Inaka Life Omake 2

Crash-san’s Memoir 2

In the war against the Roland Kingdom, even though I was currently serving as Aine-sama’s caretaker, I must still participate as I am still a part of Cherubim-sama’s Royal Guard. It must have been a war that must be won. Telling Aine-sama that I’m going on a trip, I changed into my armor and joined the march.

Speaking of the Roland Kingdom, it’s a kingdom with great agriculture. If there was something rare, I was planing of making it a souvenir.

From there, the Great General received a deep wound and disappeared from the battlefield. I utilized the army and searched but we couldn’t find him, so we decided to return to the castle at once.


I Dropped by Aine-sama’s house holding the seeds of a new crop called strawberry on one hand. When I entered the house, Aine-sama looked so happy when he approached me that I stroked his head. When I did so, a strong force suddenly caught my hand and when I turned, was that not the Great General!

[Yuan! What are you doing!]

[…I would appreciate it if you don’t touch my brother.]

[Well, well. Isn’t this the Great General. I’ve been rude.]

[Don’t ever touch him again.]

[Wait, what are you saying? Sorry, Crash-san. By all means, please touch me.] (TN: I found this really suggestive for some reasons.]

[Big Brother! What!]

[My body is mine, not Yuan’s. So it’s fine.]

It was so funny, I had to endure the laughter. Yuan-sama’s love for Aine-sama and hostility against me was clearly being conveyed. I felt my grasped hand. Glad that he looked well more than anything.

And so, I told them about the country’s search for Yuan-sama and Aine-sama tried to persuade Yuan-sama. Yosh— Let’s drink a lot! Yuan-sama grabbed the enthused me by the neck and had me guide him from the house to the castle.


A few nights had passed after.

I was eating dinner at Aine-sama’s house when a commotion happened. I heard the sound of a lot of horses outside with the door violently opened and soldiers came rushing in.

The indoor plants that Aine-sama raised and the interior were trampled and destroyed.

The last to enter imposingly was none other the First prince, Reichel-sama. My eyes widened from surprise. Why’s Reichel-sama here—?

Reichel-sama voiced out loud Aine–sama’s “committed crimes” and ordered the soldiers to seize him.

And I was also brought along for some reason. Because it would be bad to cause a scene here, I pretended to be caught obediently. Let’s quickly bring Aine-sama into the forest and disappear, was what I was thinking when Daigurou was kicked flying.

It seemed to have wanted to help the resisting Aine-sama by biting and was kicked. Aine-sama watched as it stopped moving and tears starting flowing out.

Aah— Poor Aine-sama, please forgive me for being unable to wipe your tears right now.

However, Aine-sama was a person who was stronger than I’d expected. After confirming Daigorou’s safety, he wiped his tears and stood up.

The Aine-sama from back then was amazing.

He told Reichel-sama with a resolute attitude to release me. To the Reichel-sama who said that I can’t be released as an insurance,

[Big Brother, I won’t run away. You can boil or fry my head, do whatever you want. However, please promise that you won’t lay a hand on the other.]

Aine-sama solemnly said with clear eyes. The big brother, Reichel-sama, upon hearing Aine-sama’s words unconciously gulped and stiffened in place.

Liliana-sama! I couldn’t stop myself from thinking. That straightforward, unbending will in front of power! A certain old man seemed to have loose tear ducts. A different kind of emotion from when I first met him attacked me.

Why are you so strong—

At that time, I felt a strong gaze from one of the soldiers at the scene. When I turned my head, my subordinate and the caretaker of Liliana-sama’s garden, Hazel, was there. Why’s the king’s personal guard here… When our eyes met, Hazel slowly nodded his head.
Looking at that behaviour, I observed the situation. The ones who stormed inside the house were greenhorn soldiers, in other words, the ones under Reichel-sama were four people. On the other hand, Hazel and another soldier belongs to the King. I see.
It looked like in this case, Rachel-sama acted on his own. And Cherubim-sama will deal about it later, or so it seems.

I sat on the spot as if strength had left me. When I did so, a young soldier slapped me on the head, ‘Don’t sit!’ He shouted. So it seems I had to give him a lesson after a while, I glared at him sharply.

One night has passed and I had learned through the carrier pigeon that Aine-sama has been safely released and was to live in Liliana-sama’s Garden.

So Cherubim-sama has finally met with Aine-sama, huh.


When I entered the house, I heard the greeting of Daigorou and Aine-sama with the curled-up Mike saying, ‘Your master is fine’.

Daigorou was jumping around merrily barking, WAN WAN WAN! Mike purred and curled back into a ball and closed her eyes, she looked happy.

And after a while, I heard the sound of a horse from a distance so I checked it out thinking whether it’s Aine-sama’s.

When I told Aine-sama that I’m currently taking care of his two pets, he cried and hugged me. What a truly sincere person…. I might have been surprised from suddenly being hugged that body shook, but I stroked Aine-sama’s head. Aine-sama seems to like having his head stroked, as he nuzzled his head on my hand. He looked cute but I might get killed by the Great General so let’s stop, I thought. As Yuan-sama seems to have the same obsession as Gilliam-sama, it might not be long before he starts swinging his sword towards me.

Then, while walking, Aine-sama confirmed that I was a Palace Guard. So Cherubim-sama told him already. I swiftly went on my knees and bowed my head. To that me, Aine-sama panicked and told me to raise my head.

I can’t raise my head at this point, as I thought so, Aine-sama crouched down and leveled or eyes.

With a kind voice, he said, ” Crash-san, please raise your head”. As I fearfully raised my head, I met with the smiling Aine-sama’s eyes.

[I was able to live these past two years in the countryside because of Crash-san. This naive me. All of it are thanks to Crash-san. Moreover, you saved Daigorou and Mike. I can’t thank you enough.]

[To Crash-sa, I might just be a part of your work and a naive Prince, but to me, you’re my Teacher!]

“Just a part of my work”, huh —

Besides, Aine-sama being naive, there’s no way that’s true. Being able to do farming and housekeeping and living by yourself, you’re an outstanding Prince.

[So please stop using such formal way of speaking and stay as my teacher!]

Since Aine-sama said so while smiling, I thought it’s my loss and sighed. I just can’t win against this person, I thought.


That person was very beautiful.

I’ll soon turn 53. A good age for an old man. From being a farmer, I went to the castle to serve the Princess as a guard, then I became a gardener, and then as the current King’s guard, I was tasked to take care of the beautiful Second Prince.

I realized that it was really great that I left the countryside. Because if had not, then I wouldn’t have tasted such sense of fulfillment for the rest of my life.

I dropped by Liliana-sama’s Garden after a long time, and there was Aine-sama . Just how happy was I to see such a sight —
[Liliana-sama, have I done a great job with my mission?]

When I looked up the blue sky, I felt the wind blow.