Otome Game Chapter 17 Part 1

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[I also like Sheryl.]



My chest feels stuffy upon hearing Rafael’s gentle reply.

To think that these words that were used to be told to me would cause this much pain in my heart.

Did Rafael also feel the same way?


Being told the same word {like} but with a different meaning is painful.


[Fuu…. Ugh….]



I already knew that it’s too late. But I still wanted to tell him.

If only the overflowing tears would also wash away the lingering feelings.


[Sorr…., towards, Rafael…. causing, you trouble…. even though I’m aware of it…. ugh]

[Wait, Sheryl. What are you talking about?]


He wiped my tears with his hand that has gotten a little free.

Still, the tears keep falling one after another.


[Rafa, el, is….. ugh…. towards Lydi, even though, you, like…. her]



As I apologized between sobs ‘Sorry I made you look after me in vain’, Rafael’s voice turns stern.


[Sor, I’m very…. sorry]

[Wait, wait! Sheryl, calm down in the meantime. Aren’t you misunderstanding something?]

[Mis, understanding….?]


When I looked at Rafael as if telling him I don’t understand, he breathed out a sigh.


[First of all, I don’t think of Lydi as anything special.]

[But….. She’s calling your name…. and her words, you believed them….]


That was the most painful part.

Because the fact that Rafael didn’t trust me caused my vision to turn dark.


Ahー…… Damn, just which part should I start explaining first?]


Rafael gloomily scratched his head, his eyes wandering around.

I can only look at Rafael being like that, but when I noticed, my tears have already disappeared.


[I thought that the culprit who attacked during Samuel’s funeral was Earl Boirmortie. The motive is to prevent you from establishing a to cure the Dreaming Illness.]

[It’s about the treatment?]

[At first, I thought you were attacked for the treatment, but because of the information I received, I thought that that might not be the case. I speculate that the earl has found a method to deliberately awaken the Dreaming Illness. Under such circumstances, he learned that you were able to stop the symptoms of the illness and he probably thought that the research on its cure would progress. And that would be an inconvenience for the Earl.]


It’s an unbelievable thing.

But the truth is that Rafael collapsed because of the Dreaming Illness.


[That method, could it be….]

[It’s Lydi. Did you know that she caused Mana to go berserk in front of the Earl? There’s such a rumor on the information I got.]


It says──,

There’s a witch in the Boirmortie house.

A witch that brings disaster.

Because of the witch, everyone died.


[The cause of death was the Dreaming Illness?]

[Most probably. But when we inquired for her records at the Training Facility while she was still under their care, we weren’t able to find it. However, at the same time, I also found out that about ten people have died in Earl Boirmortie’s territory with the cause of death being the same as the Dreaming Illness’ symptoms.]


To the best of my knowledge, that is something impossible.

Although the number of patients is increasing, it’s different from an epidemic.

The life expectancy of patients with Dreaming Illness depends greatly on personal vitality and physical strength. It’s only natural that people differ from one person to another, and if it occurs in the same period, only group suicide could be considered.


[It looked like the Earl also wanted to hide it, but if the cause of death is suspected to be the Dreaming Illness, it will be reported to the Magic Agency. Bellom-sensei was thoroughly collecting various information in order to learn about the spread of the illness. The moment the Earl wanted to wrap it in his hands, it was already too late.]

[Bellom-sensei did?]


[I was about to go on-site to check the facts. I was interrupted because I collapsed, though.]


The hypothesis that Lydi causing the Mana to run out of control caused the Dreaming Illness to occur leads to the fact that Raphael and I collapsed.

If that’s true, then….


[The Earl probably planned to use Lydi to artificially induce Dreaming Illness. I don’t know the reason, but I approached Lydi to his true intentions.]


‘That’s why you misunderstood.’ Rafael said while laughing.

He also said that he wanted to hide it from me.



[You hate barging bargaining with the noble society, don’t you? I thought you disliked getting into Lydi’s good side to use her so I kept quiet. Although, I am now regretting it because you ended up misunderstanding me. Even though I like your crying face, I never wanted to see you with this pained expression. I’m sorry.]


Rafael’s hand caresses my cheek like usual.

I wanted to feel that warmth so bad, I closed my eyes.


[The reason you called yourself a coward is because of this?]

[That’s right. Since I’ve talked this much then I will be frank…. I am willing to use other’s goodwill if needed. There might even be something that could harm the other person. I think it’s difficult for you to accept such a thing. But I want you to be aware of something. Sheryl, I love you.]



I raised my eyes and stared at Rafael’s amethyst pupils.

I have been living in a gentle world, always being protected.

But behind are definitely some people who think and act the same as Rafael.

Do I have the right to show contempt for such people?


[Even I don’t want to always be protected. For that purpose, I think it’s necessary to face each other. That’s why, thank you for telling me this…. I also love Rafael.]


We put all our feelings on our naturally overlapping lips.

In the end, I’m the one who didn’t trust Rafael with my all. (TN: It’s really misleading so it can’t really be helped that he’s misunderstood. :/ )

I’m frustrated of myself for getting led on by her words.

Furthermore, to be affected by her Mana.


….. Be affected?


Rafael’s and her Mana emissions shouldn’t be that different.

Besides, when she was talking to me, there weren’t any signs of Mana running out of control.


I remember that time when I also collapsed in front of Noe’s lab.

At that time, Noe looked like he was about to fall, too…. were we already affected then, Noe and I?


If so then the only thing I can think of is that Rafael’s Mana emission and hers are different in nature.


Suddenly, for some reason, the lightning that’s occurring outside the window passed through my mind.


[Mn, Rafae… ugh… hang o, wait!]

[I won’t allow you to say no at this stage.]

[You’re wrong, I, I must go see Lydi!]



I pull away from his tongue that’s trying to invade inside my mouth, and I raise my body up.

I must confirm it to her.

I got off Rafael and raised from the bed while still feeling anxious.


[Wait, Sheryl. What do you mean?]

[She will definitely make Rafael worse, so don’t you ever come!]

[Hey! Damn it, someone hurry and get me out of this restraining clothes!]


Although his arms are free, the majority of Rafael’s body is still restrained as I quickly leave the room.

As if to replace me, the maid who heard Rafael’s anger hurriedly entered the room.


[Sheryl-sama, is something the matter?]

[I want to go to where Lydi is. Before that, Camille and Serge, I have a favor to ask of you.]


I called the two who have been waiting by Rafael’s room. They look at me with an apologetic look


[We’re sorry, Sheryl, about that thing back in the classroom.]

[It’s fine, I don’t mind. More importantly, I’d like you to stop Rafael if ever he tried to leave the room. His life is at stake at this. Can I ask this of you?]

[Understood, we will stop Rafael-sama with all we’ve got.]

[Please leave it to us.]


With the two’s nod, I sit down on the wheelchair Nicole prepared.

When I sat down, Nicole pushed the wheelchair without hesitation.


[Do you know the place?]

[Yes, she seems to be isolated(quarantined?) at the research building.]

[She’s being isolated?]

[Bellom-sama seems to consider her dangerous…. will it be alright?]

[It might not be alright.]


To my reply, Nicole stopped moving.

I bitterly smiled towards his obvious reaction.


[If her influence increases, the people around her may collapse like Rafael did. That’s why we need to clear out people.]

[Isn’t it unnecessary for Sheryl-sama to go?]

[There’s something only I can do. Besides, I have a way to deal with it. Nicole, it’s an urgent matter.]


Seeing the urgent expression on my face, Nicole got caught in himself for a bit but followed my instructions in the end.


[Is Noe inside the research building, too?]

[Yes, Bellom-sama is also there at the present.]

[Got it.]




When we entered the research building, it was quiet inside.

In front of the innermost laboratory, there are two soldiers standing guard.

In the meantime, we headed towards Noe’s lab.


[Sheryl-kun, someone who rarely comes here is….]


Noe who saw me stood up.

Bellom-sensei is also inside the room. Noe has definitely heard about the Earl Boirmortie story.

While replying to Noe, I turn my eyes towards Bellom-sensei.


[I’m aware of that. Bellom-sensei, I plan to meet with Lydi.]

[Even if you know that she’s dangerous?]

[Yes. There’s something I want to confirm.]

[Does it have to be you? If you want to ask her something, you can send a soldier instead.]

[I’m sure that I’m the only one who can to her about it.]