Otome Game Chapter 14 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
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Otome Game 14 PART 2


Even though it’s already a well-known fact.

There’s currently no one who doesn’t know that I’m my brother’s younger brother. Although it’s also true that Lydi might not know of it.

When I moved my eyes away from Welmina to Lidy, her eyes widened and she got stiff.


[Little brother…? The one with the Dreaming Illness…?]

[You know about that? Even though he’s still fighting it, the illness’ symptoms have subsided so Sheryl’s able to go to high school like this!]

[I, is that so…]


Lydi seems to be confused about something as she nodded.

SInce the cure hasn’t been found yet, she must have found it strange that I’m able to attend to school.


[Is there something else you want to ask?]

[That’s right… I think I want to hear about Rafael-sama.]


Hearing Rafael’s name from Lydi’s mouth shocked me.

It’s not really anything strange.

The country’s crown prince is in the same class as her, there’s no way she doesn’t want to know about him.

I feel like I’ve been overreacting since a while ago.


It seems that Lydi’s appearance has led me to feel like I’m connected to the game world.

The world hasn’t changed.

As always, I should just do my best and think about what I can do.

It’s hard since there’s no clue on how to cure the Dreaming Illness, though.


Now that I think about it, the attackers’ identity during Samuel’s funeral hasn’t been discovered yet.

Even though Camille apologized a lot of times, I don’t think he has any responsibilities in it.

Since Camille hadn’t been attacked after that so there’s not enough information, but I seem to have been the likely target.

Since I escaped immediately, it’s still unclear what the purpose of the kidnapping was.


The school ground is safe, and Bellom-sensei is keeping an eye out so I’m not worried.

Rafael is also keeping track of any information.

But I want to do something about him wanting me to initiate a kiss towards him once I express my gratitude.

I still won’t do it myself, though!


While thinking about what I should do, I’m watching Welmina and Lydi in a short distance.




[Sheryl, let’s have lunch together.]

[I’m having lunch with Welmina and the others.]

[It’s fine, it’s fine! Sheryl should go together with His Highness!]


I was about to reject Rafael’s invitation but Welmina stopped me.

For me, even when I entered high school, I still plan on staying in the courtyard.


[Then shall we go? Although since Jule-senpai is in the Salon and I’d like to avoid him…]


Since I will need to part with him when my brother is around, Rafael doesn’t want to be in the same place as him.

But Rafael gathers eyes around him wherever he goes, and the Salon is the only place where he can eat his lunch because he doesn’t have any private place for himself, so he’ll have to compromise.

We’re moving while Camille pushes the wheelchair.


Sheryl-kun has a lunchbox, huh?]

[Yup. Speaking about it, what about you guys? The salon only has a room for boiling water, right?]

[Once we contact the kitchen, they will bring the menu over. We’ve always had Rafael-sama’s chef make it for us, though.]


It took a while for Camille’s previous words to sink in before I realize, Rafael’s and the others’ status are completely different.


[If you want, I can also have Sheryl’s portion made.]

[I’m alright since it will take more time. Besides, Nicole’s ardor is also amazing.]


He said something about how happy he is that his master is able to eat his cooking.

There’s also a sense of security because I’ve always drunk water and fruit juice from his hand. 

Once we arrived in front of the staircase, Rafael excitedly rolled up his sleeves.


[I’ve said this a lot of times but I can go up the stairs by myself, okay?]

[Since I’ve already practiced doing it, there should be no problem, right?]


You made me participate in that so called practice, though.

I think it’s also good to climb the stairs with my own feet as a form of rehabilitation.


[Didn’t you let Serge do it before?] (TN: Middle school event has been dug up. Lol)

[There was no chance to refuse……. Just this once, okay?]


We practiced during the night in the courtyard a lot of times, there’s no need to feel nervous about being me being lifted  up.

It’s just really embarrassing.

There are other people watching, too…


[I’ve always thought about it but, don’t you have any plans on increasing your meal?]

[The feeling to increase it is there, but I just become full really easily.]


Rafael talks about my weight as he carries me.

If I just pay attention to the Mana content of the food, it’s possible for me to eat a lot.

However, even if I was full, I still couldn’t get used to putting more food in my mouth.


[You are trying to increase your weight, right?]

[My height has increased, too! I’ve grown 3 centimeters since last year!!!]

[I, is that so…]


Despite it being little by little, it was a sign of hope for me.

It can take some time. I heard there are people who still grow even when they reach 20.

At least, I wish to be at least 170 centimeters as a man.


Probably thanks to practice, Rafael was able to carry me up to the second floor without difficulty.

But even though we made it safely, he doesn’t seem to have any intention to put me down.



[It should be fine to carry you like this to the Salon, right?]



I wanted him to put me down.

I wonder if Rafael wants to mimic my brother.

Since it will be ignored even if I protest, I’ve decided to indulge Rafael until we arrive at the Salon’s door.



[It seems Jule-senpai and the others aren’t here yet.]


Nobody is in the place where the three used to always sit. (TN: Big Bro and his two buddies.)

What passed through my head is the game’s event.

The game’s main character meets my brother during the first-day admission at lunch break. And if I’m not mistaken, meeting with Noe will be after school.

Thinking from this morning, is the event with my brother currently happening?


[Did we arrive a bit earlier?]

[That seems to be the case. Sheryl-kun, will you eat your lunch here?]


After taking a seat, Camille takes out my lunch from the storage space in the wheelchair.

It seems Rafael’s and the others’ lunch has also arrived in time of our arrival.

I was made to sit next to Rafael as he opened my lunchbox to prepare to eat.

The conversation has spontaneously turned about Lydi.


[Even though my senses feel numb every time I’m with Rafael-sama or Sheryl, that girl sure was cute, wasn’t she?]

[Ohh, so that’s the type Serge likes.]

[No… it’s not about my type. Don’t you also find Sheryl cute?]

[Yeah, she was a cute girl.]

[Oh? By the way, you were also talking about something during the break. What were you talking about?]

[Rather than me, it was Welmina who was talking to her. It seems there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about the Fighting Tournament and the school.]

[Indeed, approaching Bedford when she doesn’t know anything is the correct decision.]


It looks like Welmina’s efficiency in gathering information is also being acknowledged by Rafael.

It’s at the level where she remembers every student’s face and name, after all.


[I’m more curious about her Mana capacity more than that. It’s also rumored that it’s comparable to Rafael-sama’s. Has Sheryl-kun noticed anything?]

[I don’t know exactly but, but it’s more than Felicy-sama’s.]

[That much…!]


Regardless of the parents’ Mana capacity, there are rare people who are born with huge Mana capacity that it rivals the Royal Family, and the first thing that others will suspect is that they’re a royalty’s illegitimate child.

However, there’s no such information regarding Lydi.


[It looks like the Boirmorties hit the jackpot.]

[….Rafael-sama, I don’t like the way you said it.]


Even if Lydi is the game’s main character, she’s it still doesn’t change the fact that she’s living just like us in this world.

I feel unpleasant that he talked about her as if she’s an object.

When I pointed it out, Rafael showed a wry smile as he pets my head.


[My bad, that was insensitive of me. However, it’s my personal impression. Besides, it’s that Boirmortie we’re talking about.]


Rafael should also know that the Boirmortie House is moving desperately because of how bad their situation is as a noble house. It felt as if he had a hidden meaning in the way he said it.


[In fact, just by having her get into S-class, the Boirmortie House probably has some aspirations.]

[Actually, I feel like there’s nobody else in the S-class who has no ambition other than Sheryl.]


After Camille and Serge spoke, I ended up thinking whether that’s really how nobles are.

The reason why I’m feeling stuffy, is it because I’m just not yet used to living like one?

Just when I looked down, the Salon’s door opened with a loud *bang*.


[Ah! Sheryl, you’ve come!]

[Big Brother?!]


After spotting my figure, my brother came and roughly ruffled my hair.


[Good day to you, too, Your Highness.]

[… You can just greet me how you normally would, Jule-senpai.]


Since Rafael purely respects my brother, their conversation has become less formal.

They seem to be talking about Felicy, and it looks like my brother doesn’t seem to be afraid even if the other party is a member of royalty.


[That’s right. Before coming here, I met with your new classmate called Lydi.]

[So you’re already calling her by her name…]

[Sheryl, too, right? She came to confirm whether you really are my little brother.]


As usual, she also wasn’t able to see my resemblance with my brother, huh.

So it seems Lydi also wasn’t able to honestly believe it.

Also, the eyes of my neighbor looking at me hurt.


[You’re on first name basis?]

[That’s because the person herself said so.]


That’s why there’s no particular problem.

When I confirmed to him, Rafael’s eyes have turned cold.


[Sheryl, are you coming to my place?] (J)

[I won’t let him go.] (R)

[I’m not even asking Your Highness.](J)