The beastmen weren’t the only ones who came to the assembly hall.

Human females also came in midway.

They were standing with a slightly more tense look than the female beastmen.

Maru, who sees humans for the first time, carefully observes them.


“These two women here are human females who were brought here last year from the human country. In this country, elves, humans, and beastmen all live here harmoniously.”



Aiden explained from the side.

In this elf country, the beastmen and humans take turns to offer women each year.

Salami reacts to Aiden’s words.


“Uhm, do problems not occur with the three races living together?”

Hmm…… No major problems have occurred so far. When beastmen change into their beast form, the surroundings will only get surprised……”


Beastmen can take on both human and beast forms.

But they’re usually in their human forms and will only show their beast form to those they trust.

Maru’s beast form has never been shown to anyone besides those around her when she was born.

Hamsters are even weaker than humans, who are weaker than the beastmen, elves, and demons. 

If she gets stepped on by mistake, that would be terrible.

She felt that Aiden was looking at her expectantly, but Maru didn’t plan to show him her hamster form.


“Can all the elves in this country marry humans and beastmen?”


Maru takes the opportunity to ask a question.


“Not everyone. There are only a few women, after all. Only those who reached 18 years old and passed the large-scale lottery held in the elven country.”

“Aiden, did you pass the lottery?”

“Yes, I passed this time. I originally wanted a beastman as a wife so I’m very happy. Although, if I don’t connect with the other party on the last day of the festival, I’ll be single for the rest of my life.”

“……Eh? What does that mean?”

“We can only pass the lottery once in our life. An elf who fails to meet a bride once has no future. Rather than the failed elf’s recovery, it is more important to let a new elf pass the lottery, after all…… That’s why everyone is desperate.”


For some reason, she thought that the cheerfully smiling Aiden who was looking at her seemed scarier than a muscular carnivorous beastman.

Perhaps she noticed that Maru was scared…… a human woman interrupted the conversation.


“Uhm, we are also happy now. In the human country, lawbreakers and those who were sold due to poverty marry into the elven country. However, everybody here treated us gently. Not only the man we married, but even the others were kind.”


The women seem to really like the elves.


“Would like to go on a walk with just you women? Since you will be living here from now on…… It would be good to know about the facilities and stores where you could get food and daily necessities.”

“O, okay…… We’ll do that.”


This “I entrust Maru and her friend to these beastmen and human women” choice made the recently brought duo feel that they’re being cared for.

Maru and Salami gratefully accepted Aiden’s favor.

Although they forcibly brought the beastmen back here, they are very considerate to them.