Four Ikemen: Idle Talk – Ragna

[Do you not like alcohol?]

[I’m fine physically.]


If you have lived for a long time, there’s bound be one or two things that you don’t want to talk about. I closed my mouth.

The Demon was simply watching Rei without touching him.


[Demon, how do you feel about Rei?]

[It never crossed my mind that Lizard was concerned about that.]

[It doesn’t concern me but I am curious how you will answer me.]


The Demon shrugged his shoulders and said.


[As I have said before, I am interested in Rei.]

[Is it at the point of wanting to spend the rest of your life with him?]

[Who knows, as expected, even I don’t know about the future. It’s not like there isn’t a possibility.]

[Hmm, then you are our comrade after all.]


The Demon asked back without answering that question.


[Is Lizard fine with that? Swordsman-kun doesn’t seem to like it, though?]

[I do not mind it, besides, it seems that you value Rei more than you think.]


It seems that Alf and Ciel haven’t noticed, but the Demon’s eyes when looking at Rei certainly contain affection.


Perhaps, Rei may have unconsciously felt it, that’s probably why even if he’s being treated seemingly inconsiderately, he can carelessly leave him(D) by his(R) side.


Today’s Demon has an admirable attitude, so it might be a good time to ask a more personal question.


[Have you ever loved a Human before?]

[I haven’t.]

[Even though you’ve lived that long? What a lonely guy you are.]

[There’s nothing to be lonely about, though?]


The Demon smiled and the air temperature of the room dropped. Having no self-awareness is such a worry. Let’s leave it up to this for today.


[What have you been talking about since earlier?]

[It’s about Rei being happy and that’s all that matters.]

[Really? Then let’s leave it at that.]


Whether the Demon is aware of it or not, either way, it is a good thing.


Rei is here and sleeping peacefully. That is enough.


Rei, who continues to sleep unsuspectingly beside me, turned over and wrapped his thin arms around me.

I know that even if these eyes open, they will look at me without any fear.


Even so, to think that he doesn’t show even a tiny sign of waking up. He must really trust me, what a lovable fellow, seriously.


Perhaps because he’s touching me, my desire starts to raise its head against my better judgment, but I mustn’t wake him up just when he fell asleep from exhaustion. Let’s have him keep me company once he wakes up.