Otome Game Chapter 13 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts




When we entered the entrance hall, I was hugged by Rafael who was waiting.

He seems to have apparently already been contacted regarding the carriage being attacked.

I wonder if the coachman is alright.


[I was worried. Are you hurt anywhere?]

[Nicole protected me so I’m unharmed.]

[I see. I can’t keep calm here so let’s go to my room.]


He puts his arm around my hips as always as Rafael invited me to his room.

Nicole said he needs to contact a lot of people so he entrusted me to Rafael and hurriedly left the dorms.


There’s a separate place exclusive only to the royalty, and although we’re going towards Rafael’s room through the junction passage, but when we arrived instead of saying it’s a room, it’s more like a mansion.

Even though we’ve already passed the entrance hall, there’s another entrance hall ahead of the junction passage.




A chandelier is decorated on the ceiling, its glimmer is incomparable to the one I saw at the salon that I couldn’t hold the voice I leaked out.


[I remember this is Sheryl’s first time here. The bedroom is on the second floor, but do you want some tea in the meantime?]

[Yes, please.]


I don’t know why he told me where the bedroom is, but we decided to stay in the living room to talk.

Not only the furniture in the room, but also the paintings and vases decorated in the hallway exudes a majestic atmosphere.

Rafael pulled my hand while I was overwhelmed by its luxury, and made me sit on the sofa so that we’re sitting side by side.

I somehow feel like the degree he glues himself next to me seems higher than usual… 


[When the coachman sent news to me about you, I thought my heart would stop.] (TN: Aww~)

[So he was alright.]

[Yeah, it seems like the assailants retreated the moment they realized that you’re gone. How did you do it? I heard that the cabin was completely separated from the carriage.]


As I thought, that’s what he’s curious about.

But it is related to the Cadir Family’s secret art so I just vaguely explained it as Nicole’s wind magic.


[Although I can’t deny that Camille could have been the target, it’s also possible that it’s you they’re after. Do you have idea about it?]

[It’s not that I don’t but…]


It was my transfer to the dorm that was made an opportunity to attempt to kidnap me.

But the ringleader of that incident should have already been captured by Bellom-sensei.

Although it’s hard to say that there is no other person that doesn’t have the same idea, I wonder?

Thinking that it won’t cause a problem even if I told Rafael about it, I decided to share with Rafael the circumstances during my transfer.


[A madman, huh…]

[Yup, but Bellom-sensei has already dealt with him. It’s uncertain if the incident this time is related to that.]

[Fumu, I’ll just gather information on my side just in case. We can’t let anything slip at any cost. Sheryl should also refrain from going out until the assailants’ purpose is known.]

[You’re right. Anyway, this place is like a shelter for me to begin with.

[Do you want to move in with me? There’s a vacant room.]

[I shall decline.]

[Hesitate a little…. But I’m really glad.]


Seeing Rafael’s rarely weak voice, my heart was surprised.

Because I didn’t want him to find out the strong beating of my heart, I placed my hands on my chest.

Ignoring my actions, Rafael embraces me and kisses my temple.


[To be honest, my insides are still churning even now. If you’ve been injured even a little bit, just what would become of me?]

[….You’re exaggerating]

[You think so?]


When those amethyst eyes came closer, my instinct told me it’s dangerous but it’s too late.

He sucks on my lips as I desperately try to turn my head away.


[Nh, mm!Rafael, stop.]


Even when I tried to cover my face with my arms, he restrained me without being taken aback.

Without any distinction, Rafael approaches his lips to my face.

I feel my body heat rising every time I hear the sound of our lips together.



[I won’t let you say you don’t want to be touched by me this time.]

[That’s…. It’s not that I don’t like it, but the problem is different.]


I’ve never had any aversion every time Rafael touches me.



[How is it different?]

[I just think you should do this kind of thing to the person you’re more intimate to.]


[Like Schpudreine-sama…. aren’t you engaged?]


The moment I mentioned Schpudreine’s name, Rafael let out a big sigh.

The awakened hot feeling dispersed and I felt relieved.


[That’s just a candidate for marriage, we’re not engaged.]

[Really…? But you really suit each other.]

[And you’re fine with that?]

[What do you mean?]

[I’m asking if you won’t feel anything if Claudette and I get engaged.]


I couldn’t grasp the real intention behind his question.

I shouldn’t have any say regarding the two’s engagement.

It probably showed on my face, Rafael sighed once again.


[I heard from Corbusier, but to think it will be tough to this extent…]


Noe? Did Rafael and Noe talk about something?


[Anyway! Claudette is just a candidate, and I only met her to socialize! Even if it’s different, our relationship isn’t that deep.]

[Ye, yeah.]


He strongly insisted while holding my shoulders that I could only nod.

I wonder if it’s alright not to have an especially deep feeling of affection at this moment?


[You understand, right?]


[Next, why do you think I’m kissing you?]

[To tease me?] (TN: *facepalm*)

[Do you think that I’m such a frivolous person that I kiss you just to make fun of you?]

[It’s not that, but…]


No, is it really so?

Because if it isn’t, I won’t be able to find a proper explanation…

It’s useless, my head is twirling that I can’t think straight.

When it comes to Rafael, my mind stops working to an extent I don’t know.

This is just like running away from answering..


[I understand my position. And that my standing behaviour affects those around me.But when it comes to you, I find it hard to control myself Sheryl, notice it already. I like you.]

[I also like Rafael, you know?]


I wonder what’s wrong with my answer? 

Rafael scratched his head in frustration and grabbed my hand.

—–Le surprise *nosebleed* part!——–


[I will stop using smart moves on you. It’ll be easier to directly show you, right? Do you get it, I’m lusting for you.]


Rafael brought my grabbed hand and placed it between his legs. (Ya~hn, Rafael, you hentai! *blush*)

In his crotch is…


[Wha, wha, what are you…?]

[Sheryl, you’re the reason I’m like this.]


Unwillingly, my palm catches Rafael’s passion.

And Rafael deliberately moved his hips as if to rub it in my hand. ( *KYAAA~!!!!)

I look straight at that movement, my face getting hot with shame.


[Am I disgusting?]


I couldn’t find words to answer so I shook my head sideways.

Even if I try to withdraw my hand, Rafael is not letting me.

Rafael opens the front of his pants and plans to have my hand touch it directly. (TN: *Rolling on the floor fangirling.* Ahhhh!!!!)


[Rafael, stop it…]

[Do you feel disgusted?]

[….I don’t, but doing something like this..]


I feel like my head’s gonna explode.

When my hand touches that stiff thing, my body shuddered.


Just why is something like this happening?

Even though I only came here to talk.


[I am proving it to you, my feelings. Even you should understand that this feeling is not normal.]


Rafael placed his hand on top of mine making me seize him.

I couldn’t utter a sound and just stood there stiffly, only Rafael’s breaths enter my ears.




When the rhythm  started, his center part grew bigger.

It can be said to be the proof of his desire towards me……The meaning when he said “unnatural feelings”……


[Tsu… I think I’m about to. Sheryl.]


When I raised my head after being called, Rafael’s face that was closer than I expected was there.

I met the gaze of his moist eyes.

Raphael’s expression with increased redness is sexier than usual…… I felt something moved within me.



[Chuu, chuu]


Rafael sucks on my lips.

His rhythm has intensified accordingly.

Because my lips have been sealed for a long time, I felt suffocated so I opened my eyes and from there, his tongue invaded inside.


[N! Ya……Rafwah……fuu]


It feels as if my tongue is going to be uprooted.

Whenever Raphael’s tongue overruns the inside of my mouth, and when his tongue touches my palate or the back of my teeth, I feel the center of my body heat up and my back trembles.

I could tell that the overflowing saliva I couldn’t swallow was spilling all over my mouth.


Just how long has it been going on?

Even after Rafael released his passion, he still continued to greedily devour my mouth..




[Sorry, are you alright?]



My head becomes light.

Rafael who finished fixing himself made me sit on his lap.

Hugging me from behind, he places his chin on my shoulder.


I still seem to be caught in the wave of passion and am still muddled.

When he asked me if I was tired, I also felt like I am.


[I hadn’t planned on doing something unreasonable but…]



I don’t know where to lay my feelings so I put my hands on Rafael’s arms.


I like Rafael.


But if I’m asked for more than that, I lose my confidence.

I probably don’t understand myself the most.


[I have always been thinking about the Dreaming Illness my entire life.]


At first, it was for me to live.

In order to prevent Big Brother from falling into the dark shadows.

Unknowingly, not only for me but also my feelings to repay those around me grew stronger.


[That hasn’t changed even now.]


That’s the only thing I’m certain.

Even when I heard Rafael’s feelings, it feels like a distant matter.


[It’s as if you’re obsessed with the Dreaming Illness.]

[That might be so.]


Perhaps it’s everything to me.


[But even you must have felt it, right? You becoming teary eyed makes me excited.]

[That’s… ugh!]


Having my earlobe being nibbled so suddenly, my breath stopped.

Even if I try to escape, I’m being held tightly and I can’t move.



[I don’t mind.]


[Even if your priority is the Dreaming Illness. Even if your head is full of it]


Rafael buried his face in my neck while talking. His nose is hitting below my ear.

Rafael’s hair brushing against my skin felt ticklish.