Maru was quivering in the corner, hoping that they would pass by.


(I can use this chance to break through the door……!)


She holds her breath so she won’t be caught by the wolf beastmen while looking for an opportunity.


“Hm? I can smell the hamster nearby.”


One wolf beastman suddenly stopped.


“It’s true…… Hey, what’s going on? The hamster’s cell is still a distance away, you know!?”

“Maybe she escaped from her cell? Let’s search nearby!


The wolf beastmen gradually approached Maru while sniffing the air.

The helpless hamster beastman desperately wondered if she couldn’t escape while trembling by the wall in the corner.

However, the situation is hopeless.


“I found her, the hamster is hiding in that corner!”


The nose of one of the wolf beastmen found Mau.

The other wolf beastmen also approach the wall together.




A wolf beastman easily caught Maru who rushed out at once.


“Chii! Chii!”

“You’re so noisy, Hamster!”


The flesh on her back was pinched and Maru became suspended.

She’s being treated so roughly that her skin hurts. It may bruise later.


“Hey, take this. She’ll be taken to the ship towards the demon country tonight.”


Maru despaired upon hearing the wolf beastman.

Helpless, she cried while still in her hamster form, dangling while being pinched,

It’s useless no matter what she does.

Climbing up the stairs from underground, when she was about to be taken to the ground, the wolf beastmen suddenly stopped moving.


“Hey, what are you plo……ugh!?”


The wolf beastman walking in the front shouts with his ears and tail standing on its ends.

He seems to be afraid or wary of something.


“What am I plotting? Do I need a reason to come and get my wife back?”


Maru raised her head in shock after hearing that voice.

The familiar silver hair was visible on the other side of the standing wolf beast.




Maru shouts towards Aiden in her hamster form.




The elf who managed to find his wife successfully smiled broadly in relief.

However, the wolf beastman yelled at Aiden while holding Maru.


“Don’t come any closer! She will be a present for the demons. His Majesty wants the demon country’s engineering knowledge.”

“I refuse. The elf country refused to return her. This has also been expressed in front of the beastman kingdom’s king……”

“Why are you so obsessed with this weak hamster? His Majesty should have already prepared carnivorous women in good conditions.”

“It’s obviously because I love Maru. To not be able to understand such a thing, are you stupid?” (TN: lol)



The wolf beastmen who were furious with Aiden’s words attack him.


“Just so you know, you’re the ones who attacked me first.”


In the dim light, the elf, who narrowed his dark green eyes with a complacent smile, opened his right hand and turned it towards the wolf beasts.