Outstanding Dog Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I Found Myself

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Inside class case was a profile of a man which looked like a corpse.
Black hair that registers to the eyes, and pale yellowish skin that’s the first I ‘ve ever seen since I’ve bacome a dog. There’s no mistake. That’s the face I’ve always seen for the last 17 years of my human life! Also, that guy’s wearing a came here with a gakuran! That was the uniform form my school! It was very eye-catching!

I flusteredly dropped off from the wooden box and ran after the wagon.

Wait a momee~nt! Where are you taking my body?!

I ran. I ran with all my might. However, I have never cursed the shortness of my legs up till now. Even though that wagon’s speed as so slow, I can’t even keep up with it!
[Eh, what’s that? So cute~]
The people passing were looking at me and were making a fuss.
Well, of course I’ll be cute. A small puppy with it’s short legs is running desperately, after all. But I am very desperate! Because this is my full speed!
On the way, my legs tumbled upon each other tripping me over and when I looked over my shoulder, I was probably being laughed for making such a scene, but I still kept running.
When I passed through a relatively large street wchich has a historical feeling to it and arrived at a quiet townscape, I wasa at my limit.I’m so tired. I can’t run anymore.

While leaning on a old brick wall, I was panting hard with my tongue hanging down.
Perhaps it’s a drinking place for horses that I see, I licked the water flowing sideways to drink.
Then I had a thought.

There’s no mistake that what’s inside that glass case is my body.
But, why?
Because I’m actually here, and because my consciousness is here, then it means that that body is a corpse, right?
I’ve been a dog for some time now, but that does not look like it’s rotten even a bit. Because his complexion looks good, he looked like he’s asleep.
But if that isn’t dead, then what am I doing in this body?
The situation is too mysterious.

But still, a glass case(coffin?) What the heck am I? Snow White?
SInce it’s my body they’re carrying, being displayed in the public’s eyes and getting stared at makes me want to roll around in embarrassment! Damn it! Who is it that placed my body in there?!
Also, what’s gonna happen to my body from now on? Can it still be awakened?
I don’t want to think about it, but, if my body can’t be awakened, what would the do with it…?

Aa, I can’t. It’s scary just imagining it.

I decided to chase it after all, so I got up staggeringly. When I tried to sniff for the dual-horsed wagon, I could tell where it went… I think. My animal instict told me that it went that way so I turned my body and ran.

As soon as I began running, I found the wagon parked in front of a huge mansion.
Beside the banner is an old man, the two of them seem to be talking about something. When I looked at the platform, the glass case’s lid is open! The inside seems to be empty.
Eh, eh? Where’s my body? I panickly looked around when I saw a man in the entrance holding someone. Simply put, It’s a princess carry.. When I spotted the black hair, that’s probably me! I’m being princess carried!

So it’s there~!

I started running towards the mansion. (TN: I have a feeling thatt it’s a bad move.)
The one holding my body looked young. He’s a tall man with blond wavy hair. Because he’s acing the other way, I can’t see his face clearly.
A man who looks like the mansion’s servant gracefully(?) opened the door, and the blond man trotted inside while still holding my body. Although I might be lighter than an average 17-year-old boy but I should still be somewhat heavy, however, the blond-haired man carried my as if I’m wieghtless as he walked without even shifting his posture. That guy definitely trained well.

[Hey, please wait!]

When I tried to pass through the gate, the old man stopped me.
But since the Blond Macho already disappeared through the door, I ignored him and ran straight ahead into the mansion.

[Dirk! Please catch that dog for me!]
When the old man called out, the man who looked like a servant looked at me.

Please let me through~!

Even though I tried to appeal to him with my eyes, he still caught me and closed the door shut. (TN: Tsk. What a heartless person to ignore those puppy eyes!)
Argh! I was so close!

[Hey you, where’d you come from? You can’t go inside the mansion.]
While the man said so, he held me over my neck and tossed my outside the fence.

After the wagon left and the old man and the other man entered the mansion, I snuck through the gate’s gap and secretly entered the garden.
Then, after the sun went down for a while, I searched for any opening in the mansion to get through but I couldn’t find any.

I couldn’t help it so I went into the horses’ stables and shared a bit of their water before burrowing into a stay of straw.
Because I’ve been running around so hard all day, I’m dead tired and my legs are feeling heavy.

A~ah, I wonder why that Blond Guy brought my body inside the mansion.
I wonder what he’s going to do to my body. (TN:Ufufu, I wonder what~)
… I wonder what’s happening to my body right now.
Somehow, my back’s been throbbing.

I’ve been thinking a lot and I want to shout *Uwoooh!!!* out loud, but I can’t do anything about it in the mean time, an before I know it, I fell asleep.

TN: Hmm… I’m intrigued… I’m very intrigued.