Otome Game Chapter 11 Part 1

Unedited chapter


[Jule-sama is of different class, after all!]


While breathing out *whew*, Felicy ruminates on the finals.

After we finished  watching, we moved to the guest room which was set up on the indoor side of the stadium because Felicy invited me for a tea.

His Majesty and Bellom-sensei said it’s for the young people only… as they smilingly sent us off so the both of them aren’t here.

However, as Felicy is certainly Big Brother’s fan as seen earlier, I don’t think my youth will not be very involved in this.


[It’s the first time I’ve seen Big Brother that cool!]

[Oh my, Jule-sama is always cool! He might look ferocious, but he’s bright and cheerful once you talk to him…… Sheryl-san has always been close by so you can’t tell.]


I got completely acquainted with Felicy, and although our formalities has crumbled, the mood has always been like this.

The way Felicy sees my brother definitely has a special filter to it.


[Serge-sama also fought bravely and was very strong, right?]

[But he still doesn’t compare to Jule-sama.] (TN: Ah, love~.)


Poor Serge.

Perhaps because she grew up beside His Highness, Felicy is tough on Serge.


[On the Magician’s match tomorrow, will Sheryl-san not come out?]

[It’s because I don’t have any battle experience. That magic on the Opening Ceremony took me everything I’ve got.]

[That was very beautiful…… Oh, please tell me the formulas, okay?]

[With pleasure. I think Felicy-sama will be able to immediately activate it.]

[Are you for real!?]


Despite being inferior to His Highness, Felicy is from the Royal Family so she should also have a lot of magic power. I don’t know for sure because I don’t have my Mana detection on, but from what I can see on the aura she’s emitting, it seems to be true.

Unlike me who takes extra sep, Felicy might probably be able to activate the technique directly.


[His Highness and Camille are participating tomorrow, aren’t they?]

[Dustin-sama, too. Jule-sama’s friend is also amazing! It was unfortunate for Dennis-sama, though…]


That’s right, Dennis-san participated in today’s Magic Knight match but got regretfully done in by Serge.

Serge was at a disadvantage at first due to Dennis-san’s speed, but probably because his eyes got used to the speed in the middle of the fight and the situation got reversed…… That was impressive. I think that match was the longest one today.


[Dustin-san was the champion last year, wasn’t he?] (TN: Magician battle)

[Yes, my brother is determined this year, too! I am troubled as to who I am going to support.]

[So it’s not His Highness?]

[Didn’t Sheryl-san also support Serge?]

[That’s because Felicy-sama said you’d cheer for Big Brother.]

[Oh! How about supporting different contestants tomorrow at the Finals? That is if only Sheryl-san is willing, though.]

[I don’t particularly mind.]


We’re already talking about His Highness and Dustin-san in the Finals, but I definitely didn’t forget about Camille, okay?!

It’s fun to watch various magic spells during the match. I can’t imagine His Highness’ magic, but I wonder what attribute he specialized in?


[Then it’s decided! Sheryl-san, please cheer on my brother, okay?]

[…..Please don’t forget about Camille-sama, too.]

[I will think about it again when the time comes.] (TN: Uwah~ savage.)


It seems like Felicy is not only hard on Serge but also on Camille.

I wonder if that’s how childhood friends are?

Speaking of which, I got so busy preparing for the Opening Ceremony that I wasn’t able to meet Welmina, but I feel like she and Felicy will be able to talk well with each other.

Or will they become rivals, instead?

While thinking of such a thing, Felicy’s maid came to announce a guest.


[Felicy-sama, Rafael-sama is coming.]

[Yes, please guide him in.]


It seems His Highness has arrived. Is it to welcome Felicy?

Now that I think about it, I wonder where His Highness was spectating from?

The clothes His Highness was wearing when he came inside the room looks familiar as the one from school.

(TN: Yes. Keep thinking about him. Think of him until you fall in love. Uhehehe~ *lecher’s face* *cough!*)


[I never thought that Bashral will be here.]

[Your Highness, too, where…?]

[I was Serge’s opponent until the match started. After that, I was watching at the general seats since it’s troublesome to move to the VIP Room.]


The general seats, didn’t it cause a panic?

Besides, His Highness stands out wherever he goes.


[Bellom-sama invited Sheryl-san over. He said, because it might be difficult to watch in the general seats with his wheelchair.]

[…..You’re already calling him by his name?] (TN: A jelly person is jelly, huehuehue.)

[Big Brother does not? I have heard that you’re in the same, though.] (TN: Critical hit has been delivered.)


On Felicy’s words, His Highness looked my way. (TN: It was effective!)

Oh, this must be his “why are you getting along with my little sister without my permission” gaze. It’s incredibly scary being glared at by such a beautiful face…



[Ye, yess.*] (TN: *Not typo.)

[Call me Rafael, too.] (TN: Heh, Your Highness, so petty. huhuhu.)


[You don’t want to?]

[There’s no such thing!]


That’s why please don’t stare at me so much. (TN: He’s appreciating a beautiful art. No worries.)

When I’m in front of His Highness, my weak self looks miserable.


[Big Brother, please do bully Sheryl-san!]

[I’m not bullying him. That’s right, Sheryl, how about eating dinner together?]

[I’m very sorry, but the things I can eat are limited….]


If I tell them, they’ll probably have a meal prepared specifically for the Dreaming Illness patients, but making it will be an inconvenience.

Moreover, I don’t think I can eat with His Highness with a peaceful mind. (TN: Push, Rafael! Don’t accept defeat!)


[Too stiff.]


[I told you to call my name, you don’t have to change your tone.]

[….I understand.] (TN: Rafael has unlocked an achievement! Reward: Sheryl will call him by his name.)

[So Big Brother really is bullying Sheryl-san?]

[Why do you see it like that?]

[Because Sheryl-san looks completely withered. Don’t worry, he won’t take you and eat you.] (TN: Soon, Princess. Just wait ;).)


Noticing my obvious change of attitude, Felicy gently supports my arm.

She’s right, he won’t  eat me, will he? (TN: A FLAG HAS BEEN SET! PREPARE A BATTALION TO PROTECT IT!)

I have to get myself used to this already.


[I’m so sorry, when I’m in front of His Hi…. Rafael-sama, I get really nervous.]

[Rafael.] (TN: Prince, oh, Prince. 😉 )

[…. When in front of Rafael.]

[Geez putting it like that, aren’t you pressuring him?]

[This guy’s like this even while speaking normally.]

[Then how about consciously using a softer tone when you speak?]

[……Okay, Let’s do our best. ──Sheryl.]


My movement stops after being called with such a gentle voice.

In the end, seeing my frozen self, Rafael approached me and gently stroked my face. (TN: KYAA! KYAA~!!! Hmm, that sounds weird. Ehh, whatever. KYAAA~!!!!!!)


[If eating is impossible, how about going out? Why don’t we go out to the city after the Fighting Tournament?]

[That is a very wonderful proposal! May I also join you?] (TN: NO!!! DON’T~ Kajima~!!!)

[….You guys really got along well, huh? I don’t mind though.] (TN: But I do! T_T The long-awaited date–)

[I’m also fine if the both of you are.]


Then, it’s decided! Said Felicy as she happily claps her hands.

There were the preparations for the Fighting Tournament so although the climate has improved, I wasn’t able to go to the city so I guess the timing’s just right.

It bothers me a little though, that my companions are two royalties.

Since I have plans to meet with Mother and the others after this, how should I tell them better? Either way I’ll just let Nicole tell them.

While hoping that Mother’s tension won’t turn weird, Rafael’s dazzling blond hair enters the edge of my vision.


Whether it’s Felicy or Rafael, do this country’s royalties’ personal space even exist….?




[Seriously, since when did you get so close with His Highness…?]

[This and that somehow happened.]

[It’s because His Highness seemed to be concerned a lot of Sheryl-sama.]


The Fighting Tournament has closed its curtains with great excitement, and the day to go out to the city with Rafael has come.

I can only imagine the fuss that’s going to happen for going out with Rafael who won the Magician’s championship!

When I asked the person himself, he said the Imperial Guards are going to do something about it.


When I look back to the Finals with Dustin-san, does anyone even come close to him? (TN: Ability-wise?)

Rushing from intermediate to advanced magic, how should I put this……I felt chill after the excitement wondering if the two men would end the world.

The defensive magic which is stretched around the stadium has fallen and Bellom-sensei had to hurriedly go for assistance, after all.

Only these two, I don’t want to go against.

By the way, it seems Rafael’s specialty is Light magic. He’s as sublime as ever.


The place I’m meeting Felicy and Rafael is in front of the entrance gate, and the topic of Welmina, who’s sending me off, and my talk is about that.


[In the last few years, although it happens every time but His Highness is already a hero after the Fighting Tournament, you know? Can you properly go shopping under such a circumstance?]

[It seems the stores we plan to go to all belong to nobles so it’s fine.]


The price are most definitely high, too.

Though my mother prepared a lot of pocket money for today, will it be enough?


[Uuhm, if the stores are of such high quality then the employees should indeed be properly educated. But he’s the champion of the Magician matches, you know? He’s the team leader of the second placer on team battles, you know?]

[Aah~ The team battle was a close match, wasn’t it?]


I think it’s already amazing to have a close battle towards Big Brother’s team which doesn’t seem to have any weakness.

They ended up not taking this year’s championship in the end, but the surrounding deduced that it’s unknown how next year will work out.