Inaka Life Chapter 14

The Sardines Won’t Run Away


By the time I opened my eyes, I instantly recalled the reason why I collapsed and was thinking how to deal with it as I got up from the bed.

Marius, about how long was I asleep?]

[It’s half a day, Your Highness.]

[At that time, did Yuan and Aine meet?]

[No,sir. Yuan-sama carried Your Highness to the clinic, then went to the Third Division for inspection.]

[Is that so… Marius, you’ve done well. I will leave it to you to continue with your observations.]

[Yes, sir.]

After Marius left the room, I also left after a while.

To simplify things —

Aine somehow manipulated Yuan into wanting to take him as his wife and is planning to control the government in the shadows. I don’t know what kind of tricks he pulled but to make the hard-headed Yuan fall for him, so he’s not just and idiot but also a seductress. I couldn’t but get irritated for some reason.

But I won’t let you do as you please. And so I dropped by my Father’s office.

[Father, I have something to tell you.]



There’re strawberry flowers blooming. They were white and beautiful. Apparently, you need to give strawberries water everyday so I water them frequently. Once the petals fall, it’s time to harvest the strawberries.

When strawberries are ripe, you can eat them as is, add them to a cake, or make a jam out of them..

For Kamekichi who’s in the pond, I poured sardines into the water to scatter. I wonder if it’s because it’s summer, he’s been excitedly playing at the bottom of the water that he didn’t notice the food.

[Kamekichi~ the sardines won’t run.]

He’s so cute as I fed him the sardines. Actually, if you feed it by hand, he would get used to it and won’t eat any other way next time so it’s not good. He ate the sardine with a big mouth and went back underwater.

After seeing the situation, I headed to the field. Tomatoes, cucumber, green beans! Summer veggies, BANZAI! While thinking that it would be nice to drink beer or something, I thought of sponging off Crash-san who lives nearby.

Meanwhile, I heard the sound of a horse. I wondered who it was as I raised my head.


It was Reichel-niisama.

[There’s just something I wanted to tell you. Before that, bring out the coffee.] (TN: Uwaah! You shameless @!#$!)

[O, Okay.]

I’m ashamed as an ex-Japanese to be swayed and ordered around like this! I brought the vegetables I picked up and entered the house.

Reichel-niisama laughed as he watched Kamekichi swimming in the pond.

[It sure resembles a certain owner! You!]

What do you mean?!

Even though this person hates me this much, why does he keep coming here?! Moreover, ordering me to bring out coffee as if he’s my master! Is this a coffee shop?!

I begrudgingly set the fire stronger than usual. But in the end, I’m the most miserable for silently listening to all of it, I thought as I headed towards the table with my drooped shoulders.

I poured the coffee before Reichel-niisama who has already sat on a chair. Recently, I’ve been having iced coffee but I served his hot. It’s a small resistance!

[Fu~n… It’s not bad.]
[So what is it? You didn’t come here just to have some coffee, right?]

[Me and Yuan has decided to each take a wife.]

[A wife!]

No wonder I thought I heard the sound of the trumpets so early in the morning! I see, so it’s a noble’s daughter who has come to the palace to be a bride!

[It’s too bad that your plan is ruined, huh?]


[Your plan to make Yuan your husband to participate in government affairs!]



[A, Aniue, I’m straight. Besides, I’m not into incest.]

[What a funny ting to say. Yuan told me he wanted to take you as his wife. Weren’t you the one who initiated it? I don’t know what tricks you used but, too bad, huh.]

Darn that Yuan! What the heck did he say?!

[A, Aniue! I, I want to take a bride, too!]

If I were to be misunderstood, then I want a wife! When I appealed so, I got laughed at through the nose.

[Do you want a wife with influential background as a backbone? As if I’d allow that. You’ll be alone for the rest of your life!]

As he deliberately said so, Reichel-niisama drank his coffee. Could it be that I’ll be a virgin forever?! If that’s the case, I should’ve made myself a girlfriend back in the forest!

As I got depressed, I went back to the kitchen and poured some milk and dripped some honey. I don’t like sweet drinks and having it drip/flow the most.

[What are you doing in there? Hurry and come!]

[Y, Ye~s]


What an unreasonable fellow! If he criticizes me again, I’ll really snap.

[One week from now, there will be a big party in the castle. You already know this but, you must absolutely not participate.]

[Yes. I understand.]

[Fumu, as long as you understand. Bye.] (TN: Shoo, you pest!)

Reichel-niisama put the coffee cup with a *kon* and left. I heaved a long sigh as I sat on the desk. At this rate, I’ll be deflated by stress. As I thought like so, Mike cried as she patted my head with her paw.

[Mike always comforts me every time I get bullied by Reichel-niisama, huh.]

Is that so? As if saying that, Mike stretched her neck and let out a yawn.



[Reichel-niisama! What do you mean by this?! For me to get married—!]

[It’s for your sake. Don’t you think that instead of that irksome, stupid man, it’s better to have a modest and beautiful wife?]

[I do not!]

[That was a quick response.]

[I think that it is Aine-niisama who is the most beautiful and the most modest of all. Compared to him, all the other women are like trash.]

That’s right, if you place any woman before that Goddess, they will all look ordinary—

Reichel-niisama heaved a big sigh.

[A lot of Ladies and Princesses have already arrived. You should at least understand that what has already started couldn’t be stopped. Decide within the week, understand? This is an order as your Older Brother.]

Reichel-niisama didn’t even let me say a word before sending me out of his office with his hand.

Why is he so against Aine-niisama that much….

In this world, only me loving Aine-niisama is enough but, if such ill will gathers, it won’t be acceptable. The most irritating thing is that my work has increased and I don’t have time to see Aine-niisama. We weren’t able to meet even once even though we’re in the same place, you know.

I feel like I’m about to go mad. As I thought, should I just become the King and take Aine-niisama as my bride so that Reichel-niisama won’t be able to say anything?


Why is our love being this difficult? I looked at the full moon through the window and closed my eyes.