Inaka Life 16

INAKA LIFE 16 = Marshmallows and Bitterness

[Hey, wake up.]


[I’m telling you to wake up!]

[Hu…! Re, Reichel-niisama?!]

I was startled to feel a strong force pulling at my cheeks, and when I opened my eyes…

In front of me was Reichel-niisama at the side of the bed. [TN:目の前にはレイチェル兄様が踏ん反り返っていらっしゃいました。Not very sure about this.]

[G, Good morning, Reichel-niisama.]


[Wa, I’ve shown you such an unsightly appearance! I’m gonna get changed so please wait downstairs.]

[Make some breakfast.]


[Include the coffee, too.]

After briefly saying so, he turned his back and me and left the room. *Tontonton*, Reichel-niisama’s footsteps as he went down the stairs can be heard.

Breakfast and coffee! I have no idea how it ended up like this but I must get ready, I hurriedly took off my pajama and wore a casual clothes and went downstairs.

I went out the garden and cut the vegetables properly with scissors to harvest them. After that, I got Gen-san’s freshly laid eggs

I ran back to inside the house and quickly cut the collected vegetables before serving them in a plate. With this, the salad is set!

I mixed Gen-san’s eggs with butter and cooked it. If we’re talking about breakfast, it has to be scrambled eggs, right? If you cook it for under 5 mins then it’s done!

While brewing the coffee, I placed the salted butter bread in that I prepared in a pot and baked it. Hearing Reichel-niisama’s voice outside the house, I reluctantly arranged the dishes on top of the table.

[Reichel-niisama, what do you think…?]

[…It’s not bad.]

Hearing his words, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Reichel-niisama ignored my action and continued eating quietly.

[Next time you’ll come to eat, please send a word first. Since the breakfast this time is very simple.]

[Then, make tomorrow as well.]

[To, tomorrow…]

I unconciously said so in an audible voice.]

I never thought he’d also come tomorrow!

Reichel-niisama furrowed his brows after hearing my voice. I smiled on reflex and said that I will prepare it.

[Show me your fingers.]

[Eh? Fingers?]

[Hurry up.]

[Y, Yes!]

Why my fingers?

I reluctantly showed Reichel-niisama my fingers. When I did so, he caught my hand and closely observed them.

I, Is he going to say that my fingers are dirty?!

Afraid that he might start throwing mean words at me, Reichel-niisama didn’t say anything and let go of my hand amidst my suspicion of his behaviour.

[I, Is there something…?]

[Nothing. Were you ever bitten by that turtle?]


[A while ago, because your turtle came out from the pond, I tried touching it but it opened its mouth and tried to bite me.]

From my face, I can feel the blood draining. Isn’t this a capital offense? Won’t Kamekichi be punished….

[W, Were you injured?!]

[You, who do you think I am? I’m the man will become the King! Of course I evaded it!]

*Hawawa* When Nii-sama heard my flustered voice, he laughed. Looking with widened eyes at my brother, this might be the first time seeing him laugh this hard.

[It probably mistook my fingers as food. It’s just like its owner who doesn’t know anything other than to eat.]

Don’t they say that pets take after their owners? Hahaha! Reichel-niisama laughed out loud again.

How rude! I thought as I pouted my lips.

[I am not that big of an eater!」

Looking at me being like that, Reichel-niisama laughed even harder.

[… Reichel-niisama]

[What’s wrong?]

When I called Reichel-niisama’s name, he stopped laughing and looked at me. Being stared directly by Reichel-niisama, I hesitated whether I should tell him or not.

[No… That…]

[What is it? If you have something to say then say it.]

[E, Even though until yesterday, you were looking at me as if I’m a bug. Today…. It somehow feels different…]

[An insect, you say!]

Nii-sama looked at me with wide eyes, then cracked out laughing loudly again. Was he the type who laughs easily, this person?

When I started getting creeped out looking at the unfamiliar laughing Nii-sama, he looked at me with a serious face.

[Aren’t you my younger brother? There’s no way you’re a bug] (TN: No sh*t, Big Bro.)

[Ni, Nii-sama…]

[But I do think you’re stupid.]

*Kukuku* A laugh came out Nii-sama’s throat.

So Nii-sama thought of me as his Little Brother. This person, ever since birth, my brother treating me as a bug was the only feeling I’ve ever had. Suddenly, my chest feels warm.


[What’s with that unsightly face… pfft] (TN: yah, that’s him laughing)

[Do you have to laugh like that?]

From then, Reichel-niisama laughed for a while. Until yesterday, the way he laughed was as if he was mocking and looking own on me. Right now, his laughter is filled with kindness.

When I thought why he’s become this kind towards me, I remembered yesterday’s event. I see, Reichel-niisama is concerned about me.

[Reichel-niisama, could you be…]



[You just have to make breakfast with your dazed face. Don’t think about unnecessary things.]

Reichel-niisama said so and drank the coffee. By unnecessary things, was he talking about Yuan?

[Eto… Yuan…]

[…That guy’s in the temple reflecting on his actions.]


[That’s right. I plan on renewing his ethics.]


I forgot since Reichel-niisama has been here the whole morning and I’ve been busily moving around, but I just remembered. I was in danger of being devoured yesterday.

[I do not plan on letting you guys meet even once from now on, so be at ease.]

[Eh… Not even once…?]

[That’s right. That is dangerous. This is also for your sake.]

[For my sake…]

So this means I can’t meet Yuan anymore—?

I wonder if my face was getting gloomy. Reichel-niisama clicked his tongue. When I reflexively raised my face,


[I especially brought this. Eat.]

Marshmallows were forcefully placed inside my mouth.

These were the marshmallows that I’ve longed to eat since young but were all hogged by both Yuan and Reichel-niisama.

[It’s delicious, Nii-sama.]

[Of course. Here,]


I thought I was done eating but I was offered more so I opened my mouth and more was put inside. Soo good~!

To match the quickly melting marshmallows, Reichel-niisama fed me more of it.

As expected, it would be bad if this keeps going,

[N,Nii-sama, my apologies for having troubled you. I will feed myself]

[It’s fine. This is more fun the feeding the turtle.]

Am I being treated as a turtle?!

As I thought so, I couldn’t resist the marshmallows being fed towards me.

After returning from Aine’s place, I went back to the castle and headed to the temple by foot.

Last night, after Marius took him from Aine’s place and was restrained, Yuan’s face has become pale. He has an expression as if the whole world is gonna end.

At first, I was planning on throwing him tp prison, but it seems I’m too soft when it comes to family. In the end, I wavered and sent Yuan to the temple.

Pastor, please guide the lost sheep into the correct path. Isn’t that your job? After I imparted to him my thought, the pastor smiled and nodded his head.

After the night passes, I took a peek to see how he’s doing and inside, I saw Yuan kneeling down and offering a prayer.

He’s a serious person.

I approached Yuan and placed my hand on his shoulder.


[It’s hard to believe that you’re the dignified Great General. How is it? Have you renewed yourself after being cooled down the whole night?]

[Have I been hated by Aine-niisama…?]

Without answering my question, Yuan looked at me with an expression as if he’s about to cry.

I found being looked at with upturned eyes by a big guys is kind of disgusting so I slightly stepped back and removed my hand on Yuan’s shoulder.

[No, I wonder about that. But his face after remembering yesterday’s event looked scared.]

[Aah! Aine-niisama! I want to kneel down and beg him for forgiveness right now…Just what should I say…]

[You can’t! I will not forgive you meeting Aine!]

When I said so, Yuan covered his face with both hands.

[Aniue, what a horrible thing of you to say…]

[This is the punishment for the crime you have committed. Just accept it.]

[During that time, Aniue will… to Aine-niisama…]

Yuan glared at me sharply. I got fed up and heaved a sigh.

[Your jealousy is unsightly, Yuan. Besides unlike you, I only view Aine as a younger brother.]

[Younger brother? You, who, until just recently viewed him as a bug?]

Even this guy is talking about insects!

For both Yuan and Aine to view me like that, I must have been a really horrible person. Let’s fix this from now on, was what I thought as Yuan held his head.

[It’s only a matter of time before that view changes from a younger brother into a love material…]

[That’s not happening! I told I’m different from you!]

[Fine then! Does Aniue not find Aine-niisama cute?!]

[Cute, you said…]

At that time, the memory of Aine eating marshmallows this morning came to mind.

As I was feeding him the marshmallows, he opens his small mouth widely, and ate the marshmallows. Aine with a loose face as he enjoys the taste.

It seems that my expression unconciously softened and Yuan cried as if he’s been hit by lightning.

[You did think about it!]

[N,No way! Idiot! Anyway, do something about that desperation of yours! Understand?]

[A,Aniue! Our talk isn’t finished yet! Aniue!]

Ignoring Yuan who’s making a racket behind, I left the temple.

…The marshmallows shouldn’t have happened. At that time, something went wrong with my head. For the sake of him forgetting Yuan’s dreadful misconduct, I fed him those marshmallows which he loves to divert his fear.

However, different from my objective, after seeing Aine deliciously eating the marshmallows from my hand became a fixation and I ended up feeding him more.

He is my younger brother and an idiot who only knows how to eat!

While I mulling over it while walking in the corridor, Carl was approaching me from the corner.


[What’s wrong?]

[I’ve heard that tonight’s banquet has been cancelled, but…]

[Because Yuan will be useless in there. There won’t be a problem if it’s cancelled for a day.]

Carl then looked as if he’s thinking about something.

[Does it mean something went wrong between Yuan-sama and Aine-sama’s meeting?]

Was what he said. Just where did this guy get this information? It shouldn’t have leaked but, did he hear it from father?

[…There’s nothing wrong. It’s not something you should care about. You’re excused.]

Actually, I don’t think much about Carl. He’s the type who likes to care about everything. It’s not ideal to let him know of this incident. As I thought so, I gave a short reply and faced my back on Carl.

[As I thought, Aine-sama has…]

Carl muttered so unknowingly.



[G, Good morning, Reichel-niisama.]

[Good morning.]

[You’re up early today, too.]

[You’ve prepared it, haven’t you?]

[Y, Yes!]

Reichel-niisama went “Is that so”, and entered the living room sat on a chair.

He’s early today, too, huh. It’s still 6 o’clock! Is he an old man?!

So I thought, but I renewed it when I thought that there might be a morning meeting or something so he has to wake up early. Then I better get ready, I returned to the kitchen.

[What do you plan to do from now on?]

AFter finishing breakfast, as I was catching my breath, Reichel-niisama asked me.

[Me? Working on the field in the morning and doing housework in the afternoon…]

[I’ll help you.]


[I will also the work on the field.. Get ready before I finish drinking my coffee.]

[E, Etto, Nii-sama… Don’t you have a meeting?]

[It’s an order, Aine. Hurry and get to it!]

[Y, Yes!]

When I received such a sharp look, my body moved on its own.This is such a pitiful reaction.

After we finished eating, I cleaned up the table and was about to climb the stairs to the second floor to prepare for the field work, but I suddenly remembered something so I turned back to face my brother who’s sitting in the living room.

[U,Uhm, Reichel-niisama. You will get dirty while doing farming. I’m sorry for offering you mine, but please change into working clothes suitable for farming…]

[No worries. I will wear the one’s I received from Crash. it’s because your size is too small.]

Reichel-niisama pulled out the work clothes from the bag on the floor.

The clothes removed from the bag were far from the work clothes you imagined, gilded embroidery was applied to the silk fabric, with gems attached here and there made it look lively.
That most absolutely did not come from Crash-san…

I found it troublesome to tsukkomi on it, so I just praised with,”That’s nice”.

[I, I’ll also get changed, ok…]

[Get changed in 30 seconds.]

[Y, Yes!]


[What are we harvesting?]

[Fi, First, let’s start with watering them, Nii-sama.]

[Mu, watering, you say? Which one?]

[Then, let’s water these strawberries.]




Because it’s hot, I wore the hat that was especially made yesterday. The sun was shining so distractingly bright that I felt like I’m gonna melt. Unexpectedly, he might be serious about farming.

Net to me, Aine was diligently teaching me how it’s done. I am not familiar with these plants called strawberries but they bloom really beautiful white flowers. There, he passed to me the watering can filled with water.

[When speaking of strawberries, do you mean these white flowers?]

[No, Reichel-niisama. It’s the fruit.]

[This will?]

[Yes. It will be a round red fruit that has a cute appearance. It also tastes sweet and very delicious.]

*Fufu*, Aine gently laughed.

For this white flower to produce delicious fruits, what a mysterious flower, I thought as I stared at it.

But still,

[You really like it, huh.]


[The you who’s doing farm work looks really lively. Very different from two years ago.]

That’s right, very different from the you who used to fight for succession. Far from two years ago when you kick up a fuss just to prove yourself.

AS I said so, Aine laughed with narrowed eyes. He also took his eyes off me and looked at the flowers.

Upon Aine’s action, my heart went *Dokun* with a loud thump.

[It’s because I don’t have talents like Nii-sama and Yuan. Even so, I pushed my luck and still fought for the succession. I thought that I lived in a cramped world. But now, not only being able to farm, but also being able to live with my family, I am truly happy.]

Aine looked at my eyes and smiled. At this time, I unconciously fell into a daze. Beautiful, that’s what I felt.

Aine slowly opened his mouth.

[That’s why, Nii-sama. I want to apologize to Yuan.]

Upon such nonsensical words, I forgot to breathe for a moment. [TN: 突拍子も無い話に、俺は一瞬呼吸を忘れた。Me is confused. Help, I need.]

You’re apologizing to Yuan?

Aine ignored my shocked expression and continued talking.

[Nii-sama might think that me not meeting Yuan is for the best, but I think otherwise. From that time, I started thinking. That maybe there might be a reason for it, or something.]

[On that day, Yuan was very tired. If I didn’t find a bother to get up from the bed and went to talk in the living room, something like that might not have happened.]

[Yuan might have had his own worries—]

[Are you stupid?!]

I could not tolerate any more of Aine’s words and shouted without thinking. Aine was so surprised his shoulders shook.

[What “Yuan’s circumstances”?! You were almost raped! He’s the guy licked his older brother’s ass! Do you still plan on defending him?!]

[That way of talking…]

[It’s the truth! The if you’re going to be ravaged and the person has his circumstances, are gonna be fine with that?!] [TN:Sou da, Nii-san, you tell him!]

At that moment, Aine’s line of sight wandered around. My vision is getting red with anger.

[I can’t understand you. Why is your self evaluation that low? With that, do you still consider yourself a royalty?]

[I, I just… i just want to live happily with everyone, Nii-sama. As for me, as long as I endure it, everyone will get along…] [TN: Aine, are you an angel?]

[So that’s means you’re fine with being screwed?]

Aine’s face became visibly blue.

[Your face looks unsightly—]

As I frankly said so, I tossed the watering can at a corner and left that place. At the corner of my eyes, I can vaguely see Aine’s body trembling.

While feeling indignant, I left for the castle.

I once again headed towards the temple and when I opened the door, there I saw Yuan kneeling, offering a prayer no different from yesterday.

Maybe he noticed my abnormal behavior, Yuan stood up and approached me.

[Reichel-niisama, what’s wrong?]

[That guy said he wanted to apologize to you.]

[Aine-niisama will?!]

Instantly, Yuan raised his voice in delight. Just watching such Yuan, my anger came bubbling back up.

[He said that if you have your own circumstances, that he will forgive you. It’s ridiculous!]

[Aniue! What do you mean?]

[Starting today, I will resume the banquet. Get yourself ready.]


The last scene I saw of Aine’s face that looked like he’s about to cry flickers in my mind.

Just what is there to apologize—

There’s no need to apologize as you’re the victim, while on the other hand, it was Yuan who’s at fault. Just why did I even accompany you for the last two days?

Am I being angry because me intentions are being ignored, or is it because Aine’s manhood was almost stained by another man?

I shook my head and erased my thoughts away.