Otome Game Chapter 15 Part 2

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Chapter 015:




As someone who is conscious of me, I understand why she doesn’t want to meet my eyes, and that’s why Welmina should be able to gather various information about that.


[Have you heard anything about me from Lydi?]

[I don’t think so. She asked me about Jule-sama, though. Should I ask her about it next time?]

[That’s right…. And I’d like to dissolve any misunderstanding. Please do so.]

[Leave it to me!]


It should be fine if I ask Welmina to do it.

Although I have some thoughts regarding the game’s events, I still haven’t fully understood that Lydi is the game’s main character.




[There will be a training camp where high school students will go out of the school grounds and go to areas where monsters appear. Today let’s think of practical ways to use magic for that day.]


We moved into the stadium where the Fighting Tournament was held, and us students gathered on the stage within it.

Since I can’t make a sudden turn while riding in the wheelchair, I leave it at the entrance of the stadium during outdoor lessons and participate while standing on my own feet.

Since the teacher in charge is the same as the one in the middle school, the roster doesn’t change.

Noe who is teaching under the sun always looks refreshing as always.


[Is Sheryl-kun going to appear in the training camp?]

[It might be difficult at this time….]

[The suspect from the previous attack hasn’t been caught yet, after all.]


Even though teachers will accompany the students during the training camp, the students will be scattered into groups, and they will form formations when a monster appears in order to deal with it, so an opening will be formed.

Besides, if someone with an unstable physique like me attends, the teachers will also be troubled.

I do want to join, but my spirit wavers when I think that I’m going to trouble everyone.


[I will obediently stay at home.]

[Look forward to the souvenirs!]

[….What do you plan to buy?]

[That’s of course, a rare and high-valued── What is it?]


The back has suddenly turned noisy and both Welmina and I turned our heads towards it.

The center of the ruckus was Lydi.

She seemed to have taken lessons with Rafael and the others suddenly.


[Rafael-kun! I don’t mind it!]

[I do. What’s with that way of speaking? Her strength was acknowledged and that’s why she’s here!]




I was more concerned about the way she addressed him than the ruckus.

I wonder if Rafael also told her to call him that?


So it’s not just me.


Now that I recall, Camille and Serge themselves also said to freely talk to them. Perhaps their fellow classmates are equal with them inside their head.


I shake my head and return my focus on the disturbance.

It looks like the start of the turmoil was someone from the class who disdained Lydi.

I don’t see the other party that’s being pushed by Rafael, but his/her face has probably turned blue by now.

Noe also hurriedly went to mediate.


[This is good. It would be nice if the badmouthing towards Lydi decreases.]

[Is it that much?]

[It’s because she seems to have had a lot of opportunities to be together with His Highness and company recently. Most of them are jealous. But recently there have been harassment and she’s troubled.]


Lydi still hasn’t made her debut on the social society, so her side connection with the other nobles are thin just like me. That’s probably why she’s in the position that’s easy to bully.

My case is different since I have Big Brother as deterrence, so other than the first incident, I never got harassed again.


[I’m really glad His Highness isn’t one who judges people based on their status. Just like that time with Sheryl-kun, I hope he protects Lydi, too.]

[Wait, just like that time with me?]



On my question, Welmina clearly looks like her tongue just slipped.

Rafael protected me? I had no idea about it.


[Uhh, look, it’s that.]

[Welmina, clearly explain.]


I held Welmina’s hand as she spoke ambiguously, and I looked up at her light green eyes.

And then as if resigning, Welmina started talking while scratching her cheek.


[Don’t look at me with such eyes…. A year ago, when Jule-senpai’s lightning struck down, Rafael-sama’s also struck down quietly, you know? That was why everyone has been watching from a great distance.]


[I’m telling you, it was really scary! At first, it couldn’t be seen in plain sight, but the atmosphere was there. I would prefer getting scolded instead of that if it was me.]


Welmina shuddered as if remembering that time.

But I have absolutely no memory of it.


[Where did you hear that story from?]

[At the Salon.]

[You sure were talking as if you’ve seen it personally, huh?]



Only males are allowed entrance in the Boy’s Salon. Just where on earth were you peeping from?

[When it comes to Sheryl-kun, I can’t say for certain. It’s must be, well, the nobles’ way of phrasing it or something, you know what I mean? Typically. Something like a silent pressure. With that, it became a common understanding to everyone that there will be a sanction coming from His Highness if ever they lay a hand on you. At least that’s what the boys told the girls.]

[Why didn’t you tell me?]

[If I told Sheryl-kun, wouldn’t you have found out that I was peeking?!]


So you were peeking after all.

I’m amazed at Welmina, and just like the person had told me himself, knowing from a third party that he has always cared for me made me feel somewhat ticklish and bashful.

I ended up searching for Rafael with my eyes by reflex.


I found Rafael’s hair shining while basked with sunlight.

But unfortunately, Rafael is looking over at Lydi’s side and hasn’t noticed my gaze.

Even though we’re there’s a high chance of our eyes meeting each other under normal circumstances.

While thinking that there’s also a day like this, I was feeling lonely.




When I arrived at Noe’s research lab with Nicole pushing the wheelchair, an unexpected figure of the preceding visitor can be seen.

During the days when I’m coming to the laboratory, Noe never allows anyone to come near it. But it seems today is different.

In front of the laboratory’s door, Noe and Lydi are arguing.


[Please let me help with your research!]

[I appreciate your concern, but I already have enough helpers.]

[I will do anything! Isn’t Sensei having a hard time walking? I think I can help you with something like carrying materials!]

[I’m sorry but… Aah, the person I have an appointment with has arrived, please go back for now.]

[A person you have an appointment with is, Sheryl-kun?]


Lydi looked over our direction on Noe’s words.

Now that I remember, Noe was also a capture target. But Noe has Nicole so I wish she’d give up on him.


[Why is Sheryl-kun good and I’m not? I’m more physically fit.] (TN: Woah girl, watch your mouth.)

[Lydi-san. Sheryl-kun has knowledge regarding the Dreaming Illness that’s no different from the researchers. It has nothing to do with physical fitness.] (TN: Yeah~ you tell her!)

[If that’s so then you will definitely need a person that is physically fit!]

[That will be filled by Nicole who is Sheryl-kun’s aide.]

[Isn’t it more efficient to have two people instead of one?]


Although both Nicole and I are simply watching their conversation at a distance, Lydi refuses to leave. I wonder why she wants to help him to such an extent?


[There are many confidential informations regarding the research, and you won’t be able to keep quiet about it.]

[Something like that….! Up until now…. no, I understand. I will return for today.]


It seems like Noe’s also relieved towards Lydi’s retreat.

Lydi turned on her heels, but the moment she passed by, she glared at me.

Although it was a momentary event, those eyes left such a strong impression on me that my breath stopped.

My heart was pounding so hard.


[So that’s the rumored Lydi-sama….. Sheryl-sama, what’s wrong?]


Nicole noticed that I couldn’t move and looked at my face in a panic.

It appears my complexion has unknowingly turned bad.

Nicole who judged that I wasn’t acting normal held me up and ordered Noe.


[Noe, please open the door.]

[Yes…. !!]


Probably out of panic, Noe stumbled while moving as he opened the laboratory’s door.

Nicole entered the lab without a moment’s delay and laid me on the prepared bed.


[Sheryl-sama, are you alright?]

[Yeah, I just felt a bit bad.]


Huuー, I took a deep breath, trying to slowly relax myself.

As I repeated it a number of times, my heart gradually calmed down.


I wonder what happened?

I was also confused about the sudden deterioration of my physical condition.

It’s just that Nicole and Noe looked so worried so I turned to them and laughed.


[I guess the fatigue has piled up?]

[Please forgive me for being unable to notice it.]

[Even I didn’t notice it so don’t look so down. What about Noe, are you okay? You looked like you were about to fall awhile ago.]


While gently stroking Nicole’s head, I also call out to Noe.

Noe somewhat looked paler than usual.


[It seemed as if my body didn’t listen to me. I still have confidence regarding my reflexes, but I wonder if I should also rehabilitate them.]

[Doesn’t that mean that you’re sick?]


Perhaps it’s the turning of the season, that’s why it’s easy for him to get sick.


[I’m being careful, and I don’t feel any peculiarities as of present….. Perhaps I’m just feeling tired because of Lydi-san just a while ago.]

[She was very persistent after all.]

[Yes, she refused to give up so it was troubling. Although I shouldn’t say this as a teacher, however…. I don’t like her.] (TN: Me, too!)


I think it was unexpected of Noe to say that.

But upon seeing that conversation moments ago, it’s somewhat understandable.


[Is it really just to help with the research? I don’t think so.]

[That’s true, since the girl herself doesn’t have any particular attachment to the Dreaming Illness.]

[Didn’t she purely want to be of Noe’s help? I also felt as if she really wanted to do what she can.]

[Pure….ly, did you see it yourself?]