When night came, Maru was resting in the room prepared for her. 

Aiden is sleeping in a separate room so she feels vaguely forlorn.


(I don’t know when it became normal for Aiden to be here with me. I can’t believe I feel lonely when he’s not with me……)


She sat on the bed to prepare to sleep while thinking that.  

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

Maru was cautious upon returning to the castle but the voice she heard outside the door was the swan beastman.


“Princess, how about a drink before going to sleep?”


However, it was a hamster’s sad nature to be suspicious of even the maids. 

In particular, she had too many scary memories in this castle.



“Sorry, I’m about to go to sleep so it’s fine.”


Towards Maru who answered without opening the door, the maid seemed to have given up, albeit perplexed.

But Maru’s vague suspicion was spectacularly on the mark.




Suddenly, the maid’s scream can be heard outside.


“It hurts, stop it! Aaaahh!”


In between her cries, the sound of her falling and getting hit by something can also be heard.


“A, are you alright!?”


Maru subconsciously ran up to the door.


“Pr, Princess, s, save me……”


It’s her fault that the swan maid was being hit*. (TN: It so isn’t though. It’s those garbage in that stone garbage can who are at fault.)  

Somebody is using the maid to lure Maru out 

In this country, low-ranking beastmen are given no mercy and there’s a tendency that anything can be done towards those in the lower ranks.


“It hurts, it hurts, it huurts!”


Maru, who couldn’t stand the maid’s cries, inadvertently opened the door.


“Stop it! Don’t be violent towards her!”


Outside the door was a tattered swan maid and two bear beastmen straddling her. Behind the bear beastmen, there are also several wolf beastmen.


“You finally came out. How dare you waste our time like this.”


Those aren’t words that’s used for a princess.

However, the king tolerated it so the beastmen in this castle lightly hit Maru. 

The swan beastman clung on to Maru as if out of fear.


“I’m sorry, it must have hurt.”


The bear beastmen forcibly grab the apologizing Maru’s arms.


“Take this woman away.”


Maru left the prepared room like a criminal while being dragged by the wolf beastman soldiers who were ordered by the beast beastmen.