“It is such an unforgivable action for you to attack me while holding Maru. How should I deal with you?”


Aiden used magic and the wolf beastmen all stopped moving at once.

He weaves his way among the frozen wolf beastmen and gently wraps the dangling Maru with both hands.

Maru curved herself into a small ball within Aiden’s hands.


“I’m sorry for arriving late. Maru, are you hurt anywhere?”

“Kyuuu, kyu……”


After getting a reply, he places Maru in his shirt pocket and turns to the wolf beastmen again.

Apparently, he was able to understand the hamster language.


“Now then, you people have violently attacked one of the delegates of the elf country. It’s an international problem. And you also treated my beloved wife so roughly.”



The wolf beastmen turned quiet. The ones who ordered them were the bear beastmen, right? 

The king didn’t give them an order, but he knows what they’re doing and is tolerating it.

Maru, who knows how they work, is convinced of that.


“The wives of the elves are more important than their life. I believe that your act of abducting Maru and selfishly sending her to the demon kingdom are punishable by death from an elf’s perspective……”


A shadow that came out from the back interrupts Aiden who spoke up to there.


“Just leave it at that. Do you want to destroy the entire beastman country?” (TN: I mean, why not?)


Riley grabbed Aiden’s right arm.


“Maru, are you okay?”


“I will talk with the king later after this. This time’s matter is all the beastman country’s fault. I will use that point to acquire more advantageous terms.”


Riley looked happy for some reason. 

Maybe it’s his blood as the general representative of the elves getting excited.


“Let’s go back to my room, Maru.”



Aiden detained the wolf beastmen with magic and handed them over to the other elves who accompanied them.

He carried Maru to his room while remaining inside his pocket.

Aiden diligently checked whether Maru in her hamster form was hurt, and when he confirmed that she’s uninjured, he fluffed up his beloved wife.


“Oh, it looks like you really aren’t injured. If there was even a single scratch on Maru’s body……I would have killed those wolf beastmen.”



While enjoying Maru’s fur, Aiden muttered something dangerous.


“Hey, Maru. Can you turn into your human form soon?”

“Kyu, kyu……”


Maru ran down Aiden’s arm in a fluster and swiftly dove into the bed.

A *poof* sounded out from within and a human Maru slowly showed her face.


“……I’m sorry, I don’t have any clothes  so I can’t get out.”


Although she has no clothes in the room, it’s also quite difficult to call an untrustworthy maid.

In the meantime, Aiden lent her his change of clothes that he brought to wear.


(……It’s so soft.)


The tall elf’s clothes didn’t fit the small hamster.

Just wearing his shirt makes it look like she’s wearing a one piece dress.

……Aiden looked happy for some reason.


“Your getup looks totally adorable.”

“Is, is it?”

“Yes, I don’t want to show you to anyone else.”

“I’m happy as long as you like it. Thank you for saving me today.” 

“No, things would have been settled without you experiencing something that scary had I found you sooner…… I’m sorry.”

“I’m not hurt anywhere, I’m alright. It’s just that the skin on my back hurts a little because of the way that wolf beastman held my hamster self……”

“……Should I peel off that beastman’s skin?” (TN: DO IT!)


“I’m just kidding.”


But Aiden’s eyes are serious. He looks calm, but his temperament may be relatively fierce.

While soothing him, Maru told him what has always been on her mind.


“Hey, Aiden. I like you.”


“When I was taken to the dungeon by the wolf beastmen, I’ve always been thinking. I like you, and I want to live with you…… I couldn’t say it because I was shy, but I’ve always wanted to tell you that. I want to marry you.”


In front of the nervously speaking hamster who was still wearing his shirt, Aiden’s rationality completely crumbled.