Otome Game Chapter 11 Part 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts



[Right?! There were also some close calls and I get excited every time I remember it.]


Upon touching on that topic, Welmina’s tension once again shot up, but it’s unavoidable.

Even I still remember each scene one by one inside my head.

After I finished watching it, my hands have traces of fingernails in them probably because I clenched them too hard.


[I once again thought that he’s an amazing person. Because disregarding his status, he can fight that well.]


With his father serving as the head of the Imperial Guards and Serge himself hoping to be assigned as an imperial guard himself, to be able to still make His Highness, who does not go out to the front lines and Camille, who’s an only son, to move according to his tactics.

It’s as if he’s saying that just because he has social status, he was not raised spoiled.


[If you’re going to say it like that, Jule-sama is more amazing to be able to win against the royalty with such amazing Mana capacity!!!]

[Yes, yes.]

[Isn’t your reaction too plain?! Even though it’s rumored that he will be a Magic Knight right after he graduates?!]

[No, I also feel happy, you know?]


My brother is a big source of pride for me. I am proud, but if a friend who lifts it up with super high tension like this is nearby, I end up going on a cool down instead.

And Felicy has been added to the mix recently, as well.


[For me, it makes my cheeks blush when Sheryl-kun will say “As expected of Big Brother!” to Jule-sama with moist eyes….] (TN: Fangirling much? I approve!)

[You don’t have to imitate my voice. —— UWAAH~ WHAT THE HECK’S THAT!?]


In front of us, we can see a large crowd gathering at our destination.

I only have bad feelings towards that.


[So it ended up like this, after all? We can’t get close like this, what do you want to do?]


From my point of view, I can only see people’s back so I asked Nicole what’s going on, but it seems he can only see Felicy and Rafael being protected by the Imperial Guards at the center, trying to put more distance to the gallery.

Even during peaceful times, when those brother and sister siblings come, one stops his feet to look.


[What do we do?]

[I will go and….. Aah, please wait for a moment, my eyes met with one of the Imperial Guards.]


When Nicole looked up, the person over there noticed, was what he meant.

I wonder if it’s because there are only students around so Nicole’s appearance stands out.

That’s nice and all, but….


[I, I want to go back….]

[Sheryl-kun, good luck!]


The notice of our arrival has probably been passed to Rafael as there are some movements, then the gallery all turned towards us at once becoming a bed of needles.


*{Huh? The kid on the wheelchair….}

{The person Rafael-sama has been waiting is him? Who does he think he is to make Rafael-sama wait?}

{Isn’t he the kid with the snow magic?}

(TN: Mobs.)


Countless eyes are piercing through me that I wanted to turn my heels around.

It’s inconvenient to turn back when I’m in a wheelchair like this.

I was able to bear with it during the Fighting Tournament since there’s a distance between the audience. I also forgot about my surroundings because I was concentrating on the magic spell.

But for me who isn’t used to countless eyes looking at me from up close, it plants fear to me heart.

I was scared for a moment, but Rafael approached me jauntily and destroyed that atmosphere.


[Sorry, Felicy called me early, you see?]

[My word~ Big Brother! So it’s my fault? Wasn’t Big Brother eagerly looking forward to it?]


The crowd divided according to Rafael’s progress, and Felicy follows behind him. (TN: Moses? That you?)

The Imperial Guards further secured the space around the two.


[Your complexion doesn’t look good but, are you okay?]

[Yes, just a bit…. I was surprised by the number of people here.]



In my words, Rafael glances at the Imperial Guards.

The crowd of people moved away and disappeared from my sight.

I was surprised by the smooth movement as if it was a magic to avoid people. (TN:I’d want that if it’s real.)


[We forgot because this is the usual thing for us. Is this fine with you?]

[Thank you very much I’m sorry or worrying you.]


[Excuse me….?]


After apologizing, I’m being stared at for some reason.

Felicy stands beside me, who was wondering if I said something rude. A sweet scent softly drifted.


[Big Brother, please don’t be mean to Sheryl-san!]

[I am not. It’s his fault for forgetting what he said. Sheryl, try calling out to me.


When I was told that far, then I remember that time I was having tea with Felicy.

Rafael doesn’t seem to like my formal tone.


[Ah, sorry Rafael. In the classroom I was not worried because it was only seen in faraway, but I was not accustomed to the line of sight that’s so near got confused.]

[Let’s just end it with that. We were the ones who lacked consideration, after all.]

[…. Big Brother, aren’t you being narrow-minded?]

[Be quiet.]


Felicy who understands why Rafael is so worked up looks at her brother in amazement.

I don’t know about the interactions amongst Royalty people, but I at least know there’s not that big of a gap between the two of them.

The interactions between the two who are getting along, a smile appeared naturally.


[Since our mood has just returned, shall we move as to not waste time?]

[You’re right. Sheryl-san. do you have a place you want to go to?]

[I will leave it to you two.]


I have indeed heard some recommendations from Big Brother, but are no shops for Royalties in them.

Seeing the crowd before, it’s better to leave it to the both of them instead of saying untactful things.


[You don’t have to hold back, you know? They’ll clear out the crowd. Because I don’t want us to be disturbed, I’ve told the escorts to pay closer attention than normal.]

[I will keep that in mind. Since I’m going out with the both of you, can you tell me your plans?]


I can go out to the city again, and since Big Brother has been wishing to go with me, it’s fine to go to his recommended shops at that time.

Felicy happily raises her hand after hearing me.


[If that’s so, then I’ll introduce you to my favorite stores as we slowly walk on the way.]

[….Felicy, please don’t forget that we’re men, okay?]

[I, I know! Even if it does not suit with Big Brother, it might suit Sheryl-san!]

[Don’t introduce women’s clothing or the likes to us, got it?]

[It will definitely look good on Sheryl-san!] (TN: No, that’s not the problem, Princess.)

[No, as I thought, that kind of thing is a bit….]


The air around her turns suspicious as Felicy waits for us.

When I refused hardly, Felicy cutely joined her hands together and faced me.


[It will suit you, you know?]

[Just so you know, I also have something called a man’s pride.]

[So it’s better if we take Sheryl to the store I know.]

[What? Big Brother’s hobbies won’t suit Sheryl-san at all!]

[Just want to do want to do to Sheryl…?]


Just what on earth is Felicy brewing inside her for me? I’m kind of curious, but I kind of don’t want to ask about it.

In the end, we couldn’t decide which of the two stores to go as we proceeded to the city.




Different colors of fruits and flowers are lined up in stalls, entertaining my nose and eyes.

Fortunately, the weather is clear and the wind blowing down the blue sky is comfortable.

I was surprised by the fragrance that changes every time I walk, while also reflecting the sun’s light and shining colors.

While I was being touched while pondering that even the city has such a rich fragrance, Felicy said that there’s a different scent after a rain.


While thinking that it’s also a good idea to go out during a rainy day, we went all over the shops that both Rafael and Felicy recommended.


The store Felicy brought us in is, should I say “as I thought”, a clothing store for women and we passed through the store’s dressing room.

It was a room with a large sofa and a mirror, and it I immediately understood that it’s exclusively for important guests.


[Well then, I would like to please try clothes for Spring!]

[Hey wait, do you plan to try everything?]

[No way, Big Brother, there is no way I’m trying them all.]

[That’s right….]

[The one who will try it on is Sheryl-san!] (TN: Princess suddenly threw a curveball!)



When I raise my voice in protest in panic, Rafael sighs and tells the clerk not to bring the clothes.


[You’re terrible, Big Brother!]

[You’re the one who’s terrible. Do you plan to make Sheryl into a woman?] (TN: Don’t you? *wink*x2)

[Is it still a no even if it’s just the top….?]

[I’m sorry but I don’t think I will be able to answer Felicy-sama’s request….]


Even when she cutely tugged on my sleeves, I could only give her a bitter smile.

Even as I look at the existing clothes decorated in the shop, I shake my head to the side on the extent of the frills.

Rafael, who was watching Felicy’s interaction with me, put a hand on her head.


[Just give it up.]

[Uuu… that’s right, how about a new tailored one?]

[Please give me a break.]


Just why on earth does she want to make wear frills so much?

Even if there are men’s shirts that have frills, obviously the design of this shop is not on that ratio.

We somehow managed to calm Felicy, who was refusing to give up, and we left the store.

After that, Rafael recommended a few clothing stores to me but I politely refused. It’s not a lot, but it’s not an amount I can pay with my pocket money!

While feeling the difference our worlds when it comes to our sense of money, we took a break on a cafe the frequent to, and time passed by before we knew it.


Lastly, Felicy said she wants to stop over at the stationary shop, so we entered as she wanted.

The color of the sun was shining, and the signs written as “Purveyor to the Imperial Household” were dyed in orange.


[I wanted a new notebook. Since I already have a lot of writing stuff and such prepared, Sheryl-san, I think that even looking around will still be fun.]

[You’re right, there might be a lot of things to be seen for the first time.]


Despite there not having that much space in the shop that’s uniformly colored with brown, the relaxed and calm atmosphere makes one almost forget the flow of time.

The old shopkeeper is quietly standing at the counter inside.


As Felicy says, there seems to be no shortage of stationery relations, various kinds of things are displayed uniformly, and since they are decorated tastefully, they don’t look tiresome to look at.

But just from the price, I slowly remove my gaze.

Looking at me with a sidelong glance, Rafael called out to the shop attendant as if he’s interested in something.


[Is this a new pen?]

[You are correct, sir. It has just arrived yesterday and it’s been improved to be lighter than conventional products.]

[Alright, I’ll take two. Also, please put in the initials.]