Otome Game Chapter 10 Part 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
010  (Serge’s Point of View.)


I never thought I’d have my head stroked.

Just remembering that moment brings a smile to my face.

The hand stroking back and forth was delicate but his hand’s movement felt so ticklishly gentle that it gives me a sense of nostalgia.

However, even that unconscious smile completely changed with the appearance of my childhood friend

who’s having a steep face.

[Serge, I have something I’d like to ask.]

[You sure heard it fast.]

I will put a bet that it’s about Sheryl.

It shouldn’t have been that long since Sensei went to the staff room to report,though.

[It’s because I’ve been helping out with the Student Council in the staff room until just now.]

[Aah, I see.]

While I was surprised, I understand how he got hold of the news so quickly.

Despite his retirement, a bitter smile leaked out from Camille, who still helped the student council.

His good nature does not allow him to refuse when asked for help.

To Camille who looks at everyone equally regarding of their status, his successors have repeatedly relied on him many times even now.

That Camille has, for some reason, knitted his brows.

[You were at the scene, right?]

[That’s right. The one who brought Sheryl to the infirmary was also me.]

When I reimagined what happened back at the toilet, I reflexively bit the back of my teeth, making a grinding sound.

Fortunately, all he managed to give Sheryl was a bruise, but if I didn’t make it in time, he couldn’t done worse.

[Haah… Not only Jule-sempai but even with His Highness’ power, this happens.]

[He must have been greatly upset. Probably lost his ability to think rationally.]

So there wasn’t only one lightning that fell in the salon.

Although it wasn’t spoken directly, but Rafael’s message should’ve been understood if it’s the nobles.

Nobody probably guessed that there will be another one trying to harm Sheryl.

[We should’ve been more vigilant, huh.]

[This will become a problem of location, then.]

Moreover, the students in question were considered dangerous, and though they would not be dropped out, they had been sentenced to home punishment. Of course, the responsibility to supervise them falls to the parents.

It’s undeniably clear that not only the students who caused troubles would be punished, but also their house.

[Just thinking that I have to report this to Rafael-sama, my stomach hurts….]

[Let’s go together.]


Although it’s not our fault, just imagining that beautiful face filled with fury, my legs still shake no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

Even though Rafael cares so much about Sheryl.

Was the start when he saw him first in the classroom?

Even my eyes opened wide upon seeing someone so beautiful other than Rafael….

Even that Rafael.

Upon the weight of his position, for that Rafael who rarely shows obsession on anything, his feelings towards Sheryl is too strong.

Even when compared to the urge of wanting to protect Sheryl once one saw him.

Even I, when I held Sheryl’s thin body, I can still feel my emotion towards him grow stronger. Even more than picking him up, the close distance was more dangerous.

Wrong, wrong. That’s not the important part.

I refocus my deviated mind.

And then I recalled Sheryl’s “strength”.

Perhaps Raphael might have seen the same thing.

He didn’t show any signs even when he lost his strength after being overcome by fear.

I wouldn’t have noticed his shaking body either if I didn’t carry him at that time.

Despite his weakness, Sheryl does not depend on others.

Rather, I feel like he does not want to be protected.

Although I would like to tilt my head in wonder, I could also guess why as a man.

On top of it, I can feel sadness in his hidden “weakness”.

That’s why even if it’s Jule-sempai, it might get out of hand.

As expected though, I think the interaction between them brothers at the salon was too much.

Perhaps he’s desperately trying to reach out to the very person who refuses to extend his.

I wonder if Rafael is also the same?

It’s refreshing to see my childhood friend attached to someone for the first time, although it’s accompanied by a pleasant feeling, I pray that no other problem arises.

[How are we going to fix it after the report?]

[I don’t know….]

While spitting our gloomy feelings out, we arrived at the separate dorm Rafael resides.


(Sheryl’s POV)

As the Fighting tournament  approaches together with Winter, the academy was wrapped with the liveliness of the City’s people until the appointed day.

After the students are informed by the president of the start of the fighting festival at the public hall, they will move to the stadium which is the main venue.

The place which is to be the venue is usually used for practical magic lessons, it also has an extensive grounds.

The stadium is centered on a circular flat ground, and it is installed so that the seat will be tiered platform. To the place where students were supposed to sit during classes are now filled with people who came from all over the Kingdom.

The Fighting tournament runs with the ticket system, though, so only those who have them can enter.

Still, as only a small part of the stadium was used during lessons, having it filled up is such a highlight.

[Mother and company should have arrived already, haven’t they?]

For Mother who’s always been staying at home to nurse me until now, this will be the first time she will see Big Brother’s brave appearance.

[Yes, they’re already at the venue. Unfortunately, Master was unable to leave the castle for security reasons.]

[Even though he came home crying last winter, it can’t be helped since it’s his job.]

I remember teasing Father that I’m going to apply as a palace guard in that case.

A great number of people are also used for security of the stadium because His Majesty the King is coming to see, but unfortunately Father seems to have been assigned to the castle’s security.

When he was told that I will be showing off my magic during the Opening Ceremony, he was crying happily that I can finally use enough magic to show to the public, then he made a terrible face when he learned that he won’t be able to witness it.

Thanks to that, I ended up taking care of my sulking father during my last home visit…. when I was giving all my attention to our father, it was Big Brother who has turned sullen and it was troublesome calming him down.

By the way, as Father’s replacement, it was Butler Grandpa who accompanied Mother.

[Missing Sheryl-sama’s brilliant appearance, he probably won’t be able to focus in his daily work.]

A bitter smile involuntarily appeared on Nicole’s words.

Now that he mentions it, because my attention has been going between Father and Big Brother, Nicole is also sulking.

I already got caught my way home like the last time.


[Are you feeling nervous?]

[Yeah…. I’ve been trying to take my mind off it by thinking about other things, though.]

[Since we have a bit more time before the Opening Ceremony, shall I give you a massage?]

[….Can I ask you to that?]

Nicole and I are in the private room originally installed in the stadium.

It seems that Noe went out of his way to prepare this for us.

It seems to be a place where the tournament participants stay during the event but it’s apparently vacant before the Operation Ceremony so it’s fine.

Such Noe whose Dreaming Illness symptoms have subsided, he’s using his walking stick for appearance’s sake as he busies himself with the event’s preparations. The teachers seem to be full just taking care of the participants.

[You will be fine since you practiced so much.]

[I hope so. But it’s really nerve-wracking facing this huge amount of people.]

We have repeatedly practiced the preliminary training so that magic can be deployed to the whole venue properly.

All I have to do is perform like I did during practice.

However, due to my limited amount of mana accumulation, practice can only be tried on a small scale. The magic expansion will be done in medium-scale during the real take.

The troubling part is that the amount of crowd went beyond my expectations, and even though I know in my head that the procedure is correct, my feelings just won’t cooperate.

Is it that, will I be fine if I write the character of person and eat it? (TN: Just like putting a coin in the shoe to reduce anxiety during interviews. I tried but it didn’t work.)

[As Sheryl-sama’s concentration ability when the Operation Ceremony is deployed is amazing, you will not be paying any attention towards the crowd’s reaction soon after it starts.]

Certainly, unlike ordinary magic, I use the Mana stored outside my body, so I need to manipulate it before I activate magic. There is no room to pay attention to others because fine adjustment is necessary to directly connect mana to be manipulated and the manipulation to be developed without crosstalk.

I agree with Nicole’s words with, “That’s also true”.

My feelings have become light. As expected of Nicole, to be able to encourage his Master.

From then until my turn during the Opening Ceremony, Nicole did his best to not sink my feelings, such as brewing tea.


(RAFAEL’S LITTLE SISTER’S POV) (TN: She’s mistaken Sheryl’s gender.)

When the opening ceremony began and the voice of my father expanded magically from the VIP seat echoed the stadium, the crowd’s excitement has reached their peak.

Just like how the stadium trembles because of the enjoying audience, my heart, too, trembles.

In the meantime, I wonder who was the first person to notice the shadow who stood in the vicinity of the entrance where the players come out.

Receiving Father’s words, amidst the still cheering crowd, Bellom-sama who serves as the middle school and high school chairman introduces that person.

–       She was a very, very beautiful person.

The name of the person who’s especially decided to show off her magic is said to be named Sheryl Bashral.

Is she related to Jule-sama?