7 Aiden’s Perpective


While the women were out, Aiden and Riley were reporting on the men’s status at the meetinghouse.


“So, what about you? Is it going well with that hamster?”

“Let’s see. It wasn’t a gloomy atmosphere but she’s still wary.”

“Well, it was said that small animal species are difficult to handle…… I think you’re amazing for going after her.”

“After all, hamsters are adorable, aren’t they? Speaking of which, you also chose the fair-skinned beauty who is your type.”

“……You’re right, that part couldn’t be helped. Since elves are loyal to their own inclinations.”


Riley ended their conversation a bit forcefully.

He may have a tough body and a stern face, he’s a shy and kind man with a strong sense of responsibility inside. 

He believes that female pig beastman will surely be happier than she’s ever been.


Now then, what about himself…… Will it go well with Maru?

He’s quite anxious as to whether he can marry a beastman wife or not.

However, the ecstatic uplifting feeling of getting a bride was stronger.

In the first place, the reason why Aiden chose Maru, the hamster beastman, was because he fell in love with her at first sight.


Seeing Maru living to the best of her ability in a harsh environment called livestock cabins, he couldn’t help his desire to protect her from rising. Even though Aiden originally wasn’t the type to be very caring.

He unconsciously lent a hand to Maru who was desperately looking at the nuts over the wall.

It’s actually forbidden to make contact prior to the festival but…… he didn’t show himself, he’s probably safe.


Then on the day to safeguard the beastmen, he desperately searched for Maru. He thinks that she saved him by showing up by herself.

As soon as the assembly hall opened, he was able to find the hamster beastman and bring her home.

The festival will continue for the next month. The festival is also a period of interaction between the elves and the brides.

Then, on the final day, they ask for the bride’s intentions.

If she accepts, they’ll become a couple but if rejected, he’ll be single for life. He also can’t choose another partner.

The bride who refused will be sent to next year’s festival to interact with another man, but it’s unbearable for him to think of Maru and another man be like that.


(Whatever happens, I must work hard to obtain her heart. That said, she hasn’t called me by my name yet, though……)


Aiden was a man who could handle things well. That’s how he’s supposed to be. However, once he’s in front of the girl he likes, he becomes clueless. In the first place, it’s doubtful if she even sees him as the opposite sex.

As he observed yesterday, Maru is younger than her real age and she’s missing something important as a woman. Even though she’s staying in the house of an opposite sex, she seems totally oblivious…… he feels a bit depressed.

But, she was just recently brought here as a bride, and unlike the elves, she probably didn’t have enough time.

He must properly get rid of his anxiety. Then, he can only look after her as gently to the best of his abilities.

A lot of the brides brought from the human and bestman countries had been treated harshly back in their hometowns. Most probably, it’s also the same for Maru and Salami.

They may not be aware of it but themselves, but he thinks that Maru in particular looks thin.


“Hey, Aiden. Do you know?”


Riley called to him as if to interrupt Aiden’s thoughts.


“About what?”

“Salami is a former noble.”

“Is that right.”

“And she said that your wife used to be a royalty.”



He involuntarily shut his mouth at Riley’s words. If that was true, it would get troublesome.


“Why did they send a royalty to the elves?”

-“I don’t know, but I’ll investigate the backgrounds of all the brides this time. There is always troublesome work each year. Even though I’ll be fine as long as I know just about Salami.”

“……What’s a general representative like you saying? Please get to work right away.”

“Back at you. With that said, be careful with your bride.”

“I understand…… For me, I’m worried about Maru, and I want to cut off her worries.”

“I feel disturbed if you’re the one saying that.”

“Disturbed or whatever, I’m just a humble doctor.”

“Contrary to your looks, aren’t you the fastest fighter?”

“And yet, you of all people can’t judge others.”


Despite being the son of the bar owner, Riley’s specialty is fighting.


“I just hope that things won’t get messy.”


Aiden nods to what he said.


“True. Although, even if something happened, I can’t give her up.”


The women will probably be back in a short while.

He hopes that Maru will get used to this country as soon as possible, even if it’s just a little. And he hopes that she’ll come to like it.

While looking forward to seeing her again, Aiden thought about the future.