“This is a city in the center of the elf country. The elves who chose you two are both from here. Even if you get married, you don’t need to move much. We also live in the same city so if you’re troubled by something, please tell us.”


The rabbit beastman takes the lead and guides them through the city.


“Next door is a store that sells vegetables and fruits, and over there is a store that sells meat. In front of it is a store that sells marine products. This place is far from the sea so its distribution is low.”

“I see……”

“And, this big wooden house near the assembly hall is the district hospital…… as well as the place where the princess will live.”


The woman who pointed at Aiden’s house continues to explain.


“That big building over there is the bar. Over here is Riley-sama’s house. It’s amazing because the bar owner’s son is now an established representative of the elven country.”


On the way, the cow beastman said, “I’m hungry so I’d like to stop by the cafe”, so they all went to have some tea.

There, an unexpected love talk began.

The rabbit beastman  suddenly started bragging about her husband.


“…… And so, that’s why, my husband is very gentle!”


The rabbit beastman cheerfully and fondly spoke about her husband. The cow beastman also starts boasting about her husband.


“My husband is also gentle. He’s also very muscular, it’s very adorable.”


The humans also began to talk about their elf husbands modestly.


“My husband-sama is also kind. Or rather, all the elves are. Since there are only a few women, the country is also nice to us.”

“Yes, my husband is also the same. He treats his family preciously…… Right now, I’m very happy.”


Then, they changed from bragging about their husbands and began to show interest in Maru’s recent situation.


“Hey, what about your husbands? Oh, they’re still husband candidates.”


“As long as there’s nothing special, you won’t break up during the last day of the festival. Is it going well?”

“There’s nothing like that, we just met yesterday.”


In contrast to the flustered Maru, Salami is calm.


“Yes, Riley-sama was a very gentle man. Even today, he’s taking care of me like this. He properly looked at me as an individual beastman. Aiden-san was also nice, wasn’t he, Maru-chan?”

“……Yeah. I think he’s a bit peculiar, but he was gentle.”


Despite saying that, there are a lot of things she’s worried about……


(Someday, can I be like these women?)


It was still difficult for Maru to accept the kindness being shown to her without doubting it. 

At the two’s information, the women cried “kyaa” happily and it became lively.

In the beastman country, the inhabitants in the livestock cabins were far from affection.

That’s why, it’s very fresh to have a conversation like this.


“Hey, it’s also fate to meet you like this so let’s get along well, okay?”


When the Rabbit Beastman leaned forward and said so, Maru and Salami nodded happily, albeit a little shy.