Otome Game Chapter 1 Part 3


[Honey, could you please be quiet?]
[Master, too much noise will be harmful to Sheryl-sama’s health.]

Nicole sure doesn’t show any mercy towards father’s loud voice. Though he certainly was noisy.
As he got scolded by the two of them while entering the room, Father got smaller.

[O, oh… that… How are you doing?]
[He has just woken up and was about to finish his fruit juice.]
[I see. Sheryl, it’s your father. Can you tell?]

A big hand clumsily pets my head.
Just by that, I felt like my tears are gonna flow down again.
There’s no way I’ll make a mistake with such a eye-piercing red head of yours, Father.
He must have hurried over from work as he’s still his Magic Knight’s uniform.

[After hearing that you’ve awaken, Jule will probably come home from the dormitory tomorrow. Please show that healthy appearance to your brother, as well.]

Judging by how quieck they’ve returned,it seems that I was in a pretty dangerous condition.
I hope that when Nii-sama comes home tomorrow, that the pain would have subsided.
I don’t want to experience again such pain as if my body is being torn apart. Even if it has happened a lot of times before.
I swayed my head to nod, but it’s a wonder whether it swayed vertically or not.
When I try to move too much, I start to become dizzy.

[You can’t push yourself so hard, ok? Sheryl, please rest your body in the bed. Mother will be right, okay?]
Father is here, too.]
[Honey should first get rid of your sweat first.]
[Uu, I understand.]

I am well aware that Father completely listens to Mother’s words.
Thinking back to when Nicole told him off, isn’t his standing to weak?

[Sheryl, I’ll come back right after I’ve freshen up, so you have to rest properly.]
[Master, please be quiet.]

Even so, that this is a family overflowing with love won’t change.
Including the servants, knowing that I have such gentle family was the one that’s been supporting my heart. Having seen the familiar atmosphere I’m used to, I selently closed my eyes.

[Good night, Sheryl. May you see sweet dreams.]


The next time I opened my eyes, Nii-sama who made my father look small, was there. Right next to the sleepng me.
He’s lying inside the bedsheets.

[Oh, Sehryl, you’re awake?]

Being directed such a dazzling smile, I pretended not to see the tears which has already dried in his cheeks.
Even though we’re blood-related, our physiques were completely different.
Even though his looks is still that of a teenager, the muscles in his arms could compare to that of an adult man’s.
Must be bbecause he was training his swordsmanship, ther’es small cut visible in his cheek.
As I was observing my brother who I haven’t seen in a long time, Nicole brought in a cloth and water.

[Sheryl-sama, please hydrate yourself.]
[Ah! Me! I’ll do it.]
[Please be careful not to spill it.]

Nii-sama who’s received the cloth from Nicole helped me get up.
Despite how he looks, those hands were as gentle as the ones I’m used to.
It seems like the time he’s been stuck with me wasn’t in vain.
And that Older Brother, bears no resemblance to the one I saw in the game.
Although his eyes still look sharp, but his expression is overflowing with kindness when he looks at me that I could not find any connection to him the one in the game.

[If it’s painful then you must say so, got it?]

Although there’s still pain, but it’s not to the point where I need to cry because of it.
“It’s okay” I said with my eyes as I suck on the drenched cloth.
He understood it when my lips got wet.
I tried to move my tongue to prevent spilling it, but this time, the part where I wasn’t able to prevent dripped through my chin.
Before Nicole managed to wipe it, Nii-sama leaned over and sucked it. (TN: It said “立てて吸った”. But I adlibbed a bit.)

[Sorry, there must’ve been too much water, careful.]

We’re siblings, so there’s no deeper nmeaning to it. Yep.

There was also a time when he fed me through his mouth. It looked like he was just trying to imitate what Mother would do, though.
Somehow, Nicole’s eyes look like they aren’t laughing, but that’s probably also my imagination.
It’s wrong to wrongly accuse others. Because the me from before wouldn’t have doubted him, either.

By the way, where did Mother go? Father also said that he’s be here, didn’t he?

Because my visison is being occupied by my nrother, I turn my conscousness into Mana.
The Mana that I’ve continuously released seems to have finally reached up until the edge of the room, and it showed me the wall where my parents are standing together nearby.
And before them is a person who is facing the canvas.

[I’m sorry, Young Master Jule, to be able to see Young Master Sheryl better……Thank you very much.]

Why is a painter here?

Also, it seems we’ll be modelling for it.
Just what on earth happened while I was asleep?
Maybe he’s read my thought, my brother told me the answer while laughing.

[ Although we heard that you’re in a terrible condition, but when we came back, you seemed better as always, so Father and Mother decided  to capture it in a painting.]

I don’t know the passage of time, probably around half a day to the whole day must have been really bad.
Becasue of my illness, I’m also aware that I’m turning into a skeleton-look-a-like.
Can something be done abouot it with his imagination?

[I am also happy to have Sheryl’s awakening painted, just a bit impatient.]

I got weak after saying so.
Well, I decided to not mind being painted as it’s I’ll just forget about it.
They’re probably comparing notes as to how we should be painting as my parents seem to have a lot to say. It’s fine if it doesn’t get in the way of the painter, though.

[Sheryl, how about the fruit juice? The fruit juice’s color was beautiful on your lips, you know?] (TN: In other words… Lipstick?
[Oh, oh, is that so, Nicole?]
[Here, please.]

Beautiful or whatnot, I’m a skeleton…… Oh, well, the fruit juice is delicious, so.
This time, Nicole gave Nii-sama a cloth dyed red.

[Can you still drink? You don’t have to force yourself, ok?]

When my brother heard me say I’ll do it in a small voice, he put the cloth on his lips before putting it to mine.
I have no problem upon being doted but, isn’t this too much?
Could it be that my brother’s change has something to do with this?

Because he loved his little brother deeply, that when he lost him, the impact is also huge.
When I learned from the memories of the past life,I increased my determination.

I will stay as far away as possible from my brother. (TN: Stay positive, Sheryl.)

And also resist death.
Even if my fate is already determined, at least, I don’t want to get my brother involved.
I will make an effort to live.

[Sorry, I spilled it again… chu.]

My Big Brother sucked the juice that was dripping on my skin.
No matter how many times Nii-sama’s lips touch my skin, I still get embarrassed after all.

Yeah, let’s stay away from him!

Perhaps, I might currently be having my  first shameful experience.