Inaka Life Chapter 13

Coffee and Reichel-niisama

My new home felt like heaven—

Liliana-sama’s Garden which was behind the castle was filled with colorful flowers which seemed to expand through the horizon, that was the Garden’s entrance. As I passed through the flower garden, I saw a single house.
Next to the house was a small pond, I released Kamekichi [the turtle] in there. Behind the house was a wide field, and even though there’s nothing planted in there, it looked well-maintained.

[I wonder if it’s alright for me to live here?]

It looks like it’s wasted on me… I can understand why Reichel-sama was mad.

[It’s because it’s Aine, that’s why it’s allowed.]

After saying so, Crash-san lightly hit my head. Because it’s me?

The plain ol’ me? No matter how much I look similar to Liliana-sama, isn’t the inside different?


[Don’t think so deeply about it. In the meantime, just try living in it.]

I was wondering whether I should just give it a try living in here but when I saw Kamekichi happily swimming in the pond, I started thinking that it’s great to have come here. Because there was no pond my other house, just a bucket. When I touched Kamekichi’s nose whose head was pushed out from the pond, it stopped for a moment then went back on the water.

[Here, Aine! Let’s organize your luggage properly or you won’t be able to sleep on the bed tonight!]

[I don’t want that!]

I hurriedly went after Crash-san.. I need to set up my things! I’m gonna get busy today!



So that idiot finally entered the castle—

During worship, I strongly prayed that stupidity won’t spread in the castle. Regarding Yuan who’s beside me, saying that his facial muscles were melting couldn’t be taken as an overstatement, which was honestly disgusting.
I thought that contact between Yuan and that idiot must not be allowed so I loaded his schedule full. In the morning will be a surprise inspection, reflection about the Great Roland Kingdom and a plan on how to deploy the troops (I told Carl to be insistent so it will probably take over three hours to finish), in the afternoon will be another inspection on the Second Division on a horseback for about two hours (he’s probably gonna have dinner with the Division Commander), with this, he would probably take until late night before getting back. Moreover, it’s not just for today’s schedule. I will change the contents and fill it up. [I got lost in here.]

I smiled at the thought of him having no time to get close to that idiot.



Even though I’m finally on the same place with Aine-niisama, to not be able to meet even once, just what does this mean?!

A surprise morning inspection, a conference with Carl, and another inspection on the Second Division, it was a packed schedule.
I returned to the castle from the Second Division without taking even an hour on the horse. And just like that, I turned away from the stables and headed towards the opposite direction where Aine-niisama lives.

Like the countless stars in the night sky were the flowers in the garden. I unconsciously stopped my horse and ended up watching them.

Has Aine-niisama finally turned into a Goddess?

I shouldn’t stand on such a holy place, was what I thought. What, I can still come again tomorrow. And we can meet with such a short distance. With that thought, I returned to where I came from.



It looks Yuan wasn’t able to come, huh. During worship, seeing Yuan with dark circles under his eyes like panda made me laugh a little.

However, when I returned to my office, I grasped my head. In the first place.

Just why did Father take back his edict and allowed that idiot to reside in Liliana-sama’s Garden?

With this, that idiot became a candidate for succession. It’s true that lately Yuan has lost his will to compete and got caught upon that idiot.

My insides are boiling with rage.

Just how did that idiot get on to father? Could it really be because of agriculture?
That’s so stupid. What made the country prosper was the military power and not agriculture. When invading other countries and a war is won, the country can gain honor and wealth as the victor. And then comes the trade within the country and between other countries with fishery and agriculture after that.

In the first place, since when did that idiot start aiming for agriculture? Before that, hadn’t he been pursuing commerce with all his might?

Somehow, I couldn’t help getting irritated so I decided to confront him directly and headed towards the Garden.



Because we finished moving in yesterday, I decided to rest from farming and made a cake. I made a simple pound cake! Yay!

This house has a kiln and an oven! it’s really heaven in here!

After the cake was baked, I pierced it with a fork to check whether it’s cooked.

Aahh~! Delicious! It’s because I couldn’t make it before because I didn’t have an oven. I felt like it has been forever since I’ve last eaten it.

And of course, to go with this delicious pound cake is coffee!

By chance, I found something that resembles coffee beans in the forest so I brought it back home and when I tried roasting it, a delicious coffee was made. When I thought of such deed, my tears unconciously fell. From then on, I started drinking coffee in this world by making it myself.

While I’m waiting for the cake to cool down, I poured the coffee. *Kopokopokopo*, as it pours down. While enjoying the coffee’s aroma, I prepared the teacup.

It was at that time. The entrance door was violently opened so I was wondering what’s going on when I peeked from the kitchen, there was

Reichel-niisama with a sour expression.

[I came to ask you something.]

At 3 o’clock that’s for enjoying snacks?! I can’t help but feel something bad about this.

[How long does it take?]

[That depends on your stupid brain’s capability.]

What do you mean “stupid brain”?! It’s normal!

While I tsukkomied in my heart, I suddenly blinked. Is Aine-niisama always so irritable due to lack of sugar and calcium?

With that, I shared the cake that was barely sliced and poured milk on Reichel-niisama’s cup and served it on the table. Of course I’m having coffee!

[What’s this?]

[That’s a pound cake. It’s just been baked so if you don’t mind, can we eat it together?]

[What a funny thing to say. I didn’t come here to eat something strange. Do your sleep talking while you’re asleep, you idiot.]

[Do you know, Reichel-niisama. I studied in agriculture and learned that this contains a lot of sugar. Sugar content is said to improve brain activities.]

When I said so while smiling, Reichel-niisama asked ‘This?’ with a stupefied expression as he picked the fork pointed at it.

Well, those’re just some random words, though. That’s because if only I ate alone, he’d likely say something again! Well, if we don’t eat together then I won’t even be permitted to eat.

At the same time, Reichel-niisama got tired and turned towards the milk. I wish he’d be relieved a little.

[Humph! Fine. It’s not like I can’t not eat it.]

So he said as Reichel-niisama went *pakuri* and ate it. At that moment, Reichel-niisama opened his eyes wide.

C…Crap! Was it bad!?

[N…Nii-sama! If it does not suit your taste, please spit it out on this paper!]

[…No, it’s fine.]


[It’s not bad.]

Relieved with Reichel-niisama’s response, my chest went down. i’s not good either, but it’s a relief. Just like that, I also sliced a small piece and ate it. Aah~! It’s so good even though it’s cold! It might be better next time if I add some fresh cream!

As I unconciously got lost on my own world on how delicious the cake was, Reichel-niisama was staring at me with a “seriously?” look, that

I covered my face from embarrassment.

[You had a shamelessly idiotic look.]

[…I’ve shown you and unsightly appearance. Here, please drink it. It’s fresh.] [TN: I’m assuming he’s talking about the milk.]

[So it tastes different when it’s fresh. Ok.]

Reichel-niisama pointed at my teacup.

[That black, muddy-like water, what’s that?]

[Bu—!] [TN: same as pfft! when accidentally spitting something out.]

I unconciously spat out my cake!

I hurriedly wiped it with napkin but Reichel-niisama’s face, as if he’s seen something disgusting, hurts.

[Thi, This is called coffee. It’s a drink I made.]

[You did?]

[It’s originally from a distant country but I arranged and made it.]

[I’ve never heard of coffee before. Which country is it from?]

[N…. Brazil? America?]

[Brazil? America? What the heck are those countries? Your imaginations?]

[Th,That’s what’s written in an old document! Please investigate it next time. Reichel-niisama, would you like to take a sip? Though it tastes a bit bitter.]

[Hupmh, I will become the next King. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t taste it, you idiot.]

Just why is this guy roasting me up every single time? I gulped and gave Reichel-niisama the coffee.

Nii-sama elegantly raised the teacup and placed it in his mouth.


Ah, now it’s Reichel-niisama who’s gone to his own world. I think Reichel-niisama definitely liked it. Look, aren’t there working adults who drink canned coffee every morning?

I left Reichel-niisama who’s still staying at his own world and ate the pound cake. A~ah, so tasty!

[Hm, so it’s like this?]


[Were you bribing Father with this sort of thing?]


[You used this rare thing to gain Father’s favor through his stomach? And when you’ve finally been acknowledged as a successor candidate, you found it unnecessary to hide this any longer. Either way, I will make Father realize your incompetence.]

That said, he drank my coffee.

This topic again? Or rather, I was even the one who told Carl that I’m stepping down from being a successor! That foxy man misinterpreted it strangely, huh!

[Reichel-niisama, I am not a successor candidate.]

[… What was that?]

Nii-sama sharply clashed eyes with me.

[The reason why I left the castle two years ago was simply because of my interest in farming. Compared to Nii-sama and Yuan, I did not have the qualifications to be the King and I preferably wanted to live quietly in the countryside while farming.]

[That’s hard to believe. You became interested in agriculture after Father mentioned it.]

[ (Damn you, Carl!) That’s wrong, Aniue. I started my interest in agriculture after hearing it from the Pastor. I did not do it to become the successor.]

[Haa… I just can’t believe it. Your honesty would be more believable if not because of your actions before.]

U~un. Why won’t he believe me to this extent? Even though Yuan believed me so quickly.

[Aniue, please don’t worry yourself as I won’t ever involve myself in any political affairs. I will just be living here humbly so please forget about me and concentrate on your official duties.]

[Humph, you don’t need to tell me as I plan to do just that. I will become the King and kick you out of here.]

[…When that time comes, I’ll go back to the forest.]

When I said that, Reichel-niisama grew quiet. And then just like that finished his coffee and left without saying anything.

Were you just gonna eat and drink and nothing else… When I sighed, Mike jumped on the table and rubbed herself on my arm as I stroked her.

[Why am I being hated so much? And I even stepped down from the candidacy…]


[Thank you, Mike.]

Finished the remaining pound cake and drank the milk I poured for my brother.



Since I’ve returned, i noticed that my anger seemed to have calmed down. As I thought, is it because I’ve conveyed what I wanted to say? To be a King, one has to properly express his own opinion.

Also, that food called pound cake didn’t have an unpleasant taste. Especially that coffee, I wouldn’t mind drinking it again.

I was surprised hearing him stepping down as a successor candidate but no matter what, I can only see it as a campaign strategy. He’s a guy who liked to play around. He’s probably using Yuan as a puppet. I can read it, I can read your real motives!

By all means, enjoy your current life while it lasts. I will watch over you so you won’t succeed in your schemes.



[Guard Aine from now on. Especially when he gets in touch with Yuan, inform me immediately.]

[Yes. sir.]

Marius stepped out.

It’s fine with this. But still, that guy’s face while he ate the pound cake’s stuck in my mind. Could it be —

[No, no, no, there’s no way. He’s a nasty person who deceived Father and Yuan.]

I will get myself entangled with him and catch him by the tail. I couldn’t stop myself and laughed out loud. It has been a while since it’s been this interesting! I will uncover his real identity and banish him from the castle!


[A, Aniue. Can I have some of your time?]

[Yuan, huh, come in.]

Now that I think about it, I did summon Yuan to come here. I let Yuan in and had him sit in the sofa. Because of the busy schedule these past few days, Yuan must be really weary.

[You must have been quite tired, huh.]

[No. That isn’t the case.]

[Aren’t you going to your woman’s place?]

The main problem should have been Aine’s arrival but I got curious so I ended up asking. Because he’d probably been busy this entire time, he must not have the time to get it off.

[I don’t have a woman.]

[What are you… Didn’t you come back in the morning the previous day? I could tell from a glance that you’ve been holding a woman.]

When I said so, Yuan’s face reddens to the point that it might explode. Fufun, there’s nothing that I don’t understand. [TN:pfft.. really?]

[That wasn’t a woman.]

[Mu, just be honest. You can even make her your wife if you want to.]

[Are your words for real?!]

As that was said, Yuan grabbed my hands with his face turning red and his eyes shining. With this sudden change of attitude, my face unintentionally stiffened but I somehow managed to give a reply.

[Y, Yeah. I can even give you my recognition if you want. So, who is she?]



[ It’s Aine-niisama.]

I was so surprised I almost fainted.

[Reichel-niisama?! Reichel-niisama! Reichel-niisama —]

I never thought Yuan had lost his mind to this extent. Curse him, that stupid Prince!

In my fleeting consciousness, his face came into my mind.