Otome Game Chapter 10 Part 3

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts



Upon the Princess’ words, time stopped.

Looking at His Majesty frozen stiff in place, it seems I haven’t misheard it.

Bellom-sensei turned his face but I can tell he’s laughing because his shoulders are shaking!

The Princess tilts her head when she noticed the air changing in her surrounding.


[Is something the matter….?]

[Princess, I’m struggling to tell you but I’m a man.]



The Princess jumped back from my words.

Just when I thought that our personal space is too close, it seems she’s misunderstanding my sexuality.

The princess who has taken her distance looked at me from head to foot.


[My deepest apologies…..]

[No, it was Felicy who misunderstood. There is no need for you to apologize.]


It was unexpected follow from His Majesty.

Because I am wearing trousers, I never thought I’d get mistaken as the opposite gender.

However, it seems that the princess is more depressed than me who has been misunderstood.


[I’m sorry…. Because you’re such a beautiful person so I just……]

[I am aware that I’m more feminine compared to other males so please don’t worry about it.]

[So there are other men as beautiful as my brother….]

[As expected it’s scary to be compared with His Highness.]


It’s hard to express it, but I think His Highness can be recognized beautiful as a man but I’m just lacking some muscles so I don’t look manly at all.

I’m tired of being treated the same way every time.


[Sheryl-sama is also pretty!!! I have lost confidence in myself……] (TN: Sigh, Princess, you’re making it worse.)

[What are you saying?The Princess’ loveliness can’t  be compared to His Highness and mine, rather, it’s just incomparable.] (TN: Sheryl, you smooth bastard, you~)


There is no way a girl’s cuteness can be compared to a man!

It is true that looking at His Highness usually makes one lose his confidence, but ……that’s just because His Highness is way beyond the standards.

As his father, His Majesty has a manly appearance so I wonder if His Highness will also look the same when he matures?

I was wondering where that dazzling aesthetic comes from.


[Do you really think so?]

[Of course. Ever since Your Highness touched my hands, my heartbeat still hasn’t calmed down.]


There’s also my nervousness upon meeting the Royalties, though.

The princess who honestly listened to my words seems to have felt better.


[Oh my, I’m so……I must have scared you.]

[I think I’m lucky to be blessed.]


I was touched by the country’s Princess.

Thinking about it again, it doesn’t seem bad being mistaken as a woman.


[It makes me happy if you put it like that. Can we spectate beside each other?]

[If you’re alright with me.]


Thinking that it might be bad to get any closer to her, I look at Bellom-sensei.

However, it seems Sensei also doesn’t seem to mind.

Rather, he seems to have increased the hurdle.


[Sheryl is already as knowledgeable as Magistrate’s officials. I’m sure he can also explain the competition clearly.]

[Ooh, to that extent, huh. Rafael has to learn from him as well.] (TN:I have a feeling he’ll gladly accept it.)


On Bellom-sensei’s words, His Majesty nodded in approval.

Please stop it, it’s just because I studied hard on it.


Furthermore, isn’t this my first time watching the competition?!

Does Bellom-sensei have some kind of grudge against me!?


Because it seems to have been decided that I will be watching with the princess, Nicole started moving the wheelchair.

The princess in the left, Bellom-sensei to the right, I inserted myself in between them.

So as not to be noticed by the princess, I softly moved closer to Bellom-sensei.


[Bellom-sensei, have I done something you didn’t like?]

[*Fumu, Sheryl hasn’t done anything of such sort. It’s just, when you’ve made a new technique, Sensei would also like to be in it first. I would have been able to propose a more efficient way if it was me. I’m the Chairman, you know? I’m the Commissioner of the Magic Agency, you know? I’m the most knowledgeable about magic in the whole country, you know? You won’t be punished if you asked for my help, you know?] (TN: Someone’s sulking. Heh.)

[That’s…. well, yes, I will consult you first next time.]


I was being careful because he seemed busy but it seems he held a grudge about it.

So you just wanted to be a part of the Operation Ceremony….!    


[Yes, yes, that’s fine. Also, I’m thinking it’s for the sake of your youth so I made arrangements for you to have contact with the princess.]

[Why does the issue of my youth have the highest hurdle!?]


Having Rafael and the communication issues as the last boss enough! He’s the Last Boss who usually appears at the last stage, you know!? Why is he my first opponent!? (TN: Hmm?)


[Isn’t hitting against a wall called youth?]

[…..I can only see my crumbling future, though. You’ll help me with the parts I don’t understand, right?]

[Umu. Ask whatever you want!]


I guess I’ll manage somehow if Bellom-sensei will help out.

It will be rude to leave the princess alone so I should think of what to talk about.

Let’s see, let’s start from the safe place first….


[Has the Princess ever watched the Magic Knights Battle before?]

[Yes, this day is the second time. Oh, please do call me Felicy. I also don’t mind if you talk less formally!]


As she was talking, Felicy turned with a bright smile on her face.

Although our distance has grown, it seems like her friendly personality is still the same.

Since I already got the permission, I will start taking it easy.


[Thank you very much. It might be embarrassing to say but I haven’t been able to socialize much so I’m not used to a revised tone.]

[So that’s how it is. I was wondering why I don’t remember seeing you so I thought it was strange. Even though if it’s Sheryl-sama, you’ll immediately be the women’s topic of conversation.]


What’s that, so scary.

When I think that women’s rumors = link to fear, is it because of my previous life’s memory?


[…..It might be rude if I’m mistaken, but does Sheryl-sama have any connection with Jule-sama?]


[Um, umm, are like, Jule-sama’s relative or something….]


…..Big Brother, did you even extend your hand to the princess?

And I wonder if this relatives’ flow is getting decided.


[Jule is my elder brother. Felicy-sama.]

[Ehh? But your hair color is….]


I wonder if this white hair is really the bottleneck?

Before that, I did not appear in the society so I guess the information about me being Big Brother’s little brother hasn’t spread.


[Felicy….. I’m sincerely sorry about that.]

[No, since this isn’t the first time, I don’t mind it. I also know that I am far apart from my older brother’s impression.]


It seems like His Majesty already knew that we’re siblings as he put his hand on her head to stop her.

The princess has once again drooped her eyebrows upon told off.

I really don’t mind so it’s alright!


[Princess, once you look into Sheryl’s eyes, aren’t you reminded of something?]

[His eyes….?


On Bellom-sensei’s question, Felicy gazes into my eyes.

The color of Felicy’s eyes is purple just like His Highness. The purple eyes are also said to be proof of a royalty.

Looking as if she’s noticed something, Felicy’s darkened eyes suddenly shone so dazzlingly bright.


[Ah, it’s the same as Jule-sama! I’m really, why haven’t I noticed it before?]

[Jule took after their father and Sheryl took after their mother, but just like Princess and His Highness, their eyes look the same as their father.]

[It’s true. Sheryl-sama, my apologies for saying something rude.]

[No, I’m glad having you notice it.]

[What a gentle person ……]


I wonder if there’s someone who won’t forgive her if she apologized to him with such sincerity?

But as seen in her reactions, Felicy loves my brother, doesn’t she?

Having hooked not only Welmina but also the princess, won’t he get stabbed at the back in the future?* Because Brother will turn the tables on them, I guess he’ll be fine. (TN: Sheryl, worry about yourself. YOURSELF!)


[It seems that the first round of battle will start soon.]


The announcement of the entrance of the players echoes in the stadium.

If I’m not mistaken, the first round will be the confrontation between fellow middle-school students.


[Will Serge be able to safely make it to Jule-sama’s place?] (TN: to be his opponent.)

[Between my brother and Serge-sama’s confrontation, who will Felicy-sama cheer on?]

[Of course, it’s Jule-sama!!!]


Poor Serge, it was an immediate reply.


[…. Then should I cheer on Serge-sama?]

[Fuofofofo, Jule will be crying in frustration.]

[Felicy-sama’s support is plenty enough!]

A lot of girls that I don’t know of will probably be cheering him on, as well.

However, men crossing swords with each other looks cool even for me.

There are only higher grades, and the stand on stage without showing even a hint of cowardice, they look very brave.


And the players’ tension are being transmitted just by watching.

Amazing, this is exciting.

I feel that I’m getting drunk by the air in the stadium. There is no discomfort there, just feeling high…… I have to concentrate on the match and not forget about Felicy.


When I took a sidelong glance on Felicy, her eyes are glued on the contestants standing on stage so I guess there’s no need to worry.

In the end, I forgot to explain to Felicy and cheered together with her on the contestants while gripping my sweaty hands.