Otome Game Chapter 17 Part 3

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017 PART 3


[I completely give up. How about you go on the harem route? But was there ever a negative value?]

[I’m going to refuse that…. Nicole, try holding it.]



I pass over the hand mirror to Nicole who was standing by the side.

If the Karma value changes like it did with me, Nicole’s Karma points should probably be displayed in it.

Sure enough, the numbers changed and Nicole’s Karma value is 0.


What does this mean?


The difference between Nicole’s Karma value of 0 and mine can be seen.

I compared the hypothesis I thought up in Rafael’s room with it.

If my hypothesis is correct, then the Karma value displayed in the mirror is the visualization of the Mana’s nature.

Knowing that the Karma value changes depending on who holds the hand mirror, I stroked my chest in relief.


[You see, Miwa, I’ve always thought that Mana was a single source of energy.]

[What are you talking all of a sudden? Besides, I don’t understand complicated talks.]


Being replied to in that manner, I can only smile bitterly.

But in order to consolidate my thoughts and to explain it to Nicole, I kept on talking.

And I also want Miwa to know her own importance.


[Do you know the principle of how lightning occurs?]

[….Positive and negative electric charge will do something right?]

[That’s right, electricity polarized into positive and negative, the result of neutralizing that polarization, lightning occur. Although in the end it is only the commonly believed theory.]



Probably because magic exists, the science in this world isn’t very well-developed.

It’s because magic can still be activated even without understanding the detailed mechanics. The same performance is being reproduced on the electric appliances as magic tools.


Thunder that appears on the stormy weather, the static electricity generated in winter, all of these are things that occur because the element in the atmosphere is disordered, so it’s commonly believed that Mana had nothing to do with it. In the first place, there’s almost no precedent study regarding Mana.

It’s probably the reason why I couldn’t get closer to the Dreaming Illness’ cure.


[Nature’s mechanism that occurs during lightning hurts the body when it happens with the Mana inside the body. I noticed that there’s also a negative and positive properties in Mana.]


And so I thought, it’s not that Dreaming Illness does not disable discharging but that the Mana produced inside the body leans towards either the positive or the negative property.


[I didn’t feel anything the first time I met Miwa. However, as Miwa’s Karma value accumulates, my body became influenced by the Mana she emits.]


The reason why I’m unaffected by Rafael’s huge emittance of Mana was because a normal person emits it with a normal balance of negative and positive.


[At the beginning of your admittance, wasn’t your Karma value at 0?]

[That’s right, it’s the start of the game after all.]

[Nicole’s number is 0 probably because of the same reason, and when the balance is attained, I believe yours will also become 0.]

[So it has nothing to do with human nature?]

[No, I think it’s related only for Miwa. For Miwa, Karma value is the numerification of human nature and the basis of whether to activate the Dreaming Illness or not.]


As long as the Karma value doesn’t increase, Miwa’s Mana won’t be able to influence her surrounding.

If so, what will happen if it increases?


[I’m think that Miwa can surely change the proportion of her unconsciously discharged Mana’s positive and negative property. And that very proportion is the Karma value. Assuming that the positive property is the Karma value, then the state of her discharged Mana is at 80% positive and 20% negative.]


And if I was influenced by that, my Mana property leans towards the negative side as a Dreaming Illness patient.

I can also probably make a bit of the positive property.

Even if there’s a difference in ratio, it makes me think that there won’t be a problem as long as the ratio is balanced as a whole.


[Supposing that Dreaming Illness patients mostly creates negative Mana, and Miwa is currently discharging a positive property. The pain of the Dreaming Illness is caused by the positive Mana outside the body trying to neutralize the Mana inside the body which consists mostly of negative property, that’s why my physical condition is affected by Miwa’s positive Mana.]


In Noe’s case, the Mana’s balance in his thigh has probably collapsed considerably.

There’s a possibility that the Mana I saw that seemed to have gathered in me was a negative Mana.

My physical condition is getting better by regular treatment, but since the procedure is only a symptomatic treatment, it can be greatly affected by Miwa.


[And perhaps by being basked with excessive positive Mana, a normal person’s body also won’t feel the need for it to make a positive Mana resulting in its scarcity.]


I wonder if Nicole was able to understand my thoughts.

I’d be troubled if he didn’t. I didn’t have any more time.

When I look at Nicole, he, while slowly assimilating with my thoughts, spoke slowly.


[So the reason why Sheryl-sama’s treatment was successful was not because of discharge but because our Mana emission was balanced?]

[That’s what I think. And the more severe the patient, the more, they’re unable to produce the positive property.]


My vision shook for a moment, but I managed to endure it.

As usual, Miwa’s influence is strong.


[But if that’s the case, are the other Dreaming Illness patients unable to influence others? Aren’t they emitting the same way she does?*]

[That’s a good question. Exclusively between the Dreaming Illness patients and Miwa, the amount of Mana they emit is different. I think that there’s no influence from the Dreaming Illness patients to their surrounding. Rafael’s emission has actually decreased drastically after the illness so no one suffered form it.]


Although I had enough to cast magic…. It still not enough to exceed what Miwa emits.

Could it be that balance is also necessary to activate magic? Noe was also able to use magic temporarily after the treatment.

But the first thing that needs to be done is to keep the balance inside the body.

Noe proves that the physical condition improves with it.


[Miwa, I will make you a saint, and not a witch.]

[….Are you telling me to die?]


Why is her way of thinking so dangerous?

Probably because she has experienced a lot of people close to her dying….


[You’re wrong. Nicole, her Mana into the magic stone…. with the suction technique. And with recovery magic, pour the positive Mana into the Dreaming Illness patient. Gradually increase the Mana little by little at the beginning….]

[And the body’s balance will return with that, won’t it? Sheryl-sama? Your complexion is…. Since when did you stop activating magic!?]


It seems Nicole was too focused on what I was saying that he also forgot. How unusual.

I’m sure this conversation will also be helpful to Noe.


[It looks like when I previously collapsed, my magic, has been recklessly used…. I have, no more, Mana stocked outside my body] (TN: When he confused mother nature and let different attributes of flowers bloom.)

[No way! Why didn’t you say anything!?]


If I did, Nicole wouldn’t have let me meet with Miwa.

Nicole picked me up in a hurry.

I could tell the pain was spreading through my entire body.


[Miwa, too, if you don’t listen, it wouldn’t mean…. anything. Miwa, cooperate with us…. if you do, then…]

[I got it! I got it so please go take a rest! Are you stupid!? Please come back when you’re in perfect condition!!!]


What Miwa said was quite plausible.

However, it’s too late if I do that.

Miwa would’ve completely shut her heart out the longer I took my time. If so then the bad end would probably trigger.


It seems to be a bad habit of mine to act as soon as I thought of it.



[We will immediately get away from the research building. It will be alright, Sheryl-sama can operate Mana. You will soon get better.]


Nicole’s words sounded like it was said for himself to hear.

I was also surprised that my voice sounded smaller than I expected.


[The hand mirror….. to other people, also….]

[I understand. You’re saying that I look for someone who has can discharge a lot of positive Mana besides that girl, right?]


I don’t know how long Miwa’s Mana will stay as positive.

If it was caused by her human nature then it wouldn’t be strange if its balance would quickly return.



[It’s fine. It’s going to be fine, Sheryl-sama. Because you’re strong. It’s fine…. Ugh]


Don’t cry, Nicole.


Look, I’m, smiling so──.



*  – I’m guessing it’s about how Miwa’s positive Mana emission and how DI patients has mostly negative Mana which they also emit.




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