Otome Game Chapter 12 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts



[Haa~, I think I can do it if it’s just lifting him up, though.]

[How about you practice first? Once you’ve got the hang of it, it might be fine.]

[No, I want to walk with my own legs.]


I won’t be participating in any practice, okay!? Also, Serge, don’t go suggesting weird things!

But Rafael had no plans to give up.


[It might be necessary in case of emergency, you know?] (Rafael)

[And that’s why I think it’s much better if I practice running with my own feet instead.] (Sheryl)

[Won’t it take some time?] (Rafael)

[Ugh…] (Sheryl)

[Alright, we’re going to start practicing once we get back to the dorm.] (Rafael)

[….I don’t need to go with you, right?] (Sheryl)

[I don’t plan on carrying anyone else but you.] (Rafael)



If it’s practice, I think it would be better to find someone with the same weight or the same build as me.

And why is Welmina doing the guts pose, I wonder? Looking at the girl who’s carrying the wheelchair being suddenly pleased, this time my eyes have settled.

His Highness, who noticed Welmina carrying my wheelchair through my gaze, held out his hand.


[I’ll carry it.]

[N-n-n-no! I can carry this much!]


Welmina probably did not expect Rafael to call out to her as she refused him in a panic and just like that fled up the stairs towards the classroom.

Hey, leave the wheelchair behind!


[Should I just carry you up to the classroom?]

[I can walk by myself so please put me down.]


Even though I think he’s listening to me properly, I told Serge in a pleading tone.


[Then I will properly escort you this time.]

[Even though I can walk by myself.]

[Isn’t it because you turned me down in the classroom?]


Just what was wrong with the decision I made?

Serge let me down after climbing the stairs, in exchange, Rafael extends his hand. I wonder if putting his arm around my waist is a default setting?


[Huu, you’re still not used to it?]

[I would like to see someone get used to it, if there’s one.]

[Do you feel nervous?]


When I glared at him by reflex, he laughed at me and told me I wasn’t scary.

If that’s the case, I should’ve told him how I honestly felt that time.

I don’t particularly think about anything with regards to Serge…. is not the case, even though there’s nothing to be excited about in this situation.

Was the impact too strong when we first met?


[That reminds me, your face also turned red when we talked about the pen.]


Are we going back to that topic now!?


[You can forget about it.]

[I shouldn’t have touched your body at that time, what was wrong?]

[….Please forget about it, I beg you.]


It’s because it’s my first time having a matching pen with someone else! When I think of it I feel kind of ticklish and kind of embarrassed!

It’s definitely not because I projected the pen that has my initials as myself as it was being caressed!


[Sheryl’s every reaction is always refreshing.]

[I don’t think so at all, though….]


Is it limited to just me?

I think anybody would become like this if Rafael touches them.

As was still not convinced about it, Serge joined the conversation.


[Rather than say you’re naive, I’d say you’re obedient. There seems to be times when you act out what you think, and the nobles that are watching you being honest to yourself get muddled which is good for us.]

[What’s with that?]


Serge’s laugh leaked out as he says “It’s fine”.

Rather than saying that I suck at getting on with the world, I guess I really am just not used to it, exchanging conversations with other nobles.


[Perhaps I should say we’re being healed…. right?]

[You’re passing it on to me? Am I being healed?]

[Huh? Was I wrong?]

[No, I guess there are places I’m being healed at. He makes me feel like I’m looking at a small animal. Even Felicy said he looked like a white rabbit, you know?]

[Oh, I think I understand that part!]


He gets it? Certainly, my hair is white and my eyes are red.

Also, about Rafael getting healed by me, I think he’s having fun playing around with me instead.


As we’re approaching towards the goaled classroom, what enters my eyes is Welmina looking over what’s going on through the door.

She must have noticed that she brought the wheelchair with her after she reached the classroom, she’s looking over here with an apologetic expression.

I never thought I’d be moving around in this way, but it’s not like I’m blaming Welmina for it.

Instead of telling her that I’m okay, I smiled and waved at her.


And I also understand how it feels to suddenly be called out by Rafael.




[I’m really sorry about today!]

[It’s fine, I don’t mind. And I also sympathize with you in my heart.]


Welmina once again apologized, and I answered her beck with a smile.

On the other hand, I admire her running while carrying the wheelchair. Is that the power of the adrenaline rush? *] (TN: * -火事場の馬鹿力だろうか。)


[I never thought His Highness will ever talk to me.]

[That’s exactly right.]


Before I could answer, a voice that sounds strong-willed replied to Welmina.

It is a familiar voice in class.

As Welmina turns around with the wheelchair to face the direction the voice originates, a small “uwaa” cry came out. Is that a person she doesn’t want to deal with?


[Good day to you, Bashral-san and Bedford-san.]


The person I thought of was standing there with two ladies with her.

The girl twirling her golden hair with her finger, which seems to be her habit, is Claudette Schpudreine who is Rafael’s betrothed.

Schpudreine who I met eyes with seems to release an intimidating aura which doesn’t leave any space for refusal. Her sharp and pointed nose seem to show her personality.


[Bashral-san, can I perhaps borrow some of your time?]


[Bedford-san can go back.]

[Eh, but…]


As I was entrusted to Welmina while I’m at school, she can’t possibly go back even if she’s told to.

But the two ladies by Schpudreine’s side gives off a feeling that it’s impossible to do anything but do as instructed. (TN: Mumuh…. bullying isn’t nice.)


[A mere commoner dares to go against Claudette-sama’s orders? Why don’t you put yourself in your place?] (TN: Bitch, you’re just a mob. you’re lower than a “commoner” and you dare blabber off!? GTO!)

[Claudette-sama only wants to speak with Bashral-san. Do you have a problem with it?] (TN: I do. Wanna fight? *Growls*)


It looks like these ladies have a strong sense of being nobility.

I couldn’t bear watching them attacking Welmina, so I told her to go on first. (TN: Go report to His Highness. NOW!)


[Can you just tell Nicole in advance that I won’t be able to return early?]

[I don’t mind that, but…]



I said that and pushed Welmina’s back when she looks like she still has something to say.

A person with Schpudreine’s status probably wouldn’t do something untactful. Probably.


[What does Schpudreine-sama want with me?]

[I ‘m just thinking of talking with you. Shall we change location so as to do so properly?]


As Schpudreine turned her heels, the two ladies also turned their backs on me and walked away.

A mischievous thought passed by me wondering what will happen if I didn’t move from my spot. However, it’s impossible to actually do so, so I manipulated the wheelchair and followed after them.

The room I was brought into looks like a reception room. (TN: Dafuq did you send Welmina away for and brought along your slaves!? %$&@#$!)


[Because Bashral-san is unable to enter the girls’ salon, I went to the teacher and borrowed a room.]

[I’m sorry to have bothered you.]


I don’t know where they knew of it, but the tea served by the girl who’s together with her was my favorite brand.

Schpudreine also sips on the tea prepared for her.

Everything from her fingers holding the teacup to her to her straight sitting posture was refined, and the light coming from the window makes her look like a masterpiece. It’s only natural to remember the name of the person His Highness is engaged to.

The moment when the pale-red lips left the cup, Schpudreine eyes shot through me.


[I will be frank with you. Please don’t misunderstand Rafael-sama’s intention towards you.]

[A misunderstanding…. is it?]

[That’s right. Rafael-sama is a kind person. As you can tell from the first greeting, he’s very much interested in you. But that’s only because you’re a patient of the Dreaming Illness and nothing else.]