Otome Game Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1


[I’m gonna turn my preference into reality.] Napoleon Hill said.

[Reality is far more creative than a novel] Bailon said.


Has everyone ever tried it at least once?

Trying to cast magic spells to see if they have magical powers, or trying to move things without touching them just in case they hold super powers.

Look, look, did you try it?


It is said that this world is made up of 11 dimensions.

That this place is the only one he recognizes. (?) ((Possibly talking about the god of the world))


You don’t understand a thing, right? You don’t care about a single thing, right?

Just what is right and what is wrong doesn’t matter, since I have nothing to do with it.


Because this is a world that uses magic.


There are parts that are the same, though.


I’m a trickster, and so are you.

Now~ Let’s fly to the world of dreams!


But be careful… Even if it has nothing to do with me and nothing to do with you, that world does exist.


To you who’s reflected in the mirror, there’s no need to ask anymore.

You are who you are.

But please don’t forget… everyone is reflected in their own mirror, there isn’t only one.


Hee~ey, Trickster.

You must never forget, you are both good and evil at the same time.


{The Trickster Dreams Within the Mirror}


As my body felt like it’s being torn, and my insides felt like it’s being grilled, I saw a lamp.

Within the picture, there is a clown that’s singing and dancing.

Brilliant sceneries that I shouldn’t have seen, unknown memories that I don’t remember came rushing to my head—


[*Coughs*… Ghu..] (TN: They’re groans, I guess.)


I spit out blood.

It seems that the inflamed lungs and throat were hurt from the violent coughing.

What was that just now? I have my doubts, but with the short intermissions of pain washing over me, I don’t have the time to deal with it.

My back stiffened and my hand subconsciously extended towards somewhere.

My hand was suddenly enveloped by something warm.


[Sheryl! Sheryl!… Mother is just right here!]


I hear a voice.

I was wondering whose voice it was, but with the pain invading my head, I could not identify just “who” that was.

Pain. It’s just pain.

Just by moving my fingertips causes the pain to shoot up, causing me to let go of my consciousness.


To the dark, dark abyss I sink.


This is the first time I’ve experienced sinking down on my side.

The floating sensation of my feet and arms feels so pleasant.

When I was finally placed down, my body’s movements were regained so I looked around my surroundings.

Is this inside my dream?

If so, then were those memories I saw from before also a dream?


When I remembered, I felt like my head was gonna split.

My understanding tells me that those weren’t a dream.

Moreover, it’s telling me something.


This is the world of an Otome Game, it said.


Upon the sudden flood of information, all I could do was be dazed.

I shook my head and looked around myself.

There’s nothing there but darkness.

However, when I look overhead, I can see light falling down.

As if at the bottom of the ocean.


…Even though I have no idea what an ocean is.


It’s the same with my sickness, I don’t know that the inflammation of my throat was due to hemoptysis.


But I know of it.




Various keywords pop up then disappears.

Those belonged to someone else’s life.

It seems I’m being flooded with somebody else’s memories.


He had a sister.

Aside from my older brother, I have no other siblings.


His younger sister loved games, and she seemed to like playing something called otome game the most.

She told him the contents of the game, the one’s she especially liked, and she let him play, too.


One of them was where a clown dances at the beginning, “Trickster Dreams In The Mirror”.


It’s a story of a female main character whose magic power went out of control, so she enrolls in the magic academy, and there she will foster her relationships with fellow classmates, upperclassmen, and teachers.

The little sister’s favorite character was the fellow classmate and First Prince of the country, while his favorite was an upperclassman.

It seems that he also unexpectedly liked it.


And the senior student who was his favorite was… my older brother.


The appearance might be similar to my brother when he grows up, but the surrounding atmosphere is completely different.

I got curious as to why was that so, therefore I searched through the memory, then I regretted it.


The reason why my brother turned out to become like that, was me.

I, Sheryl Bashrawl, suffered from the “Dreaming Illness” and lost my life, or so it seemed.


…Am I going to die?


It’s something I understand, but when I think about it again, my heart hurts, all the more if my death casts a shadow on my older brother’s future.


Moreover, my life in the next two years…


Eh?! No, no, wait, isn’t that too quick?!


The “Dreaming Illness” indeed shortens life, but is it that short?!… I unconsciously crouched down and held my head.




There are congenital and acquired types, and apparently, I’m the former type of patient.

In the congenital case, the symptoms worsen after the third year of activation, furthermore, if the illness still advances, then the patient will no longer be able to leave the bed.

Because they die as they are, the patients became known as ones who forever dreams, thus the name “Dream Illness” came to be known.


It seems it doesn’t exist in his world, but magic exists here.

To practice magic, you must first be able to use Mana.


When it comes to Dreaming Illness, that mana is not discharged from the body and it continues to accumulate.

And it seems that if one accumulates more Mana than necessary, it harms the body.


Even though I do not know the pain that occurs daily, I realize it, that I’m gonna die at this rate.

Preferably, I’d like to die a painless death, and how many times have I thought of it… but because it saddens the people around me, I was not able to say it.

But that, too, is a lie.

If I were given a chance, I would love to live.

I do not want to be separated from my loving family.


However, what must be done?


The “Dreaming Illness” has no cure.

Even if I search for memories, there is no such information that therapy has been established in the game.

But at this rate, if I die, Nii-sama will end up changing!

For my gentle brother to speak such words, to show such expressions… just what should I do?


— Oppose it.


Do not abandon life. Resist death.

I felt like that’s what he told me.


Quickly, I dig through those memories again.

That’s right, he knows of this world. Even if it’s a game, even if it’s just made up, I’m living here.

I’m still alive.

I sank to the bottom of the memories, looking for anything that could keep my life longer.