Otome Game Chapter 15 Part 3

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

Chapter 15 PART 3


Being questioned by Nicole, I recall Noe’s expression while talking to Lydi.


[They did look like they were going against each other but….]

[Even though she pretended to be lively, her approach was compellingly dreadful. As if she wants to be with Noe no matter what.]


And then I looked at Noe together with Nicole, Noe furrowed his eyebrows as if to say that it’s unthinkable.


[Even as a mistake, I’ve only had contact with her as a teacher okay?!]

[Yeah, I don’t doubt that part, I’m just wondering if you have any idea or something…]


Noe is also a capturable target in the game.

Perhaps it might just be inevitable for Lydi to be involved with Noe.

Still, I didn’t want to think of it as destiny.


[…..I don’t have anything in particular. I feel like she gets along better with Camille-kun and Serge-kun.]

[It would have been easier to understand if her aim is to get intimate with Noe, though.]

[I won’t cheat on you, you know?!]

[Yeah, you won’t be satisfied with a woman now. More importantly, it will be better to be careful now that we don’t know her objective.]


The first half is for Noe, the second half is for me.

Upon Nicole’s words, Noe mouth opens and closes.


[Does that mean me too?]

[Yes, because she might ask Sheryl-sama to be a bridge between you.]

[Sheryl-kun, you can refuse with all your strength!]


It’s as if a bud of dislike has sprouted in his heart, Noe didn’t want to get involved with Lydi as much as possible.

I also feel distasteful towards Lydi lately so it’s not that I don’t understand how he feels.


[I’ve calmed down a lot so I will move to the chair.]

[Today isn’t really scheduled for treatment, how about taking a rest?]

[Just for a bit, we will go back before the sun sets. Noe, any words from Bellom-sensei yet?]

[No, there’s nothing as of now.]

[Sensei is also probably busy, it can’t be helped.]


As I moved over the chair, I looked at the set of techniques arranged on top of the desk.

In there is a technique on how to discharge mana completely written.

This is an improvised healing technique based on the paper written by an Alumni.


Even though I excavated the article that Noe buried, why has it been overlooked until now?

That’s because the efficiency of the technique is so bad and wasn’t useful.


In order to activate the Mana for the treatment, there’s a technique to increase the depleted Mana by using magic stones. The Mana stored in the magic stone is moved to the target by manipulating it.


On the Alumni’s paper, this mechanism is reversed, so instead of “magic stone to person” it’s “person to magic stone” and has changed so as to suck the Mana from a person.

But that treatment that causes less burden, when changed into such a form, caused double the burden.


As this paper was originally devised and submitted only for the purpose of preventing the enemy from using magic, but he failed to properly evaluate its importance because the user’s Mana get’s depleted faster than the opponent’s, so the submitted report never got to see the light of day.


Since we were just thinking about the same method, the alumni’s papers that summarized the points to be improved in the future were of great help.

With this we will be able to release the Mana that has been saved up in a surgical manner. After that, as long as we increase the efficiency…. was what I thought but it’s so ineffective to the patients of Dreaming Illness when we tried to test the technique.


That’s right, for the Dreaming Illness patients.

When the technique was tried on Nicole, the outcome was more than what was written.

But when the technique was tried on Noe and I, the result was much lower than expected.


This is just a guess but, magic can be activated, but we’re unable to influence it, is what we think.

Still, there will be hope as long as we improve its efficiency, but when I was about to consult Bellom-sensei about it.


[Just what is interrupting the Mana’s flow? Will we be able to find out if we try the curative technique on our next treatment session?]


If I manipulate the Mana and eject it, it can activate the suction method. By doing so, we can experiment to see whether there’s a difference in the amount that can be drawn.

I want to try it immediately but we’re currently experimenting on whether there’s a decrease in Noe’s Mana after ejaculation through masturbation, so I must be patient, stay patient….


Everyone each reached for the material, but we were unable to find a solution.


[How about we leave it here for today and attend to Sheryl-kun instead? Your head will feel refreshed.]

[Ah, you can’t!]


Noe raised his eyes from the stack of papers, his eyes shining in immediate refusal on his suggestion. (He’s probably making an anticipating face.)

Even if he makes that kind of face, what can’t be done can’t be done.


[Why not?]

[Uh, I promised Rafael. I swore I wouldn’t do those things with anyone other than him so….]



I am aware that my heated face has turned red.

Nicole and Noe together narrowed their eyes which is too unbearable.

I don’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about, but when I mentioned Rafael’s name, I caught glimpse of his feeling to monopolize.


[So you will allow His Highness to do it?]

[I won’t!]

[You don’t want to?]

[Rather than me not wanting to, isn’t it normal not to do it?!]


Why would Rafael to me…. Imagining Rafael’s head between my legs, I feel my head boiling.


[You might not want your friends to do it, but isn’t your relationship with His Highness different?]

[U, uu….]

[It’s amazing how Sheryl-kun becomes like this when it comes to Rafael-kun. I feel like I’ll be able to eat Sheryl-kun if it’s now.]

[Who was it who said that he won’t cheat?]

[Sheryl-kun should be ineligible for that, shouldn’t he?]


Somehow, Noe is saying something disturbing.

I myself wanted to stop thinking about anything related to Rafael.


I have long got an answer.


Even just looking back to today already makes me nervous.

I have always been very afraid of my feelings towards Rafael up until now, and I also understand that our status and similar gender will become an obstacle, that’s why I was always running away from giving an answer.


Because if I acknowledge my feelings, I won’t be able to turn back.


No matter how much Rafael whispers that he loves me today, he will probably choose a different person later on. He’s a person with such standings.

And that’s in a not so far away story.

I don’t know if our relationship will last until that day, but I am not confident that I’ll be able to accept it.


I will definitely say selfish things and trouble Rafael.

Even if I understand it in my head, I probably won’t be able to control the rampage of my heart.

I didn’t want to acknowledge such a miserable self, and I didn’t want to show it to Rafael even more.


But now more than anything, I want to be beside him. I want to be by his side.


Just, that…. I’d be grateful if he didn’t rush me with that kiss, though.

But still, I could no longer turn away from the loneliness that’s occupying my chest.


I will tell Rafael my feelings tonight.


[Nicole, can I go to the courtyard after this?]

[I don’t mind.]


I wonder why Nicole has foreseen me wanting to go to the courtyard?

Perhaps Nicole who has always been watching over me was vexed over my indecisive attitude.


[I may have talked about it before, but Sheryl-sama is too easy to understand. There won’t be any problem if you act like yourself.]

[That’s right, let’s also push Rafael-kun down with the same momentum as our treatment!]

[No, that’s a bit.]


I feel like his meaning is different.

Laughter leaks from Noe who is holding his fists.

It was very reassuring for the both of them to support me.

I feel as if I can speed through everything with this feeling.


[It looks like spring has come. I don’t think the Madam has any complaints if the other party is His Highness.]

[EH?! Let’s keep this from Mother!]

[It’s just an example.]

[O, oh…. then that’s fine.]


He looked like he’s really going to report it and I’m scared.

More than my mother, I wonder if Big Brother will be harder to deal with?

Because he was against Rafael….


[We still have time, would you like to go back to your room briefly to get changed?]

[Yeah, I guess I’ll do that.]


I basically do my rehabilitation every day, and there have been a lot of times where I went to the laboratory after school in my uniform just like this.

But even if it’s just for a change of mood, I feel like it’s better to change my clothes.


I don’t have to get dressed especially, right? It should be fine to wear casual clothes, right?


I wonder if it will turn awkward once I lay down my feelings?

Such anxiety lingers in my mind, but now that I think of it, Rafael’s confession was also not a formal one.

Yup, it will be fine to go on casual clothes.


In the end, I will still get conscious of Rafael no matter what I wear, so I ended up going to the courtyard in my school uniform. I really feel sorry towards Nicole who accompanied me to get changed.


What should I first say when we meet? What did I always say to him?

As I think about such things, the time I’m waiting for Rafael has quickly passed.


── But that night, Rafael never visited the courtyard.