Aiden looked at Maru who suddenly cut into the conversation.


“I can’t just let Riley and Aiden take care of it like it’s none of my business even though it’s my problem.”

“It’s alright, Maru. I will never give you back to the beastman country.”

“That’s not what I mean. I’m worried about the both of you going to that country. The beastmen there are quick to fight.”


Those in the Beastman’s country are more temperamental as they are in the upper echelon. It’s especially terrible in the castle where the royalties and the nobles are prevalent.

No matter how strong the two of them are when using magic, it will be hard if they’re attacked in numbers.


“You don’t have to worry, Maru. Being an elf representative, we’re also pretty strong to a certain extent so we won’t be in danger…… However, I am quite worried about leaving you alone here.”

“Then we just have to bring her there as she wishes. We’ll make sure that the discussion is successful…… since we have a clear prospect.”

“……Well, we elves also have deep connections with the demon country, after all.”

“It’s not widely known to the other races, but it seems that we were originally from the same race as them*. Basically, the demons are unsociable…… This time’s matter was also probably pushed forth by the beastman country and the demons accepted it because it got annoying.”


Demons are apparently a race who tend to find things bothersome……


“The beastmen probably didn’t mean any harm this time, but…… the humans and the beastmen are taking too lightly how important the elves’ wives are to us. Picking a fight with us unscrupulously is a foolish move.”


In the end, Riley and Aiden decided to go to the beastman country as a delegation and Maru ended up going with them. Of course, it’s not just the 3 of them who are going, other elves are also going with them as escorts and other different kinds of positions.



The beastman country is no different from before. 

Buildings are lined up on top of a steep cliff.

A strong shopkeeper beastman’s voice shouted at his subordinate. Weak beastmen sitting on the street corner like vagrants. 

Amidst such a scene, Maru and company advance on a horse beastman’s rickshaw.


Riley has already informed them about going to the beastman country’s castle in advance and got in.

Riley went to meet with the king upon arriving in the castle, and Maru and Aiden were guided towards their room. The two of them are given separate rooms.

The beastman country apparently wants to betroth Maru to the demons so this is probably a valid measure.


There’s nothing they can do about it so they chat in the common use guest room while waiting for Riley.

The eyes of the people in the castle were cold at the return of the hamster princess. It’s the usual so Maru wasn’t bothered by it. 

The one who took care of her in that situation was a swan beastman maid.

 Swans are also a weak species so its status as a beastman is low. However, a lot of swan clansmen are good-looking, and it’s possible to work in the castle in this way.

The fact that the lower grade swan beastman was assigned as her caretaker makes it obvious how Maru’s treatment in the castle was. 

The maid most probably knows the true state of her condition so she performed her duties seriously.


Riley came back after a while.

He somehow looks displeased.


“Aiden, it’s ridiculous! Do you know what the beastman country arranged!?”

“…… Did they do something!?”

“I wasn’t injured or harmed, but I encountered something unpleasant. There were 10 women lined up in front of the throne, and I was told that they would exchange Maru with them. According to them, they’re carnivorous beastwomen who are higher-ranked than a hamster…… Of course, I rejected them.”

“……Elves don’t put emphasis on the beastmen’s strength unlike the beastmen themselves. I like the small and adorable Maru, and Riley likes fair-skinned beauties. Even if they prepared something like that, it would simply be a needless effort.”


Aiden hugged the pale Maru soothingly.

Maru grasped him clingingly.


“It’s okay, Maru. Riley strictly rejected them. Let’s leave for the elf country tomorrow.”

“Okay, thank you.”


Maru nodded while feeling uneasy, wondering if things will go as planned.



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