Inaka Life Chapter 21

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A slight NSFW content.

Chapter 21 – The Original Figure that I’ve forgotten


As the ball lasts longer, Yuan’s and my motivation to look for a wife started waning.
It must have been because of the overwhelming momentum from the ladies. Once, when Yuan and I were dancing on the dance floor, an annoying incident happened. And it was a violent one.
Since I’ve been smiling from the first night to the second night, my smile is stating to thin out so I decided to sit quietly on the throne.

Since we are searching for the Kingdom’s wife, in other words, the Queen, the women’s eyes look me like that of a prey.
To be acknowledged, they wear thick make up, heavy perfume, dresses with deep neckline, all of them are irritating me. Looking at Yuan beside me, his heart doesn’t look like it’s present.

After being released from the  long event, I changed into my sleepwear and just like that fell asleep.  Aa, I wanna drink some coffee.
However, I don’t have the energy to move. From here to that guy’s house takes 20 minutes by horse. I have never felt such grudge for that guy’s house to be so far.
When I closed my eyes, that guy’s idiotic face while eating the pound cake popped up.
Just why is that guy’s idiotic smile suddenly came to my mind?
A laugh naturally came out. I’ll hurry up and find a bride as soon as possible and then I’ll go brag about it to him. (TN: Are you a kid? Has your childhood arrived late?)

[Fufufu, hahaha!]

Must be because I was spent. I can’t stop laughing. (TN: Will you still be fine, Future Pirate King… No.. Future King?)

It was the fourth day when it happened. On that day, I ended the event earlier than usual. It’s because Yuan’s face didn’t look good.
I ordered Yuan to take a rest, told the guests to enjoy themselves, then I also retired.
Still, today’s women sure were horrible. Are all ladies from the noble families like that?They were praising me with all they’ve got that I am the prettiest and the most excellent person, to the point that I was about to ask for a mirror if I could. (TN:Evil Queen, is that you?)

It’s already a given that I am the most beautiful and the most excellent of all. They aren’t even aware of their own worth, there’s no way they can become the Queen.
I once again returned to my room and again fell on the bed as I was. Then, I began thinking while staring at the ceiling. Just what is my ideal wife?
Gently, caring and quiet? Or maybe a person who can do anything and support me by my side? A beautiful person?
When my thought came up to there, it suddenly became harder to proceed. I thought it would be easy to find a wife, but to think it would be this difficult. (TN: That’s right! At least you’re a prince! There are others who want to have even one date and can’t find any! I..It’s not like I’m talking to myself, ok? I’m not. I said I’m not! Humph!)

When I was still agonizing over what my ideal wife is, Marius came to my side. I quickly got up from the bed and opened my mouth.

[What’s the matter.]
[Yuan-sama is heading to Aine-sama’s house. I reckon whether you would like to go after him.]
[Prepare the horse.]
[I’ve already prepared it.] (TN: Marius, you efficient bastard~ I hope you get your own Uke or seme wherever universe you are.)
[Aine, that fellow, I won’t let him!] (TN:It’s the other way around Nii-sama! The other way around!)

I hurriedly left the room.
Even though I’m supposed to be tired, but my body feels light.
Has it been a long time since I’ve seen that guy’s face? And I’ll also drink some coffee. While riding the horse, my mouth naturally loosened up. I was trying to imagine what kind of conversation we’ll be having.

I noticed something strange only after I’ve entered the dark house. Yuan should have come here, why is the house so dark? When I thought so, the cat rubbed against my feet.
What, I have no time to play around with you, so I thought as I tried to shake it away but the cat walked away on its own. It walked in front and then abruptly stopped and looked at my face. Is it telling me to follow it?
To have such an attitude towards me, it’s really just like its owner, I thought as I laughed.
The cat headed to the second floor so I followed along. It was then.

[No~! Stop! It hur…!]

I heard such voice. This is Aine’s voice. I rushed over the room where the voice was coming from.
What I saw from the opened door was a situation where Yuan was pinning down a completely undressed Aine with his finger inserted  on Aine’s asshole. (TN: See? You need to stop a different person…)

[It’s tight as expected, huh. I’ll lick it for you.]
[Yaa~! No! I’m scared! Stop!]

Despite Aine’s rejection, Yuan lowers his head and licked Aine’s ass. Just what on earth is this abnormal situation?!
Aine has probably reached his limit as his come dripped out. However, disregarding Aine’s state, Yuan was desperately licking Aine’s ass.

[Please stop already… I beg you..]

From Aine’s mouth came out a weak voice begging for him to stop.
The moment I heard his voice, I rushed out and planted a fist on Yuan’s head who’s been licking Aine’s ass the whole time. “I hope you bite your tongue!” I thought.

[Marius! Bring this guy to the castle!]
[A, Aine-niisama! Aine-niisama~!]

Marius quickly enters the room  and swiftly restrains Yuan, then dragged him away while still being restrained. Yuan seems to have finally returned to his senses, as he desperately called out Aine’s name. Aine’s  probably just as confused himself as he stared at Yuan blankly, but I don’t want to put Yuan in Aine’s view so I covered his head with my jacket.

[Aa, Aniue, it’s gonna get dirty!]
[It’s fine. I don’t mind.]

Why would I even worry about my jacket? You were assaulted be a man, moreover, it’s your real little brother—
I tried saying that but when I was about to open my mouth, but when I saw Aine who was sitting beneath me started crying  heavily, I couldn’t stop myself and unconciously hugged him.

[Don’t cry.]

He probably remembered Yuan’s assault on him. Aine’s body flinched. You don’t have to be afraid, I stroked Aine’s head with that intention.

[Uu… Uuu…]
[I’m sorry to have let you suffer such a thing.]

Truthfully, it’s because I have been cornering Yuan lately. Because of it, Yuan snapped and did such a thing.
More than I expected, I strengthened my embrace on his frail and weak body. It must have been terrifying to be attacked by the same gender, furthermore, his own little brother. If it were me, I would’ve crushed his balls, but this guy’s body has been weak since young, not even able to withstand martial arts training.  That’s why, when it comes to physical contests, this is the only outcome.

[…I’ll take you to bathe.]

I would’ve found Aine who was desperately clinging to me to walk disgusting if it were the me from before, but now, I only find him adorable. I carried Aine as he is and entered the bathroom. Because of Yuan, he was given a horrible experience, but at least, his body should be cleaned up.

As I thought so, we entered the bathroom and placed Aine under the shower. It’s to rinse off the scent of sexual activity .(?)Without  saying anything, Aine entrusted his body to me.
After that, I dried him with the towel, and carried him up until the bed. I also felt it last time but, this guy is too thin. Let’s have this guy eat more, I secretly thought.
I covered Aine with a warm blanket. Then, I gave Aine’s forehead a kiss.

[Sleep properly for now… while you’re sleeping, I will clean up everything so sleep peacefully.]

As I said so, Aine slowly closed his eyelids.
Suddenly, I remembered when we were kids and Aine, who was scared of the dark,  wished to sleep together with me while bringing his own pillow. At that time, he also silently held on to me without saying anything.
Ever since we were young, he used to call me “Onii-sama, Onii-sama!” while chasing after me, but I wonder since when has he started going against me. He probably did it to hide his weak self.
I’ve long forgotten, Aine’s memories when we were young. They were completely overtaken by the memory of my impression of him during the fight for succession. The Aine who was previously docile must have been the real Aine.
I’ve always believed otherwise—
Aren’t I a failure as the man who is to become the King? I clenched my fists tightly.

[Oi, the dog and cat over there.]

When I called out, the two of them came over my feet.

[Look after this guy. To heal him is your duty, you understand, don’t you?] (TN: Oi. Or rather.. .they’ve been doing that without you telling them.)

As I said so, I stroked the dog’s head. The dog obediently let itself be stroked. The cat cried once and curved into a ball next to Aine and fell asleep.

[Now then, I have some thing I need to do.]

First, I must somehow deal with that idiot…
I put on my cloak and left the mansion.