Otome Game Chapter 16 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
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I originally wanted to wait until the time for my rehabilitation is almost over, but Nicole will get futily worried.

If I think about it properly, it’s not like we made a promise, and he must have his circumstances.

I’m so embarrassed by my fruitless efforts just to wholeheartedly convey my feelings to him.


This time, I’m going to make an appointment with him and confess.


So I decided but when I entered the classroom, the atmosphere inside is weird.

Rafael and the others are gathered around Lydi’s seat.


[I wonder what’s going on….]


As Welmina spoke in an uneasy voice, Rafael and co. noticed our presence and looked our way. I unconsciously grabbed the armrest of my wheelchair upon seeing the way the looked at me.


[Sheryl, can I have a moment?]


Rafael’s tone was close to a summon rather than a question.

He’s making a difficult face but doesn’t seem angry.

Serge and Camille are also looking at me as if perplexed.

Only Lydi’s head is hanging down so her expression can’t be seen.


[What’s wrong?]


I wonder if the cause of the classroom’s atmosphere is me.

I’m aware that Lydi is avoiding me. Before looking for the reason, I wonder if Lydi has told her problems with me to Rafael?

wonder what made her cornered this far because of me?


[I heard from Lydi that you were mean towards her. That you said you don’t acknowledge the Boirmortie Family. Is that true?] 



I was so surprised by Rafael’s unexpected words that I grew speechless.

Mean? I don’t acknowledge the Boirmortie Family?

Rather than the confused me, it was Welmina’s voice that was heard.


[There’s no way that’s true. Lydi, aren’t you misunderstanding something?]

[I’m sorry, I should have consulted with Will first…. I had the chance to Sheryl with just the two of us, you see….]


I wonder what Lydi is talking about?

I have never talked with her alone. To begin with, the only time I get to be alone is when I go to the washroom.

Welmina’s always with me in school, and other than that, Nicole is with me the whole time.


[Sheryl-kun is scary….]


Lydi said as she shakingly grabbed the sleeve of Rafael’s uniform.


[Oioi, Sheryl, the pretty girl is scared of being glared so don’t look at her like that.]

[I’m not glaring…]

[You are glaring at Lydi, there’s a wrinkle in your eyebrows.]


After being warned by Serge, I noticed that my face has stiffened.

When I stroked my eyebrows with my fingertip, it’s true that there were wrinkles between them.


[Sorry, I just wasn’t able to comprehend what’s going on…. Rafael, do you believe Lydi’s words?]


I didn’t have the leisure to use honorifics to him.

My head is ringing.

Such story, he should be able to tell that it’s a lie without even thinking about it.

But Rafael asked me.

Is it because he’s doubting me?


Am I such an untrustworthy person to him?

To believe Lydi’s words to such an extent, does he have feelings towards her already?


I didn’t want to accept such a fact.

I bite my lips as my vision blurred.


[Just as Bedford had said, I also thought it’s a misunderstanding. But after listening to Lydi’s explanationー ]

[I’m not lying! I don’t have any reason to lie, either. Rafael-kun, you believe me, right?]


Blocking Rafael’s words, Lydi cried.

I couldn’t stand watching the two’s exchange, I mobilized my wheelchair myself.


[Wait Sheryl, where are you going!?] 


Rafael tried to run after me, but Lydi seemed to have held onto him and he couldn’t move.

In that gap, I left the classroom and made the wheelchair move.

There were still students in the hallway, but as I blindly drove my wheelchair, I reached a deserted place.


[I look so stupid….]


I feel like I could hear my own words echoing throughout the unpopulated place.

I covered my face with my trembling hands.


It’s not on the level of fruitless effort.


Rafael has liked Lydi for a long time already and without noticing it, I was planning on confessing my feelings to him.

There should be a limit on how shameless I could get.


[Ugh….. u…..]


Don’t cry.

It’s something I already knew. Sooner or later…. my relationship with Rafael has no future.


Don’t cry, don’t cry, DON’T CRY!


Even if I cry, it’s not gonna solve anything. Even though that’s what  I’m thinking, the tears won’t stop.




I wonder how much time has passed?

I got tired of crying and blankly stared at the wall in front of me.


What will happen from now on?


If Rafael believed her, everybody else would also believe her. Even if it’s a lie.

No matter what I say, no one would probably listen.

By now, Welmina will think it’s the truth and she will probably get disappointed in me.

Even though I didn’t know anything.

Why did Lydi….



[Don’t come here.]


Before I knew it, I have been approached this close.

Rafael was standing in the middle of the corridor a few meters away. Lydi was also there behind him.

Of all the people, these two have come…. If I had known, I would’ve used Mana detection.


[Sheryl, Lydi seems to have something she wants to say. I have reserved an exclusive room, could you like to come with us?]


Don’t talk to me with such a gentle voice now.

The tears that have stopped seemed like it will flow out again.


[I don’t want to.]


[Sheryl-kun, you probably don’t know me that’s why you said such terrible things. Once we talk properly, I’m sure we’ll get to understand each other.]


What is Lydi trying to tell me after calling me this time?

I wanted to stop thinking about Lydi already.


[Please, let me talk to you.]

[After you’re done talking, can you leave me alone?]


When I looked up at Rafael, he seemed to have a hurt expression.

He probably thought that I betrayed him. 

I’m tired of this.

I don’t want to think anymore.


[Yeah. I think the misunderstanding will be solved after this.]

….I got it, I’ll go with you. I’ll definitely follow you properly so can you walk in front?]


]Right now, I don’t want to be near them even for a bit.

I followed after the two have walked a distance ahead.

The reception room is the room Schpudreine had brought me before.


[Rafael-kun, please wait outside.]

[Why? I’m going, too.]

[I’m happy that you’re worried, but I want to trust Sheryl-kun.]

[……Once I feel even the slightest that something suspicious is happening inside, I’m telling you right now that I will immediately enter.]

[Geez, you’re such a worry-wart. You can barge in when that time comes.]


I opened the door myself and entered the drawing room.

Lydi also entered soon after and closed the door.

Lydi turned to face me and she was laughing.

I felt a chill towards Lydi, towards that smile.


[Were you shocked? But come to think of it, isn’t it natural? There’s no way a mob character can win against the heroine, after all.]

[What are you…]


Talking about.

Mob? Heroine? Those are the terms used in my previous life for the game characters.


[Don’t play dumb. Aren’t you also a reincarnated person? The reason doesn’t fit if you aren’t.]


[That’s right, the reason that you’re still alive. You’re supposed to be dead a long time ago but you’re still alive, isn’t that strange? And then it dawned on me, that I’m not the only one who reincarnated in the game.]


{Reincarnation/ Trip} those are the keywords used in my previous life.

Lydi is the same as me….? But her last words gives me a bad feeling.


[You probably used the knowledge from your previous life, right? But too bad. It looks like you’re buttering up Rafael for favors, but he’s crazy for me now. But it’s natural, isn’t it, I’m the heroine after all.]


Hearing from the person calling herself the heroine, I can’t feel the existence of “Lydi”.

It’s as if she’s not Lydi, but a different person speaking.


[Who are you?]

[I am me.]


[That should be the default name. I couldn’t help it, the moment I realize I’m inside the game, I didn’t have the chance to change my name.]


The words she threw out were what was giving me discomfort.

She isn’t aware that she is “Lydi’.

There doesn’t seem to be a mistake that she was also a player like me in the previous life.


[I am troubled, you see? This world and the game are completely different after all. Even so, I still managed to clear the training center will excellent results, but once I enrolled, the capture targets’ settings have completely changed. What are you going to do about it? Because of you, I wasn’t able to capture both Jule and Noe. On the other hand, I managed to capture Rafael easily, though. You must be aware of it as well, it’s unbelievable that I can start calling him by his name at this stage.]


Why did she set up a place to talk with me?

It shouldn’t be just to complain to me. There must be a different objective.

She adjusted her line of sight to match mine while I was lost in thought and smiled.


[That’s why, can you please disappear?]


I gulped.

Even though there’s supposed to be a distance between us inside the room, I can feel her presence near me.


[You don’t need to be afraid. I don’t think it’s disadvantageous for you. I just want you to disappear ── GEEZ, WHAT IS THIS?!]


I shuddered when she suddenly shouted.

Whether I wasn’t breathing properly, my chest hurts.

As she took out a hand mirror, she slid her fingers on its surface.


[Aargh! The Karma points rose again!!! This is also your fault! Even though I’m choosing the right lines according to the game, but because of your existence, the Karma points have increased in a weird timing! With this, I won’t be able to go to the Harem Route!!!]


Karma points?


I didn’t understand it for an instant, but I remember that it’s one of the status granted by the game to the heroine.

The status has Health, Energy, and Knowledge, but Karma was given corresponding to the morals of the Heroine, low Karma points gives her good standing and she will become a villain when it’s high, was how it was set up by the game.


And it seems that right now, her hand mirror has notified her that her Karma points have increased.


[Oh well, it doesn’t matter since I feel like I’m a complete villain at the moment. How far did I talk about? You see, I want to know how you recovered from the Dreaming Illness. If you tell me that, I will hide you in the Boirmortie Family. See, it’s not that bad, right?]

[….. What will happen if I don’t tell?]

[I won’t hide you. You, weren’t you attacked before? Step-Father apparently knows the culprit. At this rate, you’ll be killed by them, you know?]

[So you don’t have any plans on stopping them?]

[I can’t stop it, but apparently, I can hide you. SInce you managed to survive this long, you don’t want to die in such a place, right? It’s useless even if you cry to Rafael, you know?]

[Why do you, who find me a hindrance, want to know about it?]

[I don’t want to know, but it seems Step-Father wants to. He asked me to ask you about it.]


Earl Boirmortie did? Does he have a relative who is a Dreaming Illness patient?

Whatever the case, my method won’t be able to save anyone else.

And that story about him hiding me, it stinks of suspicious.


[It’s meaningless even if I talked about it.]

[I think Step-Father will be the to decide whether it’s useless or not. Nee~, you have a weak body right? How about you quickly say it? You’re sweating heavily, you know?]


The cold sweat doesn’t stop, and the chills run.

I thought I could distract myself by talking to her, but the deterioration of my health is too remarkable.

Why, at a time like this?






** She’s probably asking if he can hear her.