“Maru was taken away by someone……!”


Aiden visited Riley’s room in the middle of the night and shouted the moment that the door opened.


“Calm down, Aiden.”

“I casted a spell on Maru in advance…… If something happens to her, I will be informed immediately.”

“It’s probably the bunch in this castle.”

“I think so, too. Our rooms are right next to each other but Maru’s room is farther from here.”


It looks like the castle residents want to retrieve Maru at any cost.

The method has become irrelevant.


“Anyway, Let’s chase after her. I know where she is through magic.”

“Okay, let’s hurry.”


Aiden and Riley slipped out of the room and ran through the castle at midnight.



At that time, Maru was being kept in a dungeon.

At least, she’s being kept in a cell where royalties and nobles can get in.


The season is early summer but it’s cold inside the dark dungeon, and it was hard being thrown in with only her sleepwear.

The dungeon’s frame is sturdy and reticulated so it would be difficult to destroy.

However, this cell is for nobilities and royalties…… in other words, it was made for beastmen who are big and strong.

Small and weak hamsters are, of course, not a target.


(It’s faulty. There’s a gap on the top part……)


Maru, who immediately turned into a hamster, started climbing the mesh-like grid.

The gap is on a high place, and the life of Maru in hamster form will be gone if she falls down. 

However, Maru wanted to escape no matter what. She wanted to see Aiden.


He truly cares about Maru.

He stubbornly refused, even when he was asked by the beastman kingdom to give her back. 

He didn’t abandon her even when he found out that she has a complicated background, and he also took over her troubles.


(I like Aiden. I want to live in the elf country with him.)


She has already made up her mind.

She hasn’t told him her feelings but she wants to properly express them to him.


(For that to happen, I can’t get captured in a place like this.)


Climbing to the top of the grid, she slowly turns around and descends to the other side.

After some time, Maru managed to get down to the ground and ran straight on the floor.

Still in her small hamster form, she earnestly ran towards the surface.

However, a while after moving forward, a giant iron door stood out.

If she passes through here, she can reach the stairs leading to the ground, but it seems that there is no gap in the door and it is locked.


(There is no other place to slip out from, I have to break through the door somehow …)


As she was moving about in confusion, she suddenly heard the sound of the door unlocking.

The ones who entered the dungeon were the wolf beastmen.