HFILE 19 (End)



“Maru, it has turned into an amazing room. As expected of a hamster.”


In the room where the warm sunlight was received before noon, Aiden squinted his fresh green eyes while reaching his hands towards Maru’s cheeks.


Yeah. Hamster love building nests, after all.”


Maru and the others came to work on the old cabins since morning.

They’re making the houses in this place that has been renamed into “Brides’ Space” pretty.

The elves are taking the lead in rebuilding the houses.

It is the beastmen and humans who prepared the pretty interiors.


Maru also cleaned her assigned room and installed furniture selected within the budget.

She prays that the female bride who came here can spend her time calmly even if it’s just a little.

It’s not that luxurious, but she considers that it’s completed into a warm ambience.


“Now then, since the maintenance of the Brides’ Space is done, shall we return to the hospital?”

“Okay. I’ll cook the egg dish that I learned from Salami for lunch.”

“Maru’s cooking, huh? I’m so happy. Then I think I will also make some salad and soup.”


She’s happy to have a casual conversation with Aiden.

Maru rushed home while holding hands with him.


After that incident, the swan beastman maid was captured by the elves and was placed temporarily in the “facility that accommodates the rioters”. The rabbit beastman that was making a scene previously was also placed there apparently.

The swan beastman maid got along well with the elf that was watching over her and she went back with him to his hometown.


However, the rabbit beastman who was making a ruckus at the café was still the same and she also still has a lot of problems in the elf country.

With the conditions that were made in the beastman country, hopefully the number of women who become like her will decrease.


Upon returning home from the Brides’ Space, Aiden hugged Maru tightly and rained kisses on her.

Recently, his actions have become more and more bold.


“Wai, Aiden, lu, we need to make lunch……!”

“We can just make it later, right?”


Upon saying that, he softly touches the ears that popped out on top of her head.



“Ahh, you’re so cute. I’m truly such a happy man to be able to marry an adorable beastman like you.”


“Looking at me with those teary eyes will only have the opposite effect. On the contrary, it will make me excited.”



Maru, who was captured by the smiling Aiden, was taken to the bedroom immediately.

Elves are a loving race, and unlike beastmen and humans, it is unlikely that he will change his wife along the way.


(If I’m with Aiden, I’m fine no matter what happens. The two of us can certainly overcome it together.)


There was no hesitation in the current Maru.



Two years have passed since Maru and Aiden got married. This year too, brides are coming from the beastmen country.

It seems that the Brides’ Space is popular among the ladies.

Nevertheless, the fact that the female beastmen are still cautious towards the elves hasn’t changed, though.


Sufficient food is being supplied in the Brides’ Space and they have beautiful houses.

Unlike before, the beastmen who married to the elf country may visit the women who were put in the Brides’ Space and consult with them.

They preached to the brides about the gentle elves. In a sense, it may also be counted as brainwashing……

It is said that there was a case where a woman in the beastman country was willing to come to the Brides’ Space, perhaps because of that effort.

There was no confusion like in Maru’s year.


In the hospital yard, many sunflowers are starting to grow into the sky.

It was prepared by Aiden for Maru, who likes sunflower seeds.

Maru also likes vegetables, but her favorite food is sunflower seeds.

Aiden was looking forward to the blissful time of giving her sunflower seeds while fluffing Maru in hamster form.


The medicine room is completely under the control of Maru.

Maru, who studied hard every day since then, worked as an outstanding pharmacist. Aiden also looks happy.

And such a Maru is pregnant. As the fertile hamster that she is, Maru was quickly blessed with children. (TN: It didn’t specify how many.)


“Maru, why don’t you take a break from work in the medicine room? Your belly is als getting bigger, right?”

“Please let me work just a little bit longer.”

“……Tell me when you want to get something from a high place or carry heavy things, okay? Also, please be careful since there are medicines that are harmful for pregnant women.”

“I know~”


In a dream-like peaceful life, Maru is tasting happiness everyday.


“Aiden, thank you.”


She falls in love with Aiden day by day. So much that it’s not enough even if she professes it to him countless times.

The hamster beastman who was staring at her over-protective and worrywart husband stood on her tiptoes lightly and gently dropped a deeply affectionate kiss on his cheek.