Sheryl-sama, can you handle a massage before the meal?]

This routine also started just recently. I nod my head signaling Nicole to continue.
Even though it’s called a meal, it’s still just liquid food, and I had Nicole massage me to relax the muscles for easy digestion.

Maybe because the Mana used to be accumulated inside my body, a lot of pain used to shoot up just from being touched, but thanks to the continuous discharge, not a lot of pain comes while being massaged.

Even still, it hurts a lot depending on the place so I gradually on from where I can tolerate the most.

[Well then, please excuse me.]

Nicole unbuttons my sleepwear.
Nicole, with his dark-brown skin and black eyes, seemed mature to me.
His hair flowing down from his neck was glossy and shiny, and seeing his eyelashes up close, they were also long and black, which I thought was only natural. (Because his hair is black… .)

[Please tell me if you feel cold.]

He took out my arm from my sleepwear and started massaging my shoulder.
Anyway, my body is gradually getting warmer so there’s no way I’ll get cold.
Every time I see my arms which are as thin as a branch, my courage to look at the mirror disappears.
The cheeks on my face also probably lacks some meat, however, it should not be to the extent where my bones would be clearly visible.
It’s a bit sad to be unable to look at your own face, isn’t it?

[Does it hurt anywhere?]

With his hands covered in oil, Nicole stroked my arms.
The touch which could only be counted as a brush, gave me a ticklish feeling.
With such a comfortable feeling of being stroked, my eyes slowly closed.

What should I do when I become able to move? In the mean time, I would like to go out to the garden and watch the flowers while inhaling the air outside.

Even while I was continuously discharged Mana from my fingertips, Nicole didn’t mind when his hand went down to my hand.
I must’ve gotten used to it and put my guard down.

[I’m sorry!]

A sharp pain ran throughout my body after a long time.
Even if it was for a moment, Nicole’s face looked like he was about to cry.
I want to say that I’m fine.
However, my mouth won’t move right after the word “It’s”.
I was frustrated, but I somehow managed to give a smile as I stretched my finger to his cheek.
When I tried to stroke an outline(?), he seemed to understand what I mean.

[I’m sorry.]

As he talked, he placed my fingers into his lips.
What for?

[N…If it’s like this, does it still hurt?] (TN: Woah, this guy knows his thing….)

Uhmm, did he mean to ask which causes more stimulation, the lips or the fingers?
[Uhh… uhmm… N..]
Whether he understood from my reaction that it didn’t hurt, he continued to stimulate them.
Even I don’t know if it’s necessary to continue the massage at this point.
When our eyes meet occasionally everytime he checks how I was doing, Nicole’s cheeks would start to turn red.

It’s more embarrassing for me who’s looking up at you…!

I unconsciously started using my Mana to search for anyone approaching the room. The Mana is already in its release mode so even when I don’t activate it, I would still notice when someone comes.


Finally, lip sounds are coming out!
Must be due to the oil covering his hands a while back, Nicole’s lips are shining. Between the gaps is a red tongue.
The wetness I’m feeling must be my imagination, right?

[Chuu… chuu…N..]

My fingers went in.


Inside Nicole’s mouth. (TN: I originally planned to stop here because my eyes started getting heavy… But for the sake of earlier smut(not so much) exposure.. here we are…)

My fingertips are being wrapped in something moist and warm.

[N…n… *slurp*]

I’m being licked. My fingers are being eaten and licked.. (TN: He’s saying this in a polite manner. Too bad i still don’t have the ability to showcase it’s humour in english… demo gambarimasu! <- like this.)

[Wa… Nn… chuu.. chuu…]

I can feel the heat from his breath being exhaled.
The moisty black eyes saw me.

[Ah… Hahhh.. haa…ngh..]


Eh? What? A “finger bj?” ……I don’t have such information!
I hate the memories of the past life that answered me heartlessly.
It’s totally turned into a “finger bj”, but where’s the switch?

[Chuu.. kuchuu.. ngh.. nngh…]

Without minding my reaction, Nicole took in the third finger and started sucking on it!
While he was sucking, he started licking and rolling his tongue over my fingers.
At the same time I looked at his hips which’re swaying a little, Nicole noticed my gaze and let out a loud voice.

[Aah… I’m sorry, I just can’t… hold it any longer..]