Otome Game Chapter 13 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


013: PART I


[Are you alright?]

[….I’m shocked, but I’m okay. Camille probably has it harder compared to me.]


I received news about Samuel’s death last night.

The moment I heard that Samuel will be buried near Yanquille*, I asked whether I could attend the funeral service if it won’t be a bother, and I’m now currently being swayed inside the carriage together with Nicole as we head towards the cemetery. (TN: * – city where the school is at. Previously ‘Yankuiyu’.)

Big Brother seems to be in a training camp so I wasn’t able to notify him, but it’s probably alright.


At the funeral, the mourners will bid their final goodbye to the deceased and watch over the burial.

It’s the carriage Camille went out of his way to send to us from Marquis Blow’s residence.


[Rafael told me not to get ahead of myself. He said the number of lives an individual can save is limited.]


If I say that I’m not regretting it even now will be a lie.

The thought ‘what if’…. isn’t gone.

But I felt as if I’ve woken up after hearing Rafael’s words.


[I may keep blaming myself in the future for the things I could’ve done but didn’t. But I can’t just stop moving forward because I’m overwhelmed. I absolutely don’t want to waste Samuel’s death.]


Along with the other attendees, we will be shown the room where Samuel used to live in.

Although it’s a Dreaming Illness, he should’ve had released Mana even if it’s a miniscule amount.

I wanted to confirm that. I might not be able to understand anything, but I can at least see the traces that he was alive.


[He’s outstanding. However, I don’t want Sheryl-sama to do something reckless. Besides, the ones who restricted Sheryl-sama’s actions were us. Even if Sheryl-sama wanted to go to Samuel-sama, I would’ve stopped you. You can hit me, you know? Sheryl-sama has always been obedient ever since you were a child.]

[It’s because I’m aware that I have Nicole who worries for me.]


I know that he’s concerned about me more than anyone else.

I also know that Bellom-sensei has been protecting me from the public outside.

If I didn’t know of their feelings, I might have hated when I was made to promise to restrict myself.

But I understand that everyone is thinking about what’s good for me. And I don’t have plans on ever going against them.


[We will arrive soon.]

The voice called out coming from the one in charge of reigns outside.

The horse-drawn carriage stopped shortly.

There are already a lot of different carriages in front of the cemetery, and the people getting off seem to be guided into a separate location.


[Sheryl-sama, please watch your steps.]


I left without the wheelchair today since I don’t want to stand out, so I’m walking with Nicole holding my hand.

Should I also use the Mana detection? I haven’t done it in a wide range lately.

Showing my student card instead of the identification card to the reception, we joined the funeral line.




[Sheryl-kun, really thank you for today! Samuel will also be happy for sure.]


When the funeral was over, Camille was the first to approach me.

It seems that Camille will guide me to Samuel’s room on behalf of the house residents.


[Sorry for suddenly asking something unreasonable.]

[What are you saying? Even Samuel’s parents were regretful they’re unable to accompany us. Everyone is grateful to Sheryl.]

[I am not a person to such an extent.]


If Camille and the parents and knew that I could have done the treatment, they will surely change their minds. Thinking about it, my chest hurts.

As if to encourage me after noticing my plight, Nicole squeezed my hand.


[I will call the carriage. Samuel’s house isn’t far from here so you will be able to go back to the dorm tonight. I will be staying for one more night so you can also stay with me if you want.]


I declined politely by saying I can’t impose on them too much, so we rode on the carriage we used to come here.

Just as Camille has said, the distance seems to be closer to the dorm than the cemetery, and as we were talking about unimportant things, we arrived at Samuel’s house.


I was guided to the room and I quickly searched for Samuel’s leftover mana.

As long as it is not outside, Mana discharged from a person will stay in place for a certain period of time.

As soon as I looked around the bed I found out how much of Samuel’s mana was left. As a result I twisted my head.


[It can’t be….]


The Mana residue is a lot.

If it’s this much, his emission was more than what I used to emit before.


What does this mean?


Although I didn’t mind about Noe because he got it later on, even though he was emitting this much Mana as a congenital-type patient, Samuel lost his life young.

Although it’s not enough to invoke a spell, the quantity is close to that.

With that amount, he should’ve been able to live up to the age I first succeeded in using magic. Was the accumulation speed of Mana exceeded than what his body could discharge?

Did I perhaps overlook something?



[Huh? Aah, thank you, I’m already fine.]



I said ’It’s nothing’ to Camille who’s looking at me worriedly, then I left the room.


[Did you perhaps find something that’s bothering you?]



Nicole who has been aware of my change of mood since Samuel’s room, asked me on the carriage on our way back.

I exactly described the discomfort I felt to Nicole.


[It won’t be a matter of concern if it was emitted by someone who has a lot of Mana capacity like Rafael, though.]

[If it isn’t?]

[During the funeral attendance, I checked the mana holdings of Samuel’s parents and relatives. At that amount, the Mana Samuel possessed compared to mine is…]



As we’re talking, my Mana detection caught on to something.

I focus my attention on the caught presence and check its identity.


[A carriage appears to be approaching our way.]


Is it just trying to take over?

Still, there seems to be something…

Just when I thought so, the coachman screamed.




According to the tension of his voice, the opponent seems to be unusual.

Soon Nicole embraces me.


[Sheryl-sama, please hold on tight.]


[Please close your mouth, you might bite your tongue!]


The moment I closed my mouth as Nicole told me, the carriage rocked sideways.

It seems like the other side has caught up and is running parallel to us and the two  carriages collided.


[Sh*T! What the hell!? Did you attack despite knowing it’s the carriage owned by Marquis Blow!?]


The carriage Camille prepared for us has Marquis Blow’s crest on it. Thanks to it, we’re able to move smoothly on the road without anyone stopping us.

Are they perhaps an enemy of the Blow household and mistook the passengers to be from the Marquis’?


[Sheryl-sama, please keep your mouth closed. We’re going to fly.]


Before I managed to ask ‘Eh?’, the carriage cabin got blown away and I felt my body being strongly pulled.


What? What is it?


I couldn’t comprehend what’s happening so I just clung to Nicole.

A floating feeling that I had never felt wrapped around me and I opened my eyes where the shock has  ceased … I was floating in the air.

To be exact, Nicole is using some kind of technique and kept us in the air.

On the ground, the two carriages are still running parallel to each other. The cabin of the other carriage has been beautifully dislocated, though.

But there are small things from the carriage that can be confirmed.


[Are you alright? Sheryl-sama.]

[Nicole… what’s going on? This.]

[The Cadir family has had strong affinity to the wind element for generations, we have this secret art to protect our masters.]

[Secret art…]


For the time being, I have confirmed that the Cadir Family isn’t just an ordinary family of butlers.


[Let’s move before the enemy finds us here. Let’s return to the dorm as we are.]

[You mean, flying in the sky?]


[Yes. if it’s this distance, it will be easy so please don’t worry.]


I do not know, I don’t know the ability value of the Cadir family.

I have never heard of any magician who can fly for a long time even if they have a strong affinity with wind.

And n order to do that, the deployment spell must be invoked repeatedly. If it’s an ordinary magician, they’ll quickly run out of Mana.


[I also can’t feel much of the air resistance…]

[As expected of Sheryl-sama, you have noticed it well. In order to reduce the resistance, we developed another kind of magic to make a wall of wind. Even if it’s attacked by an enemy, it can receive some of it.]



I can no longer find any words to retort.

Moreover, according to the scene passing in front of my eyes, we’re moving at quite a fast speed. We might be able to go return earlier compared to the carriage.


[Why do the Cadir family serve the Bashrals?]

[I wasn’t told the whole details, but we seem to have received your kindness.]

[For only that reason!?]

[It’s because they let us decide for ourselves afterwards. My little brother will be working for Jule-sama, but my eldest brother is on the front line as a magician.]

[You have brothers!?]


Although I was occupied with my own affairs while I was at the mansion, I couldn’t hide the surprise at the fact I had just been made aware of. Although there are things Nicole couldn’t talk about himself…… it shouldn’t have been on the level where he gets disqualified by the master……


[Huh? But your little brother will be Big Brother’s butler?]

[He will start as a chamberlain, but he will become one eventually.]

[So it’s not a matter of seniority?]


Nicole will work or my brother, and the little brother will be stuck with me, was how I thought it will be.


[There are also rules in our house, you see. The people who aren’t able to become a steward won’t be taught the secret arts, if they’ll be taught then they will be last, the only path is to become a butler. They seem to have judged that Jule-sama will be fine even if he doesn’t have a butler for a while.]


I see….and I nod my head.

Remembering the butler grandpa’s countenance, he looked pretty strict.


In spite the continuous activation of two magic, Nicole didn’t seem tired and was even answering my question neatly.

With my knowledge about magic deepened, I was even more surprised of that fact.

On our way to the dorms, Nicole taught me a lot of things.




Just to be sure, I searched the dorm entrance for any presence that may conduct an ambush on us with Mana detection.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a problem, we get down in front of the dormitory and decided to enter the dorm through the front gate.


[Sheryl, you’re safe!]