While they were having tea in the cafe inside a big hollowed tree, a slightly troubling matter occured.

A woman came into the shop and started making trouble in a large voice.

She was a sheep beastman.


Sheep and deer beastmen who have horns are treated favorably but those who don’t have them are treated as useless, they are unusual species. The clamoring beastman is naturally one without horns.

A human woman secretly explained in a whisper, “That person was brought here in the elf country as a bride a few years ago.”


“I don’t want to, it’s unforgivable! I’ll never marry an elf! I’m tired of being associated as an elf’s bride-to be again!”


Maru and Salami look at the woman with frightened and pulled faces.

She said “again” so they presumed that she has never married before.


Beastman and human women are apparently sent to the next year’s festival if they refuse to marry an elf in the present one.

In other words, they have to spend the festival again with the elves and decide whether or not to get married on the final day. It will be repeated endlessly until she gets married.

Although elves are generally gentle, Maru has mixed feelings about this system.


(……If I refuse to marry continuously, does that mean I’ll participate in the festival for the rest of my life?)


She considerably hates it.

But compared to the elves, the number of women are fairly low.

Perhaps there would still be demands even after they get old. (TN: Of women.)


“You girls also shouldn’t let your guard down around the elves! Since they use eerie magic, they can’t be trusted!”


The female sheep beastman opened her eyes widely and looked at Maru and Salami. Her eyes, with her pupils split vertically, are shining brightly yellow.

Maru and Salami couldn’t say anything.

With regards to the elves, the status quo is that they can’t judge them yet at this stage. With just a one-sided argument, they can’t make a clear distinction between black and white.


Perhaps she misunderstood their silence as “rejecting her views”,the sheep beastman ran towards Maru and Salami while screaming in a loud voice. It’s an incredibly quick charge.

The rabbit and cow beastmen each took a female human and escaped, Salami also stayed away from that area and hid behind alongside the wall, and Maru also rapidly ran around the store interior and escaped.


“You damn traitors! Despite being a beastman, you traitors!”


The woman with bloodshot eyes grabs a chair and swings it around.

Even if they both lived in the livestock cabins, she’s a sheep so she’s relatively strong.


The shop employees are trying to stop the sheep beastman.

Mainly the elves work in this country but the women can also work if they want. 

There were 50-50 men and women employees in the cafe.


A male elf employee looked like he was hesitating to use magic.

According to what the rabbit beastman who got near her explained, “He doesn’t want to use violent methods to harm her since she’s tentatively a female companion.”


While suspensefully watching over the situation, the chair that the sheep beastman was swinging around flew towards Maru with too much force.




It was such a sudden incident that Maru shut her eyes,  unable to dodge right away.

……However, there was no impact no matter how long she waited.

When she slowly opens her eyes, she sees silver hair and fresh green eyes in front of her.


“……Huh, how? Why are you here?”

“I’m glad. The chair didn’t hit you.”


Aiden was kneeling right next to her, as if he was covering Maru from the chair.