Otome Game Chapter 18 Part 1


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(Noe’s POV)

The lighting placed on the lectern shines on my face brightly.


When the magic agency discovered and developed a new magic, the conference room used as a place of presentation was not limited to reporters, and people in all sorts of fields were crowded inside.


Towards the atmosphere that’s different from standing on the research lab platform, I took a gulp from the water that has been prepared and took a deep breath again.

After calming my mind, I put my hands on the voice-enhancing magic tool.


[On behalf of the Magic Agency, it is an honor for me to receive this award. There’s just one thing I want everyone to not to forget. That there’s another person who has rendered distinguished service, who was unable to come today.]


To be honest, I don’t understand why I was given an award. He was the one who established the cure for the Dreaming Illness and no one else, I was merely accompanying and assisting him.


However, if I can keep him from getting involved in unnecessary trouble by getting up the stage then it’s fine, I renew my thinking.


When I briefly cut off my speech, I shoot a glance at the lady sitting in the utmost front row.

When she met my gaze, she guiltily looked away. At this moment, I only wish for her to be released from her sorrow.


[And thanks to Lydi (Miwa) Boirmortie, who cooperated in establishing the cure! Without her, the cure wouldn’t have been found. Despite losing a lot of her loved ones, she never stopped moving forward. This achievement is by no means gained by me alone!]


When the trouble that occurred at the high school ended, Bellom-sama immediately headed towards the Boirmortie territory. There, the confirmed truth is full of despair and sadness that the word “tragedy” isn’t enough to express it.

If it was me, in a world where all hope couldn’t be seen, I think I would have given up.


[Once you contract the Dreaming Illness, regretfully, you can’t attain complete recovery. However, the said 100% mortality rate no longer exists! I hereby declare that the Dreaming Illness can now be treated as an ordinary illness that anyone can cope with.]


The applause and cheers arise at the same time, the room is engulfed in enthusiasm.

The reason why the announcement of the illness’ cure caused such a great amount of joy was probably because of the news that the First Prince has contracted the Dreaming Illness.


I wonder if Rafael-kun is visiting his grave about now?


He who was praised as a peerless handsome man and promised to become an exceptional magician decided to relinquish his right to the throne because of what happened in the High School Division.

It was said in the streets that he’s an unfortunate prince, and a lot of plays that made him as the hero have been held a lot.


The person himself laughed through his nose, though.


Once he’s settled down and has time to spare, it may also be good to invite him to watch the play.

Imagining his confident face contort in disgust, I leaked out a laugh.





[Are these flowers as an offering enough?]


I expand the magic formula and created flowers made of ice.


Sheryl discovered the negative and positive properties of Mana.

After that disaster, I learned that the use of magic was involved in it as well.


Because the Dreaming Illness patients have constant emission, by adjusting the Mana inside the body, the Mana that’s being discharged will be equal causing them to be able to use magic.

But in my case, although I’ve become able to use magic, because of the huge amount of Mana I originally hold, I miscalculated and the consumption of Mana could not keep up with it.


[I never thought that I will come to depend on a wheelchair.]


Although I gave up as a candidate for the throne, I still have responsibilities as a royalty.

Because I am busy moving around the country, there’s no way I’d be able to deploy large-scale defensive formations anywhere and use high-level magic several times.


With minimum resistance, I adorn the gravestone with ice flowers.  

The magic Sheryl devised has now spread widely and is highly valued mainly as in-stage productions.

He seriously left his name in a weird area.

And among those, the fact that there are plays using me as the theme, I don’t even want to think about it.


[Should I increase it?]


I somehow got carried away, and when I noticed a garden of ice flowers has been made around the tombstone.


[No matter how much you look at the same viewpoint, you really won’t understand it unless you’re standing on their shoes.]


I didn’t think that the scenes viewed from the wheelchair to be this low.

I never knew just how many people will gather planning to be acquaintances with the one who is at the number one position for the throne.


Now that I’m free of it, it’s not a position I want to regain.

I could only smile at the way Count Duduvan changed his tune/attitude. It was unexpected that it was also there that Serge first went against his father.

Even now, Serge who has decided to remain serving as my bodyguard is probably keeping watch in the vicinity.


[Me thanking you might be out of the blue. But it’s the truth that your existence had cast a stone on the general knowledge until now.]


That’s why I want you to sleep in peace.


[This medal of honor is from me.]


I put the medal on the tombstone.

The family waiting at the back will come collect it later, but well, even if it’s just for appearance’s sake.


[Samuel, your death was by no means in vain.]






After we finished visiting Samuel’s grave, it quickly runs through my mind that the press conference for the settlement of the Dreaming Illness’ cure is about to end.


On the cloudless sky, the sun’s blazing light is dazzling.

Feeling the wind, as I take a step forward while listening to the insects’ cries, this world’s existence was being carved strongly in my heart.


The back of the golden head swaying looks cute, inviting laughter.


[But I never imagined I will have Sheryl push my wheelchair.]

[I’m having fun…. More importantly, do you really not have any plans of returning as a throne candidate?]

[A weak King is not needed.]