Otome Game Chapter 12 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


012 PART 1

When I entered the classroom, Camille’s figure couldn’t be seen just like he said yesterday.

I spontaneously met eyes with Rafael, and when I only returned a smile at him, he was disappointed. Although we went out together, I still didn’t have the courage to talk to him.

I face the desk so as to escape Raphael’s line of sight, I arrange the writing utensils.

When I took out the pen Rafael gave me, Welmina sharply noticed it.


[Wow, you have a really nice pen. Did you buy it yesterday?]

[Yup. To be precise, it was given to me as a gift.]

[Ohoh~ it’s His Highness, right?]


Please stop peeking at me from the neighboring seat with a snicker on your face.

But I think it’s such a beautiful pen  the more I look at it.

On the black shiny surface, gold is finely decorated in the borderline.

It seems to be heavy at first sight, “It’ll be lighter” according to the shopkeeper, but it’s lighter than I expected, I move my hand up and down unconsciously to ascertain the weight.


[It even has your initials included on it?]

[Good job noticing it. It’s so I don’t return it… huh?]


I clearly thought it’s my initials that were written in it, but it was Rafael’s.


[Are you supposed to put your initials to gifts you’re about to give?] (SHERYL)

[I think it’s supposed to be the other person’s initials, though…… Isn’t that His Highness’? Was it perhaps mistakenly wrapped?] (Welmina)



Since he bought two at the same time, I can’t really tell.

What to do, is it better to confirm it with him? But I feel like it’s rude to point out that he made a mistake….


[Is it bad to keep quiet even though I noticed it…?]

[Let’s see, it will be His Highness’ mistake in  this case, so I think it’s better to be quiet about it. Doesn’t His Highness have the same one?]

[Yeah, because he bought it together with this one.]

[Then hold your tongue until His Highness notices?]



On the other hand, it will be easier to say it if the one I got from was either Welmina or Big Brother.

If only we’re of the same status…. Thinking up to there, I remember something strange.

Now then, will that store’s social status, will the store owner make such a mistake? Even if the purchase is more than one, there’re only two of them. And he would’ve confirmed it before handing it over to Rafael, right?


Was it perhaps on purpose? But why?


Being unable to understand, I casually look at Rafael.

When I did, Rafael seemed to be watching me also so our eyes once again met. This time, it’s Rafael who smiles at me.

As I listen to the sneaky voice that came out from somewhere in the classroom, I had a bad feeling about his smile.


On purpose? Did he do it on purpose?


According to our conversation so far, Rafael doesn’t like it when I humble myself in front of him.


[If… we were of the same status, I’d be able to confirm it, huh.]


[Haa~… I’ll go over for a bit.]


I cleared up my mind and stood up, bringing the pen with me.

Because it might be a hindrance to move inside the classroom in a wheelchair, I’m leaving it behind.


[Will you be okay?]

[It’s fine, look after it, Welmina.]


If the distance is only from the front of the classroom to the back, there should be no problem.

However, as I was holding on the desk to steady myself, Rafael came to me.



[I can walk, okay?]

[I know that, but I see you wobbling.]


As he spoke, he held my hand and his other hand wrapped around my waist just like the time at the courtyard.

Just what was he talking about to not stand out in the classroom?

While complaining inside, I sit on the seat next to Rafael where Camille was using.

After sitting on the chair, Rafael quickly lets go of me and his body heat left me. It looks like he’s still being careful.


[Don’t you have something you want to talk about?]

[Yeah, uhm…. it’s about the pen you gave me.]

[So you noticed?]

[So it really was intentional?]


As if answering my question, Rafael smilingly stroked my head.


[I just thought that you’ll immediately come talk to me if I did that.]

[What if I didn’t notice? Or if I pretended that I didn’t notice?]

[At that time…. I wonder?]


The way you’re grinning is really scary, though.


[I have the pen with Sheryl’s initial, but can we leave it as it is?]


[You will remember that I was the one who gave you that pen, and I will also remember that I gave you a gift, right?]


Rafael kept insisting that it’s such a good idea, but it’s hard to forget accepting such an expensive gift in the first place.

Moreover, who would say they forgot that they received a present from the country’s Prince?


[Besides, when I think that this is originally your pen, it makes me take even good care of it.] (TN: The prince making passes every chance he gets. Heh.)


Rafael took out the pen so I can see it, then gently stroked it.

It’s just that……How should I say this, seeing him stroking it so gently makes me embarrassed as I stand from my seat.


[What wrong? Your face is red.]

[Nothing. I’m going back to my seat.]

[I’ll escort you back.]

[It’s fine!]


When I unconsciously refused with a strong tone, *SHIN*…. the surrounding has turned quiet.

Aaah~ Just what am I doing?


[I’m sorry! That, if it’s just that far then I can walk. It’s not enough to bother Rafael-sama with it….!]


I’m sorry. I muttered again then returned to my seat quickly.

I hope he forgives me for being unable to call him by just his name in public..

Was I being rude for abruptly standing up from the chair? Or was I rude from the start? My head is spinning thinking about what the nobles’ reactions are that I’m currently *stuffed by it. (TN: * – like from eating kind  of “stuffed”.)


What is so embarrassing in the first place?


When I recall the presence of the pen in my hand, even I can tell that my face is heating up.

After sitting on the wheelchair that Welmina pulled over, I prostrated on the desk.

Welmina gently rubs my back.


[As I expected, you have matching pens with His Highness!]

[What were you expecting? What for?] (TN: FOR THE YAOI!!!)


I’m begging you, please stop pursuing that matter already.




Because it’s time to switch classrooms, I headed towards the stairs with Welmina.

To go to the classroom on the second floor, I need to get off the wheelchair.


[Thank you for always carrying it.]

[It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s light thanks to the wind resistance magic stone, anyway.]


I’m only full of thanks to the high-performance wheelchair that Bellom-sensei gave me.

As Welmina watched over me trying to climb the stairs, a shadow approaches me.


[Hold on tight.]



I scream in my heart when I feel myself being carried.

Doing it so suddenly is bad for my heart, you know!? I still firmly put my arms around him, though.


[Serge! What are you doing!?[

[Yeah? Well, this way is faster, besides, wouldn’t it be easier for Sheryl as well?]


During the time we’re climbing up, won’t we get in everybody’s way? I‘m having that kind of feeling, though.

Rafael is stunned by Serge’s sudden action.


[That’s not the problem!]

[You’ve carried him before, even Jule-senpai has done it.]

[That’s because they’re brothers… wait, when was this “before” you’re talking about?]


Did I not mention it? Or so Serge said while playing dumb, I would rather they move faster if they’re going to climb up, though. That, or can he put me down?

I’m already done being carried by my brother a lot of times, I don’t want to use my friends as transportation, too.


[Serge, it’s fine to let me down, you know?] (Sheryl)

[…..So you’re completely casual with Serge, huh.] (Rafael)

[Now, now. Weren’t you getting along and out together with him, Rafael-sama? Isn’t it unavoidable where people’s eyes are present?] (Serge)

[Is it fine to call you without honorifics?] (Rafael)

[I don’t think I’m on the same as Rafael, you know?]


Serge laughed cheerfully and began to climb the stairs.


[I will carry him next.]

[Won’t Rafael-sama find him heavy? It will be bad for the both of you if you lose your balance.]


Although I understand that Serge is just worried, Rafael glared at him.

But he seems to have realized that it’s impossible for two people to carry me, he let out a sigh.