Otome Game Chapter 11 Part 3

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As expected of a Royalty, how generous.

After the shopkeeper inscribed the initials as Rafael had said, I looked at the finished product and shuddered at its price. Uhh, it kind of has the same price as clothes, though….

Although they’re called as the purveyor to the government, it’s not like everything they handle is expensive.

But for this store, it looks like they don’t deal with the amount of money lower nobles could afford.


[Felicy, if you have what you need then we’re going back.]

[Yes. Sheryl-san, are you also finished?]

[I’m fine.]


I can’t tell them that just looking at those prices make me shudder so I’m unable to touch them.

Although the shop’s decorations are eye-catching, I don’t think I can get them as we leave the shop.


[How are you? Are you tired?] (Felicy)

[That was a lot of fun! I was able to take a break at the cafe, so I am not too tired and it may be the first time I have had such a fulfilling holiday.] (Sheryl)


Although there were some of the town’s information that I’m embarrassed to touch again, it wasn’t that hard once I got used to it, and there were also the guards who helped secure enough space for us to pass through.

I guess this was all thanks to Rafael’s and Felicy’s follow up.


[Oh my! If you say it like that then I’m also happy! If you have clothes you’re interested from the stores I’ve recommended, please don’t hesitate to tell me.]

[How many time do I have to tell you that Sheryl is a man before you understand it?]

[Nobody said he’s going to wear a skirt…… Aah, but will it be hard to abandon a dress?]


It looks like I’ve become a dress up doll in Felicy’s mind.

But still, I wish she’d quit it with the dress.


[It will definitely look good on you! How about a design that completely shows your curves? Doesn’t Big Brother also think it’s fine?]


[Rafael, can you not keep silent over there?]


It’s unbelievable, but I think I can guess why Rafael turned quiet.

Anyway, dresses should be out, right!?

Rafael, who notice I was staring at him, broke his eye contact as if he’s guilty of something.


[Although I find it regretful, I will excuse myself now. If there are any more opportunities, please do invite me again.

[Yup, thanks for today.]


As we’re getting near the school grounds, we part ways with Felicy.

Although she’s going to enroll in middle school, Felicy is still living at the King’s castle apparently.

After sending Felicy off to the carriage that picked her up, Rafael and I headed to the dorms.


[Are you going to rest as soon as you get back?]

[That’s right, because I think my body is more tired than I think.]


Even if I stay up, Nicole will probably stop me.

When I answered like that, Rafael stands in front of me and held out his hand.


[Then I’ll give this to you while I have the chance.]

[This is?]


When I received it by reflex, I saw that it’s wrapped in a beige wrapping with a red ribbon tied on it.

Its shape long and narrow.


[It’s the pen I bought at the stationery shop earlier. You should use it.]



You mean that new work!? The one with the price comparable to clothes!?

I certainly thought he was buying two books, though…….


[No way, I can’t accept such an expensive thing. Even though you’re the one who paid for everything bought from the store.]

[It’s only natural for me to pay since I’m the one who invited you. Use it in the classroom starting tomorrow. I won’t forgive you if use a different one. Besides, your initials are already carved in it so I can’t return it anymore.]



Rafael started laughing as if he’s anticipating that I won’t accept it obediently.


[That’s because I’ve already thought you won’t easily accept it. Just give up.]

[….I can feel my hand that’s holding the pen to be trembling, though.]

[You’ll get used to it eventually. Just get used to it.]


He put his hand on my shoulder as he said so.

To be honest, I’m still not used to being casually close to Rafael like this.

Moreover, he doesn’t easily let go once he starts touching.

To Rafael, is my existence so thin that he has to touch me to confirm it?

Even now, his hand moved from my shoulder to my head.

I shook my head to escape from that hand.


[It tickles.]

[You have to properly use it tomorrow, got it?]

[I got it.]


I wish he’d let me off with his bluntness.

Whether it’s out of habit, I stuck out my lips and Rafael’s fingers brushed past it.

Seeing me stopped moving, Rafael laughed.


[Ahahaha, I just don’t get tired watching you.]

[It’s not good to tease!]

[Don’t say that. Felicy was with us the entire time so I’m still not satisfied.]


It looks like it’s impossible to react to Rafael’s behavior one by one.*

Even so, I just can’t keep quiet so I have to deal with it.

In the first place, what are you unsatisfied about?


[Well then, see you tomorrow.]

[Ah, yeah.]


It looks like we arrived in front of the dorm before I knew it.

I parted with Raphael at the entrance of the dorm and headed to my room.

Even though I’ve returned to the dorm, there’s something like a feverishly fluffy feeling remaining. It looks like I still haven’t parted with the city’s liveliness.

In front of me, something blue appeared.



[So you’re back, how was the city?]


In front of the courtyard that I was trying to pass by, I met with Camille.

He should’ve known that I went out with Rafael.

While answering him that I had fun, I was curious with his lifeless expression.

I don’t see anyone with him, was he alone in the courtyard?


[Camille, is something the matter? You don’t look well.]

[Yes…. Samuel, my cousin…… it seems like his condition has gotten worse……」

[If it’s fine with you, shall we talk inside my room?]


Camille looks as if he’s going to cry even as I was inviting him, and he also probably wants to talk to someone so he nods his head.




While Nicole as preparing the tea, I turn to Camille.


[By cousin, you mean the child suffering from the Dreaming Illness?]

[That’s right. I’m sorry, even though I said that I wouldn’t rely on you……]

[I only said I’ll listen to you, there’s no relying or anything in it.]


As I grasped Camille’s hand on top of the table looking eager to listen to him, he started talking about the events bit by bit.


He said his family got in touch with him this morning.

They told him to pass the letter of absence and to head to his relative’s house tomorrow.

He said that he wasn’t able to do anything, much less pack up, and he just stared at the sky.


Camille had a tone of tracing the paths he’s taken.

He’s probably doing so to accept the reality.

……Was this also how my brother felt when he heard from home?


[I… I wasn’t able to do anything.]


“I just can’t forgive myself for watching my cousin’s life running out.” Those words that Camille spoke pierces my chest.


──Will Samuel be saved if I did the treatment??


No matter how many times such an idea pops up, I erase it thinking it isn’t good.

Noe was the exception among exceptions.

There’s also the introduction from Bellom-sensei so if it’s Noe, I can ask him to not talk. That’s how I managed to make a false diagnosis.

But isn’t it wrong to do the same to Samuel who is still young?

It’s just like me asking Bellom-sensei not say anything regarding the treatment.

My gripped hands tighten.


[If it’s about being helpless, I’m also the same.]

[Such a thing….! Even until now, Sheryl-kun has already done a lot!]

[But I can’t help Samuel-kun.]


I want to help. If only I can.

If I can save lives with these hands.

In contradiction to the words I said, I wanted to tell the situation to Camille even now and wanted to run to Samuel together.

He probably guessed what I was thinking, Nicole gently stroked my back.


[I have always watched Sheryl-sama with such thoughts myself. It might be heartless, but nothing can be done about it.]



There is nothing I can do. The me right now, that is.

I once again reconsider my reality and I was shocked. Ohh…. so Camille has been feeling like this the entire day.


[I’m sorry, I’m glad you’re the one I talked to. Just as Bellom-sama had said, I shouldn’t rely on you. I did  not mean to hurt you.]

[I’m the one who couldn’t leave Camille alone. Even now, while knowing how Camille feels, I don’t like feel like leaving you alone.]



When I stood up and went to Camille’s side, I tightly embraced his head in my chest.

Without any resistance, he leans his head on me.

I feel Camille’s breath directly, as it sharply hits me. But I never have any thoughts of letting him go.


[The only thing, that I can do right now, is to listen to what Camille want to say.]



I’m so sorry, sorry.

I couldn’t go to help you.

Even though I know that Camille is grieving, I…. I’m letting Samuel die without helping him.


The both of us couldn’t stop the tears flowing in each other’s eyes.



* –  どうやらラファエルの行動に合わせて逐一反応してしまうのがダメらしい。