Otome Game Chapter 15 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 015:


(Jule’s POV)

When I visited Sheryl’s room, he seemed to be in the shower.

Nicole must have also gone in to assist him, a faint sound of the shower can be heard inside.


[Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait without permission.]


I unceremoniously laid down Sheryl’s bed.

Thinking about the topic of our discussion, I feel depressed.


Will it make me sad? Or perhaps he might hate me.

Rather, once he showed me his tears, I won’t be able to forgive myself.

Even still, it must be talked about.

It’s not for anyone else’s, but for Sheryl’s own sake.


[Huh? Big Brother, you’ve come?]


Sheryl who just got out of the bath had a tinge of redness in his cheeks and felt more human-like compared to his normal self, and even for me who is his brother couldn’t help but feel fidgety.

And I feel like he’s become sexier, too…. so dangerous, so dangerous.

I don’t want to think that the cause of the change is His Highness even if I die.


[There’s just something I want to talk about.]


When I got up the bed, I picked Sheryl up and sat him next to me.

Sheryl who was approaching me without any sense of suspicion emits a fragrance from the soap.

With Sheryl’s defenseless presence, my feelings shake. The fire burned down because of Nicole’s cold gaze, though.

But when I thought that something like this should be acceptable, I held Sheryl in my arms.

Although Sheryl moved a bit, he didn’t refuse because we’re not within public eyes.


Should we sleep just like this?


Since I know that I will become the villain, I wish I wouldn’t need tp talk about it.

Maybe I should’ve talked to His Highness about Sheryl’s feelings before my visit, but I need to point out that there’s a clear line between friendship and further than that, and that he might regret it.

I regularly receive reports from Nicole, and it’s exactly at the moment that Nicole who was looking for more information, found out that Sheryl is being favored by His Highness, which is disadvantageous.

Since I didn’t speak even though I said I wanted to talk, Sheryl looked at me as if wondering what’s wrong. Looking at the same red eyes as me, my stomach tightens.


[It’s about His Highness.]

[Is something wrong with Rafael?]

[Doesn’t he like you a lot? And you also don’t seem to hate it.]



Sheryl’s eyes that are looking at me seem to be swimming around uncomfortably.

Realizing that he really doesn’t seem to hate it, I feel like crying for some reason.

Why is it His Highness of all people?


[I’ll make it short. You’re aware that he favors you, right?]



Just why did I notice His Highness’ feelings?

On the other hand, it would be strange for others to not notice when His Highness’ eyes is full of affection while looking at Sheryl.

Is there anyone who doesn’t notice it after seeing?

Sheryl should have also noticed. His silence is the proof.


[I will state my own opinion. Sheryl, give up on His Highness.]

[Big Brother, I….]


Ahh, No. Please don’t make such a pained expression.


[I will exclude the fact that you’re both men. Sheryl also understands His Highness’ status, right?]

[Yes, I plan to understand it.]

[Then you should also be aware of what I want to say? I don’t want Sheryl to get hurt.]


Sheryl is smart.

Without appearing in any social gathering, he understands his position as a noble. And he should also understand His Highness standing.

That’s why I may not need to say it now of all times.

But if Sheryl still hasn’t found an answer, if there’s still a room for consideration, I want to stop those feelings.


Even I used to welcome His Highness’  power of authority.

Whether it’s because of the long time he spent on the bed, Sheryl tends to solve everything within himself.

Without relying on anyone, he hides his own trouble in his heart.

So speaking, Nicole might be an exception,  but he knows not to speak of anything.

His Highness pulled the Sheryl, who trapped himself, out of his cage.

As a result, only His Highness knows of Sheryl’s “weakness” other than Nicole.


I don’t have any objection if they’re just friends, though.


If it’s His Highness’ reliable existence then I’m grateful.

But if there’s love mixed in, then that’s a different matter.

There’s probably no one greater than His Highness. Regrettably, I can see them parting ways.

He will someday meet someone else, and there’s no future with someone who understands that he needs to have a child, even I don’t even plan on letting him walk on such a thorny path.


[I… I like Rafael.]


[But I still can’t figure out where that feeling is stemming from. Still, Rafael is looking at ‘me’.]


In my arms, Sheryl slightly takes off his eyes.

There’s no hesitation when the words came out from his mouth.


[I want to properly face this, and give Rafael my reply. Big Brother’s worries, I also have my thought about it. But right now, I want to properly face Rafael’s feelings.]

[I see… then there’s nothing else I can say about it.]

[Big Brother?]


He probably wasn’t expecting me to give in so easily, I laughed at Sheryl who looked at me with his widened big eyes.


[If Sheryl is this determined, since it’s you, you must have worried about it more than I did, right? That’s why I won’t say any more. And I also don’t want you to hate me.]

[There’s no way I will hate my big brother.]

[If that’s what you think then good. Yosh, let’s sleep just like this!]



After speaking, I fell on my back while holding Sheryl.

In the past, I used to worry that an activity like this might affect his body.

But it’s different now that he’s overcome the Dreaming Illness.

We’re changing…. I’m growing up, and so is Sheryl. To the point that I can’t keep pulling his hands.

When I thought so, sorrow is surfacing.


[Sheryl, I will be your Big Brother forever, got it?]

[Shouldn’t that be natural…?]


I still don’t know what answer Sheryl will come up with.

However, no matter what happens, I decided that Sheryl’s existence won’t change in my heart.





I was also surprised about the topic Big Brother mentioned, but when I think about how much he’s worried about me, I feel thankful.

I don’t know where he heard about Raphael and me, but he probably heard the majority of it from Nicole.


It seems an event is regularly happening in places I don’t know, and the number of times Lydi’s name comes out from everyone’s mouth increases each day.

Welmina is also getting along well with Lydi, and although we also often meet, but the number of times we talk isn’t much.


…..I don’t feel like I’m being avoided, though.

But I can’t think of a reason.

While I wasn’t aware of it, did I perhaps do something that has hurt Lydi?




As we were advancing through the hallway, Welmina raised her voice.

At the end of our sight, Schpudreine together with the usual two girls with her talking to Lydi about something.

Are they perhaps talking about mental preparations for nobles?


[Schpudreine-sama sure doesn’t get tired of it. Even though she’s just a fiance “candidate”.]

[It’s not that I don’t understand where she’s coming from, though….]


It’s true that there are classes among the aristocrats.

But it’s not that easy to work on human relationships alone. But before I run out of reasons, Rafael will have probably caught me.


[Is it about Rafael and the others?]

[Most probably. They’ve been getting along well lately after all.]


So they’re getting along with each other…

If the event is going according to the game, then it might be so. Since it’s a game to fall in love with the capture targets.

Is it because I know where it’s heading, the inside of my heart feels murky.

Even though the ones who will give their reply will be them, there shouldn’t be a need for me to care about it.


[They seem about to finish their talk.]


Schpudreine didn’t seem to change the location like she did with me.

Lydi who was about to leave the place with her head down, noticed us.

She immediately ran towards Welmina.



[Lydi, are you okay?]

[Yeah! I just got warned.]

[Are they planning to join the Public Morals Committee or something? Sheryl-kun has also been called out by them.]

[He, did….?]


As I thought, Lydi becomes awkward when the topic is me.

Even though we’ve only had bland conversations, I wonder what I did bad to Lydi?

I thought of asking her personally, but when I look at Lydi who doesn’t want to meet eyes with me, it makes my inquiring feelings go sour.


[Hey, Will. Where’s could Camille-kun possibly be right now?]

[SInce he got called by the teacher earlier, he’s probably in the staff room.]

[I see, thank you! See you later!]


She probably needs Camille for something so she asked Welmina his whereabouts and hastily ran.

As I was watching the hurrying Lydi’s back, Welmina called out.


[Sheryl-kun, did something happen with Lydi?]

[Hmmm, I also don’t have any idea.]


Welmina has apparently also noticed the difference in Lydi’s attitude.

I’ve never met with Lydi except when I’m with Welmina, and Welmina who knows about all our conversation tilted her head.


[I wonder what’s wrong? It can’t be…. LOVE?!] (TN: HELL NO!)

[I don’t think so.]