Inaka Life Chapter 12

I’m Back!

[Aine’s Perspective]

On that day, I was worried about Daigorou so at once, I decided to go to my house in the forest. With that said, I went to the stables to get a horse and Yuan, who looked like he was about to collapse, said that it’s dangerous to go alone se he’ll come with me. No, no. Isn’t it more dangerous to ride with an injured person? I said I’d go alone but Yuan wasn’t listening at all, saying that it’s more fun to ride with someone or something so I had the palace guard take him away. Must be because he was just recovering from his injuries that in no time, Yuan was restrained without much effort.

[Aine-niisama! Why are you doing this?!]

[Because, Yuan, you’re wobbling. You should rest. I have to prepare to move out, too.]


[Good night, Yuan.]

As I smiled while saying so, Yuan looked down with a red face.

[My long-awaited trip with Aine-niisama has…It’s frustrating that my body won’t move.] He muttered with a bitter expression. What’s with the trip between brothers?

I’ve known Yuan since he was small but, am I the only one who’s noticed that Yuan’s personality has been getting weirder lately? While wondering about Yuan’s strangeness, I lightly bowed my head to the palace guard holding Yuan and hurriedly went to the stables.

Unfortunately, my horse wasn’t there but I’ll just ride Yuan’s horse.



[Unbelievable! For that idiot to live in Liliana-sama’s Garden!]

Just what is father thinking?! After the previous King and Lady Liliana passed away, that garden needed the King’s permission to enter! Why’s it given to that no-named idiot?! Even I had been taken there only once when i was a child!

I’m going crazy from anger!

I violently threw the books, documents and the lampshade atop my table to the floor.The stand lamp made a crashing sound as it shattered. I saw my reflection on the glass shard as i stepped on it.

[I must quickly become the King and chase that man from the castle.]

To deceive not only the my little brother but also the King…



When i arrived at my old house, the sun has just shown itself.

Aa~ Daigurou, please be alive. While praying that, I rushed down the horse and opened the door.

The house that was violently invaded by the soldiers last night has now become peacefully quiet.

[Daigorou! Mike!]

I called out but there’s no reaction. I have a bad feeling. I entered the room unsteadily. Daigorou, Mike, where did you go?

My head’s full of bad thoughts and won’t disappear. I searched all over the house for the two but I couldn’t find them. My eyes started to moisten. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. As soon as I sat on the chair, the entrance door opened.



[You’re back this quickly? Are you okay?]

[Crash-san, Daigurou and Mike… They’re not here!]

I clung on Crash-san’s chest and said. While looking at my teary-eyed face, Crash-san was surprised for a second but soon laughed as he gently patted my head.

[If it’s Daigurou and Mike, they’re with me. With the house like this, isn’t it dangerous? My house might be small but it should be safer.] Look, aren’t those dangerous,Crash-san pointed at the debris on the floor and said.

AH! I’m glad those two are alive! The tears I’ve been holding back were unleashed after hearing those words. I was so happy the tears won’t stop falling.

[Thank you very much! Thank you very much, thank you very much…]

I unconciously hugged Crash-san. Crash-san’s body trembled but soon stroked my head.

[OK, let’s go see them. Daigorou especially seemed excited to see you.]

[Is Daigorou ok?]

[Y, yeah… He’s okay. He’s okay.]

When i looked at Crash-san with upturned eyes, he suddenly covered my eyes with his hand. Dark! And my eyes were wet from crying. [Why are you covering my eyes? Your hand will get wet!]

[Because it’s poisonous.]


[Please bear with me…]


Bear with what? I don’t get it! Because I didn’t know what to do, I panicked so Crash-san removed his hand.

And just like that, he walked straight ahead so i hurriedly went after him. [Speaking of which, Crash-san was father’s Royal Guard, huh.] While walking downhill, I spoke to Crash-san beside me.

Then, to my surprise, Crash-san went down on his knees and lowered his head on the spot.

[So you’ve heard, Aine-sama. Even if it’s for a mission, please forgive my countless rudeness.]

[Wha…! Please stop! It’s nothing!]


With Crash-san’s kneeling appearance, I can only see a Royal Guard!

And most likely with a higher rank. For now, I wanted him to act like usual, but Crash-san won’t give in. We won’t get anywhere at this rate, so I sat down to match the kneeling Crash-san.

[Crash-san, please raise your head.]

As I said so, Crash-san lifted his face and met my eyes. It’s not the usual gentle looks but a sharp look just like a soldier’s.

[I was able to live in the countryside thanks to Crash-san. A naive person like me… It’s all thanks to Crash-san. Moreover, you saved Daigorou and Mike. I can’t thank you enough!]

While I was talking, Crash-san looked straight to my eyes and listened to me.

[I might just be a mission and a naive prince, but to me, Crash-san is my Teacher!]

So please stop speaking so formally and stay as my Teacher. As I said it with a smile, Crash-san took a deep breath.

[You sure are something, Aine.]  Crash-san said that while laughing. I was so happy that I hugged him without thinking, but Crash-san told me to stop, saying he’d like to keep his life and rejected me.

[I’ll be killed be the King, especially the Great General.]

[Father and Yuan? Why?]

[You’ll understand it in time. Now, Daigorou must be tired of waiting so let’s go.]


As I walked next to Crash-san, he confirmed, [You’re sure about staying this way?] He talked to me.


[Waa!!! Daigorou!]

When we arrived at Crash-san’s house, the moment we opened the entrance door, Daigorou came flying at me and licked me all over. [Daigorou! You look lively!]


I’m fine, I’m fine! As if saying it, he wagged his tail. I hugged Daigorou and rubbed his face. I’m really glad he’s alive!


Hearing Mike’s crying voice, I faced sideways and kissed Mike’s nose.

After giving Daigorou a Kitty-Punch, she came over to me who has fallen, climbed over my stomach, and slept.

[They seemed to have waited for you to return. That was such a passionate welcome.] Crash-san was standing with his hands on his waist with an amazed face.

[Welcome back, Aine.]

[I’m back!]

*** FIN ***