Outstanding Dog Chapter 6

A Reunion with Macho

It felt so good within the soft straws that I ended up sleeping in for a longer period of time.
I woke up from the sound of the incoming hoofs.
I stuck my head outside the straws and turned to look at the direction where the sound comes from.
Morning light shined brightly from the within the entrance, a huge horse being pulled by a silhuette entered. The one pulling is a man. This guy is also big. Or rather, he’s huge.
When the man placed the horse in an empty cage, he saw me.


I know this person! He’s the Macho man who visited Yorugen’s shop! The man who Yorugen gave his acknowledgement!
I was completely delighted to meet a person a know. As I walked towards Macho, I energetically wagged my tail.

[You, aren’t you the dog from the shop last time?]
Macho placed his hands on my front feet and carried my as he said so.

Yea, that’s right It’s been a while.

I nodded as if I’m a chicken pecking at feeds.
Macho suddenly stopped.

[…Why are you in a place like this? Are you being kept here at the mansion?]

No, no.

I shook my head sideways swiftly.
Macho sttiffened up again.

You see, I have a reason so I need to enter the mansion. Can you do something about it?

That’s what I meant to say but the only sound that came out from my mouth was a pitiful *kyuuun* sound.
When I blinked my eyes at him, Macho placed me down.
I trottingly ran outside the stables. When I glanced back, I saw Macho following after me. When I got just a little bit of distance from the mansion, I turned my neck in its direction and made an appeal. I tapped the ground with my front leg.

I wish to enter that mansion.

Macho stopped and seemed to be thinking with his hand on his chin then murmured something.

[Do you need something in the mansion?]

Yes! That’s right!
I was so happy I got up and happily wagged my tail.
Macho sure is smart!
I walked over Macho’s boots and bit on the edge of his pants then tugged it.

Send me, inside, that mansion.

[Hey, don’t pull.]
Macho lifted me up with one hand and carried me in his bossom.

[So you want to get inside the mansion, huh. Got it.]
Macho unbuttoned the top of his vest and placed me inside.

Ooh, a close contact with Macho.
Macho’s body temperature is being transmitted through the thin fabric of his shirt. It somehow felt strange. But still, his stomach sure is rock hard. He must be pretty ripped. I playfully pushed on Macho’s muscles with my feet. As I thought, it’s hard. I’m so jealous! (TN: No homo! Not yet1! Stop being so naughty while in your dog form!!! Do it when you’re already human, darn it!)
[Hey, stop kicking me.]
I got scolded by Macho.

When Macho headed towards the entrance, the servant-like guy from yesterday was standing there.

[Hm? Alex-san, you’re pretty early.]
[Yo, Dirk. Sorry but I went and deposited my horse in the stables on my own. Can you please give it some water to drink later?]
[Of course, but]
[Let me meet with your master. I’ve made an appointment.]
[Haa, but, well, today is a bit…]

Ignoring the hesitating man, Macho went straight inside the mansion.
The old man from yesterday rushed in to meet us as if in a panick.
Macho stops.

[Alex-sama, please wait.]
The old man says.
[Hey, Fockel.]
[Good morning. Could you please wait here for a moment?]
[Don’t speak so foRmally. I need something from that guy. Sorry but I’ll have you let me through.]
Macho said so and climbed up the spiral staircase.

[You may not. I was ordered by master to not let anyone enter today no matter what.]
[I’m sorry. Please make this time an exception.]
[You may not proceed any further. Besides that, that creature inside your vest is?]
[It’s a dog. I decided to keep it starting today.]
[I would also like to detain that. Unfortunately, my master is not especially good with animals.]
[Is that so. I didn’t know.]
[Anyway, please wait.]
[Fockel, aren’t you also busy? You don’t need to attend to me.]

I see. So Macho’s name is Alex. I will also call him Alex from now on.

When Alex quickly arrived on the second floor while ignoring Fockel, quick footsteps could be heard towards the innermost room in the floor.
[Hey, Ferdinand, I’m coming in.]
After speaking, Alex opened the door without waiting for a reply.