Inaka Life Chapter 17

INAKA LIFE 17: A Clumsy Person
TN: I changed Pastor to Priest and banquet to Ball***

The resumed ball was livelier than ever.
The sound of music and laughter was leaking from the castle, making it noisy.

I was watching those happenings from the window of my room.

Daigorou rubbed himself on me. I placed my hand on my head, feeling amazed.

[Daigorou, I’m fine.]

As I was talking, I hugged Daigorou and he cried *Kuun* lightly.



[Hey, see? Isn’t she better than him?]
[No, I am—]
[You there, the one with the red-head. Name yourself.]

As I heard my brother’s voice call out, the room was already filled with guests and the hot air was accumulating.

The ball room that was soon opened was gorgeously decorated. The orchestra’s accompaniment, the dishes, decorations, everything’s out of this world. And above all else, Aniue’s motivation is sky-high.
Sitting next to me, Aniue who’s talking to the redhead looks normal. However, from my point of view, all I can see is him being forced to attend this party.

The cause is Aine-niisama.

When Aine-niisama said that he’d apologize to me, Aniue probably found it unacceptable.
That’s of course. Because Aine-niisama didn’t do anything wrong. From my brother’s idea of justice, Aine-niisama’s way of thinking has probably touched my brother’s rage.
Moreover, it was my inability to control myself that started all of this.
I sighed quietly to not earn my brother’s attention.

For sure, Aine-niisama must have been deeply hurt. That, too, is surely my fault. Instead of wasting my time in a useless event like this, I would like to go apologise to Aine-niisama.
Aniue laughed in a loud voice. When I unconsciously turned to look…

(Your eyes are not laughing, Aniue…)

Even though his mouth is laughing, his eyes are cold. The redhead was probably in cloud nine for being talked to, she didn’t notice anything.

Aniue surely knows of this himself. Aniue has, towards Aine-niisama—



Until yesterday, Reichel-niisama came here to eat breakfast, but today is very quiet. I’m being foolish just because Nii-sama isn’t here.

He was probably trying to lighten up my mood when I was almost attacked my Yuan before. Yet, I made him mad.

[I’m really useless…]

But, I want to get along well with Yuan, too. We’ve finally become close with each other. Just because of that one mistake, I don’t want us to pretend to be strangers.

[Am I being selfish…?]

When I said so, Mike got on the table and licked my cheek. Round eyes are staring at me.

[Thank you, Mike.]

As I was stroking her head, she flipped over her body on top of the table and showed me her belly. As I was patting her stomach with *pon pon*, she closed her eyes looking blissful.

I was thinking I want to meet Yuan no matter what. Reichel-niisama’s angry face came into my mind, but I don’t think that I was wrong.
I think that if I hadn’t returned to the castle, us being estranged with each other won’t probably be a big deal.
But when I briefly lived with Yuan, I had fun together with him and my heart-felt at peace, it felt irreplaceable.
This is definitely what it means to be family, is what I think. I finally attained it, I don’t want to lose this happiness because of me.
So I thought, as I placed the vegetables I picked this morning in the basket together with the cake and coffee powder and headed to the temple.
I can hear the sound of the pipe organ.
The last time I came here was probably two years ago. *Gii*, I opened the heavy door and went inside the temple.
Inside the temple was cool compared to the hot weather outside, it’s very refreshing.

[Oya, isn’t this Aine-sama. It has been a long time.]
[Hello, Priest-sama. It’s been a long time.]
[You really look like Liliana-sama.]
[Priest-sama also… about Liliana-sama…]
[That’s of course! It’s a secret from Gilliam-sama and Cherubim-sama, but Liliana-sama used to deliver flowers here and prayed.]
[Eeh, here?!]

The temple shouldn’t be a place where just anybody could enter aside from the royal family.
Seeing my surprised face, the Priest laughed until his eyes became small.

[Liliana-sama got lost on her way and arrived here, but I believed that God led her here.]
[God did?]
[Because Liliana-sama looked like the reincarnation of a Goddess. Her arriving at this place was inevitable.]

The Priest-sama was grinning happily while talking.
Liliana-sama was really loved by a lot of people. On the other hand, I’m only being hated…

Seeing my depressed look, Priest-sama put his hand on my shoulder and guided me to sit on a chair.
[Has something happened?]
[I wanted to apologize to Yuan…]
[To Yuan-sama?]
[…Yes. In fact—]

I told him everything that happened so far. When before returning to the castle us brothers didn’t get along, when I was about to be attacked by Yuan, facing Reichel-niisama’s angry face.

I must’ve accumulated a lot of grievances inside and I just poured everything out while crying.
Priest-sama listened intently to everything without any prejudice. Occasionally, he pats my back and tells me “You’ve had it hard” while listening to me.

[Truth is, I just really want to get along well with my brothers.]
[..Aine-sama has a very kind heart.]
[I’m not kind at all, I’m just being selfish…]
[ I believe that it’s a necessary selfishness.]
[In the world where everybody is laughing and you’re the only one in pain, it’s a normal wish to have, Aine-sama.]

Priest-sama smiled at me.
Those words further urged my tears to fall and I cried for a while.
Maybe I’ve always been aware of it. I cried my guts out and after a while, I got sleepy.
When Priest-sama saw me being like that, he chuckled.

[Just sleep as you are, Aine-sama. Let’s go together to see the Prince when you wake up—-]

I closed my eyelids and slept.



My brother’s mood is bad.
Even though he looked like he was enjoying himself at the ball, this person is also weird, I thought as I looked through the documents.

Since then, I’ve been relieved of my punishment and started helping him on his job. According to my brother, after the ball has ended, Military duties shall follow.

Because I didn’t like the prickling atmosphere, I used a suitable excuse and left the room.

Honestly speaking, I’d like to go to Aine-niisama’s house but at this rate, it’s much better to go to the temple, so I thought as I headed towards the temple.



[These are some delicious vegetables, Aine-sama]
[I grew them myself. They’re edamame(beans) and tomatoes.]
[Edamame(beans), first time I heard of such vegetable.]
[If you boil it and add some salt, it’ll go well with beer!]
[Hohoho, that sounds delicious… And what is this black powder?
[This is called coffee and is Reichel-niisama’s favorite drink. If you add this in hot water, it will be ready to serve.]
[I probably won’t be able to meet with Yuan so I would like to ask you to please give it to him.]

I was walking together with Priest-sama in the hallway.

When I woke up after the drama, Priest-sama brought me a warm towel. It’s to place over my swollen eyes after crying.
Since small, I’ve always found sermons to be long, so I apologized in my heart.
Also, according to Priest-sama, it’s much better if the three of us siblings talk it out to resolve the problem, that’s why I’m now heading towards the office.

“What if the both of them rejects me?” I anxiously thought. Still, it’s not as if time will solve the problem by itself. If I don’t move, nothing will happen.
That’s what I thought while I was walking.

[Oi, oi. This isn’t a place a commoner can enter.]

In front of us stood 2 nobles I’ve never met before, blocking our path.

[Aren’t you the useless Second Son who left everything to his Little Brother and Older Brother, left the castle after getting interested in farming and was brought back, Aine Le Clover?]

I was surprised by what I was told. So they knew about me?
While his mouth was yapping, he walked towards me and grabbed the tomato inside my basket. The other one pinches(?) the bag the coffee was placed in.

[It’s because you live while making things like these that’s making your status low.] [TN: it said 「いいご身分だなあ?こんなん作って暮らしていけるんだからよ」I’m not so sure.]

[Pleas watch your mouth. If Reichel-sama or Yuan-sama heard of this—]
[Priest-sama, it’s fine. Well then, please continue.]

When I stopped the Priest-sama, one of the nobles whistled and hummed.

[Is this the so-called pride of the royalty? Kukuku]
[What did the two of you come here for?]
[Hey, why are you here? Even if a dirty peasant like you gets mistaken, you won’t be able to get here at all.]
[I must meet with Nii-sama and Yuan—]

At that moment, the guy holding the tomato in his hand crushed it. The tomato got squashed and the juice splashed at my face.]

[Ahaha! That look suits you, Aine-sama!]
[What a thing for you guys to do—! You won’t get out of this unscathed!]
[Oi, who do you think is behind us?]
[Wa, what do you…]
[It’s your beloved Reichel Le Clover!]

*Pota pota* The tomato juice drips to the ground, staining it.
Reichel-niisama did— [TN: RIP, Reichel’s place in Aine’s heart.]
Looking back to it, he did order for me to get out of the palace. Aah, I see, as I thought, Nii-sama never thought of me as his younger brother. [TN: my heart feels like that tomato that’s just been crushed. TT_TT]

[That’s a matter of course. Ever since you arrived here, Reichel-sama and Yuan-sama has become weird. Even though it was peaceful when you left. Everything turned messy after you’ve come here.]

He whispered into my ear and flipped the basket I was holding upside down.
The nobles laughed out loud as they stepped on the cake on the ground and went back on the way the came from. Priest-sama hurriedly wiped my face with a towel but I shook away his hand.

[Aine-sama, there is no need for you to take heed of what those people from earlier has said. Those were just nonsense.]
[No, it’s fine. I got it.]

I gathered the scattered Edamame(beans) on the floor, picked up the squashed cake and then wiped the tomato juice with my clothes. The carpet, it got stained, huh. This time, Nii-sama might really treat this as a crime and sentence me to death. [TN: It’s emotionally hard to translate this part. Sh*t, my tears… *sniff*]
I stood up and went back to where I came from. From behind, Priest-sama was saying something but I didn’t hear it at all.



On the way, I came across the Banbrook nobility Young Masters. When I passed by, I nodded my head. I walked on the side road and headed directly to the temple. [TN: I am not so sure about this.]


When I called out in a loud voice, Priest-sama approached me with a face that looked like he’s about to cry.

[What’s wrong, Pries-sama?]
[Aahh, just now, a terrible thing…]
[Please calm down……this stain is… could this be blood…]

On his feet, there’s a big red stain. When I touched it to check, it’s still wet. Still, it’s quite thin when comparing it to blood.

[That’s tomato, Yuan-sama.]
[With Aine-sama’s tomato…]

Priest-sama started crying hard before finishing his words.
He said it’s Aine-niisama’s tomato?
Could it be, Aine-niisama came here to see me because something happened?
I grabbed both shoulders of the still crying Priest-sama and shook him hard.

[Tell me everything that’s happened here—]



Just how long has Yuan been gone for?

It was during the time when I summoned Carl to talk about the Ball.
The door was violently opened. Yuan came in with two Banbrook Young Masters.

[Aniue, my apologies for being late.]
[I don’t mind.Those people are?]
[Yes. As per Aniue’s request, I have a case I want to report.] [TN: 「ええ。兄上に頼まれた案件で、良い報告があるそうです。」???]
[A request I made to be reported?]

I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.
However, as I confusedly looked at the noble youths, their faces grew red from excitement.

[Yes. Reichel-sama, we drove away the Second Prince who was trying to invade the palace with our own two hands.] [TN: THese stupid idiots! lol]
[That same Second Prince who you find really annoying.]

I was so shocked I forgot to blink.
What are they talking about?

[We heard it from Carl-sama. That Reichel-sama was troubled because of the Second Prince. That’s why the both of us came forward and removed that tumor.]
[…Hoh. Carl, you ordered it for my sake?]

I asked Carl who was at the corner. Carl started talking with a big smile on his face.

[That’s right。You are the man who is going to be the future King. You should erase the people who are troubling you.

Even though Reichel-sama was troubled by the Second Prince, but because you’re siblings, you can’t lift your hand. That’s why, in Reichel-sama’s place, won’t you do it?

When I asked them so, these two nobles acknowledged it. Now, please give these kids their rewards.]

At that time, Yuan looked into my eyes and opened his mouth.

[It seems that these two not only abused Aine-niisama verbally, but they also smeared the tomatoes Aine-niisama brought, on himself. [TN: was the comma necessary on the last part or not?]
They also seemed to call him a dirty commoner who drives the both of us crazy. They also squashed the tomato Nii-sama used as a dressing, drenching him with its juice—]

[Additionally, that person also brought some cake. He was probably planning to tempt you with it so I stepped on it.]
[He also brought something like a black soil. Was he planning on making a muddy water?]
[As expected from a man who can’t do anything. It’s unbearably embarrassing, isn’t it?]

After saying so, Carl laughed out loud. The nobles were also laughing. I, too, coldly laughed.

[I will give you guys a reward.]
[Crucifixion or decapitation, which one’s better?] [TN: 「磔と斬首、どちらが良いか?」it said.]
[— Eh?]
The men’s movements suddenly stopped.

[Carl, you choose, too. I could hang you specially as the mastermind. You’ll be displayed in the middle of the plaza, suffering while being stared at by the citizens. Isn’t it nice?] [TN: It is]

[Wa, e, a…?]
[Aniue, I think it will be better to do it without Aine-niisama’s knowledge.]]
[You’re right, he’s probably gonna blame himself again… It seems we can only execute them in secret, then. Marius.]

After one call, Marius entered the room and seized Carl. The other Palace Guards captured the other two nobles.
Carl couldn’t seem to believe what’s going on and called out to me with a rough voice.

[Why are you doing such a thing?! I’m think of you and the kingdom—]!
[For the sake of the kingdom?]

When I asked him so, Carl answered with his spit flying around.

[Absolutely! Your Highnesses have been acting strangely after that person came! It was especially problematic when Yuan-sama cancelled the ball because he was being punished. That was probably because Aine-sama caused some trouble and blew it up big time. He doesn’t even have an official position, he’s just a lowly commoner farmer trying to mislea—]
[When did I ask you?]
[— Yes?]
[Don’t forget, Carl. Aine is my younger brother and my father’s biological son. Scheming against the King’s son is a huge crime. Don’t think you’ll be able to live.]

While listening to my words, Carl weakly dropped on his knees. When I sent Marius a glance, he pulled Carl off the ground and dragged him away. Additionally, the two nobles gushing with tears were also taken away.

[I was told that Aine-niisama came here to talk to with the two of us.]

Yuan must have endured everything for a long time, his face was very red.

[He also seemed to have bought some vegetables, cake, and something called coffee. He said, the coffee was Aniue’s—]

Aa! Aine! You prepared the coffee for me?
In an instant, Aine’s face with a soft smile appeared on my mind.
Aine said yesterday that he’s living in a narrow world. I thought it has nothing to do with me and I won’t concern myself with it. [TN: Again, very unsure of this.]

[It seems that I, myself, am living in such a narrow world…]

It’s those shitheads’ fault that Aine has probably been hurt again.
Does this mean that my treatment towards Aine has become crude—
I couldn’t bear it and left the room.

[Yuan! You come, too! There is something we must tell Aine.]
[Yes, Aniue!]
Hopefully, he’s not crying I prayed.
This is the first time that I thought the castle and Aine’s dwelling are unbearably far.