Summer night.


Chika was unable to sleep from the heat.


Her parents aren’t coming home tonight.


The house isn’t that big, yet it feels strangely spacious today.


Let’s quickly go to sleep. Tightly closes her eyes, she tries to go to sleep and curls herself up.




(It’s useless, I can’t sleep……)


She wants to sleep but her head is totally clear.




There’s suddenly a loud noise in a house that’s supposed to be empty.


The startled Chika is unable to let out a sound, she can’t move.


(……Wha, what was that, just now…………)


She feels that her back is damp with sweat but for some reason, she feels a chill.


There is no other sound.


“It’s just my imagination……right?”


She tells herself that. However.


She heard a sound of something gradually getting closer.


This time, Chika was completely frozen.